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Avatar m tn i am trying to eliminate possible causes such as anxiety. I want to get Similasan, would you recommend it? I am sorry i am little vague but if have questions please asked.
Avatar n tn Refresh Dry Eye Therapy is a good product and it comes in unit dose packages so you can bring them with you. There are also homeopathic products called Similasan. They have a dry eye relief product. If you go to and type "dry eyes" in the search engine a minimum of 55 products will come up. Jennifer R RPh www.drugstore.
Avatar m tn i was hypothyroid for a while now my levels are normal, i stopped synthroid becuase it makes me feel very sick nad im off it i feel at bit better but still having alot of symptoms of hypothyroidism. i recently developed bad anxiety, my hair loss is still persistent (it never stopped), i have trouble sleeping and im depressed all the time with constant headaches. has anyone who taken cytomel gotten any relief? i read somewhere people said that they took it and they felt great.
Avatar m tn May I message you with a list of links to my posts here with earlier anxiety coping tips? Are you depressed? I suggest you read about your med at (which also has user reviews that may be of direct interest). This site's design is such that your answer may be better found through googling: + brintellix, to view earlier individual questions that included this mention of this med. For example, this is often discussed in the Depression community.
Avatar m tn warm compresses seem to dry my eyes out more than provide that soothing relief. They are not too hot or too cold, they are of perfect warm shower temperature. Eye drops such as GenTeal Artificial Tears, Similasan for Dry Eyes and Systane Ultra leave my eyes feeling drier 30 minutes after application. The overnight gels don't work either as I wake up with dry eyes and no sign of the gel residue whatsoever.
Avatar f tn Many people with chronic health conditions share some of the same symptoms that Sjogren's patients often have (dry eyes, dry mouth, etc.). Your eyes could be due to allergies alone. There is a product you can purchase at Walgreens or online.... it is homeopathic, but works wonders for me. It is called, "Similasan Allergy Eye Relief". They also have one for dry eyes as well.
Avatar n tn I had only read glowing reports and my experiences were horrible with the product. I did not sleep at all, my anxiety level rose and only when I stopped the product did I get any relief from these increased reactions. I had chosen the free trial but when I started to have problems the company suggested that I double my dosage and it was pure hell.
1100140 tn?1260594269 While I'm sure most of us appreciate tips on good movies, this is not the forum to post movie reviews on. Perhaps if you Googled "Movie Reviews" you could find the correct format for your post.
Avatar m tn I'm referring to eye bright being used directly on the eye. There are commercial eye drops that contain it such "Similasan Allergy Eye Relief " or "eyebright drops wisdom of the ages" I've tried some antihistamine eyedrops such as Zaditor but they irritate my eyes.
1926656 tn?1334970201 Thank goodness I got two tiny ones lol. I don't think I could handle sweaty itchy boobs lol. I saw a commercial about baby anti monkey butt for diaper rash or something, and I thought about getting some to try it on my baby if she ever got diaper rash and all the reviews online were good ones.
Avatar f tn Hi ! My mother has Sjogren's Syndrome and as you may know... dry mouth and dry eyes are classic symptoms of this autoimmune disease. My mother has used prescription medication for her dry eyes, but prefers an over the counter homeopathic remedy called "Similasan" --- it is available at Walgreens or on the internet.
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Avatar m tn 26th, I had symptoms as follows Muscle aches Fever of 101 at its peak Severe sore throat December 27th -29th wet cough and sore throat. I’m unvaccinated and I have serious anxiety issues. I have a sense of doom that’s indescribable. The day I tested positive someone from my high school which was a 42 year old male died from Covid bc he was placed on a ventilator. Now all I can worry about is having the same fate.
Avatar m tn My friend is 65 years old, has eye allergies (dry eye and allergies) and will soon be starting on Zaditor and Similasan Dry Eye and Allergy Eye formulas.
Avatar n tn I have it myself and it really *****, but there are products ( OTC Drysol, Perspirex ect) that can help, I havent tried them yet cuz their a bit expensive but they have good reviews.. I also try to eat less salt, sugars, stinky stuff like onion and fats cuz they all seem to make me sweat more. I also sweat more when I'm cold oddly enough..Breathable cotton clothes and bedding could also help.
Avatar m tn Hi, I'm a heavy PC user (as it's my job), and I had lots of troubles because of my dry eyes. The dryness of my eyes started along time ago, I was in a very hard condition at first, but then I learned how to deal with it and reduce my eye strain when using the computer (taking breaks etc.). I always keep some lubricant eye drops on me - though I use them about once in two weeks or so...
1602919 tn?1297874013 m completely exhausted all the time, always feel bloated, hair loss, very dry brittle hair, loss of sex drive, memory issues, muscle/joint aches, high cholesterol, moodiness, anxiety, and racing heart. I did post a question before and I know some of you said that numbers shouldn't matter as much as symptoms but I just thought i'd get some feedback because I have no clue how to interpret these results. TSH, 3rd gen. 0.79 (0.40-4.50) T4 total 7.6 (4.5-12.
341903 tn?1225388712 Anxiety in and of itself is quite painless. What anxiety can cause OUR MINDS to make our bodies feel is another story. We can not tell you what meds you should take or even if you should take any. You need to see your doctor about the pain you are having and let him/her rule out a physical cause for it. Then you can discuss dealing with the anxiety.
Avatar m tn two years ago in Aug, my 13 yr old Yorkie began having anxiety attacks. In analyzing it, my friend who has worked at senior citizen centers told me it appeared to be 'sundowner''s" I researched it and my yorkie had the same symptoms , coming on early evening. She has been a very brave dog, never trembling , and has been on 22 plane trips before she was 2. she went with me to art exhibitions all year long, traveling long hours and staying with me at shows, hotel after hotel..
Avatar f tn 6weeks.32yo. have moderate to severe anxiety. Any tips on Natural anxiety relief. Any tried n true on medication. .but would like to take t least medication that i can..