Anxiety relief during pregnancy

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Avatar f tn I know Benadryl is safe to take during pregnancy. Whenever you have an anxiety attack you can take some of that. I have severe panic disorder and nothing seems to work for me other than counseling.
331213 tn?1217164831 i used to have them almost everyday at work but since i took my maternity leave i have only had them everytime i think about going back to work (work was very stressfull because i worked for a bunch of perverted railroad men) it is normal for a lot of women to experience anxiety during pregnancy, just relax and try to enjoy as much as you can!
Avatar f tn As a therapist and an anxiety sufferer who wants a baby, I can tell you, you are not alone. Talk to your doctor. I'd actually recommend seeing a psychiatrist. Tell the doctor your concern. There are some anti depressants that CAN be taken during pregnancy. There are others that are "ify," but the doctor can let you know if the benefits outweigh the risk. Being anxious all the time is hard on you and makes it harder to get pregnant.
20922415 tn?1661860103 During the reproductive years, the pituitary gland in the brain generates hormones (follicle-stimulating hormone [FSH] and luteinizing hormone [LH]) that cause a new egg to mature and be released from its ovarian follicle each month. As the follicle develops, it produces the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone, which thicken the lining of the uterus called the endometrium.
Avatar f tn It has been used to induce sleep but also calms anxiety during the day. It should not be mixed with medications that act as sedatives or tranquilizers. Relora, is a blend of two extracts Phellodendron amurense and Magnolia officinalis. In a number of tests, Relora has been shown to reduce excess cortisol levels associated with stress while improving mood and reducing stress. It acts via the brain’s GABA and serotonin systems, which are both important in controlling anxiety. NO caffeine!!
Avatar n tn Anxiety is the worst! Especially when you're pregnant.. I watch anxiety relaxation videos on youtube and they seem to help alot! Relaxation is the key to helping you feel better.. I know at times its so hard to, but the videos help.. I try to listen everytime my anxiety kicks in.. Hope they can get you some relief as well..
Avatar f tn Sex is safe and downright healthy throughout the entire pregnancy, unless you are told otherwise by your OB. Too many people fear sex during pregnancy, but I assure you, your little one is completely safe, and it's a great stress relief.
Avatar f tn What are the pain relief options during pregnancy I already know I don't want a shot in my back but are there any other options?
Avatar n tn ve found that regular exercise helps me a lot to deal with generalized anxiety. I think many anxiety sufferers become deconditioned, and this leads to high heart rates and high blood pressure, and that really makes anxiety much more disturbing and unpleasant. Stay conditioned, and look into cognitive behavior therapy. After years of trouble, those are the two things that have really allowed me to feel good almost all the time now.
652671 tn?1353712165 I know you aren't doctors, but my OB GYN is just not helping me with this. I don't have a general practitioner (he retired and they pretty much told me to go elsewhere) I did go to see a psychiatrist at the free clinic, but the man hardly spoke english and in my opinion was an hour wasted. I see a counselor for generalized anxiety disorder (we think that's what i have - i'm not so sure anymore ...
6229533 tn?1383271177 Clonopin isnt supposed to be taken during pregnancy. There are other anxiety meds safer she can prescribe you. anxiety meds that are safer are ssri such as prozac zoloft and paxil tricyclic antidepressant or buspirone.
Avatar n tn Who has suffered with hemorrhoids during pregnancy, how many weeks were you & how did you get rid of them ?
489656 tn?1249999983 I didn't take it during pregnancy but I was started on 50 mg of zoloft. The side effects are bareable, but they were pretty bad for the first few days. I was really jittery and shaky, and I had no appetite. It can cause sleeplessness so I recommend taking it in the morning. I took it before 11 everyday otherwise I wouldn't take it because then I couldn't sleep. I felt like **** a lot but I wasn't the end of the world.
Avatar f tn Totally normal unless it is followed by severe cramping and blood or tissue loss. since you are heading to the end of your first trimester, it could now be round ligament pain. But, if you want an answer from a pro, i'd call your doctor. It's totally normal is what my doc said and that if you don't cramp, then there would be a problem b/c that means your uterus isn't growing/stretching.
Avatar f tn I also suffer from anxiety and depression and am now off of my medications because of this pregnancy. You're well-being is super important and women on anti-depressants deliver healthy babies all the time. Before i got pregnant, i talked with my psychiatrist about which meds i absolutely needed to get off of (the anti-anxiety meds are a big no-no) if i was thinking about conceiving, and most of mine would technically be fine to take through the whole pregnancy.
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