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Avatar f tn The good news is, there are a lot of treatments out there for anxiety...relief comes, it just takes time, work and patience on our part. There really isn't a "magical cure" per se, but learning how to cope is possible with therapy, and there are a lot of different meds that have helped countless people control their symptoms. You're stuck in the anxiety cycle, where your anxiety triggers scary thoughts and fears, which of course then triggers more anxious feelings.
Avatar f tn Just take it
341903 tn?1225388712 Anxiety in and of itself is quite painless. What anxiety can cause OUR MINDS to make our bodies feel is another story. We can not tell you what meds you should take or even if you should take any. You need to see your doctor about the pain you are having and let him/her rule out a physical cause for it. Then you can discuss dealing with the anxiety.
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Avatar n tn Changing bra types, and ice packs, Tylenol. For me it didn't last too too long.
Avatar m tn OK so yesterday i got bitten by a stray cat. My health anxiety kicks in and i freaked out thinking im gonna die from Rabies. So i went to ER they cleaned the wound and gave me a shot and also antibiotics and told me that i can get a rabies shot if i want to. So i decided to be on the safe side and take the rabies shot although the cat seemed to be friendly and seemed to belong to someone. Now back to Rabies.
Avatar f tn 6weeks.32yo. have moderate to severe anxiety. Any tips on Natural anxiety relief. Any tried n true on medication. .but would like to take t least medication that i can..
Avatar n tn ve found that regular exercise helps me a lot to deal with generalized anxiety. I think many anxiety sufferers become deconditioned, and this leads to high heart rates and high blood pressure, and that really makes anxiety much more disturbing and unpleasant. Stay conditioned, and look into cognitive behavior therapy. After years of trouble, those are the two things that have really allowed me to feel good almost all the time now.
6668556 tn?1422469105 everything seemed to me going good the anxiety was mostly gone..but tonight it seems extreme ugh it just feels like an emotional roller coaster..Im good one minute than feel ****** and anxious the next..just can't want to feel normal..ive just been using breathing methods to control my anxiety...
Avatar f tn And ever since I have been having anxiety about being infected. Its so many conspiracy theories and fear tactics circling around!
Avatar f tn re just too likely to attribute everything to anxiety, and people with anxiety get all the same things as people who don't have it. Second, they don't study any psychology or the pharmacology of the drugs used for this, and in the US the system is set up to match symptoms with drugs and get the patient out of the office as quickly as possible so you can maximize income.
Avatar n tn I have a 4year old son and he started kindergarten a month ago for 2wks and started displaying abnormal behaviour. Wetting the bed at school and refusing to go to school. After observation I discovered that he was being bullied. When the situation was resolved, he still didn't want to return and I removed him from the school and placed him in another daycare. It's been 2 wks now in the new school and he still complains each night about not going to school.
Avatar n tn told me that I was having anxiety attacks and to practice Meditation. I have started this, but need some immediate help. I have had 10-12 episodes per day just from thinking about my daugther getting ready for school to how will I get dinner on the table tonight to people at work upsetting me. My Dr. said she'd put me on medicine if I wanted to, but I don't want to.
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Avatar f tn Take some deep your body. There's no way to know exactly how your labor will go, but the best thing you can try and do is to believe that your body will know what to do when the time comes, even if you don't! Planning can help relieve some anxiety, as long as you know it should be flexible and that it's always ok if you need to switch tactics.
Avatar n tn It should be easier at this age as he understands, if you have him on diapers or pullups ,remove them , get him, in fact let him choose some big boy underwear at the store .With out making a huge issue of it tell him , 'now you have big boy pants so go pee in the toilet,' let him be in control himself, you can remind him if he doesn't remember ,but keep it casual and low key.Sometimes parents make a big deal of it and it creates anxiety at going .
Avatar f tn Today is day 5 since I have went CT off my DOC. I had taken a few tramadol to help me get though the horrible withdrawal symptoms the first 2 or 3 days but I flushed them too because I felt it was just setting me back. But anyways...Day 5 and I actually feel like I am going to make it though this big ol speed bumb! :-) I'm by far 100% but I do feel much better about myself know that I am not on drugs and have no desire to be.
Avatar f tn ve never seen a doc prescribe a narcotic to mom and the baby be born addicted. Likely because the use of it calculated and its used with other pain relief tactics. I have, sadly, seen many a baby born addicted due to recreational use.
Avatar f tn so i am glad to say i havent had to come in here i have been getting help for my hiv anxiety but i do have one question and i hope its not a bother...recently we started to share computers at work cuz we have too many people and 1 guy has bleeding cracked they arent bleeding but yesterday they were and he used the computer and the pens and note i came in and my hands are cracked but not bleeding just kind of open and all....
Avatar m tn You have to realize that you can control anxiety by self-talk and that anxiety does not control you. BTW I am an anxiety sufferer and just read a great book called Self-Coaching by Joseph Luciani and I am going to start using the tactics in the book to take back my life. Lastly, is the counseling from someone at school or a real psychologist or psychiatrist?
Avatar m tn I deal with Anxiety and depression and for literally years I've had ever lasting chest pain that never goes away. Its been hurting pretty bad lately and I have a tightness sort of sensation that's very uncomfortable. Is there a way to deal with this?