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Female For someone who is trying to lose weight and already is somewhat overweight, this will translate into fat. Try meal replacement bars instead. Those are often anywhere from 100 to 200 calories and are tastier and just as filling. Watch the sugar on anything, though. These bars all contain a high amount of sugar which can burn out energy levels, feed cravings, and cause fat gain.
Avatar n tn Do u know of any meal replacement bars or protein bars, that arent loaded with sugar?
Avatar f tn Take it as a supplement not as a meal. This works to lose weight if one is too fat (as a meal replacement) and will cause weight gain for those that are too thin. Contrary to what some might think, weight bearing ie weight lifting, builds muscle mass and increases weight also. This does not mean you need to look like a male body builder, but it does help with weight gain. I assume you do not want unhealthy fat gain.
1269982 tn?1271176819 I work out 6 days a week, with lots of cardio and weight intervals. I eat very little, having two protein meal replacement shakes a day. I have been very strict with my routine for about 2 months. I havnt weighed myself at all until today and I have gained 2 pounds. This always happens to me. I havn lost weight in years and I've been trying constantly. I've been on every diet in the book and nothing works.
Avatar f tn I could eat the Atkins bars or shakes as a meal replacement which was convenient. Wal-Mart has the best prices on those. Be careful with fruit if you are doing a low carbohydrate diet. Fruit can be high in natural sugar content, but all of the needed explanations are at the Atkins website. Don’t get discouraged. Try to find someone who is supportive that can encourage you throughout the process.
620923 tn?1452919248 Dr Oz says to have a glass of water b4 each meal to help lose weight...so I am starting with that.
Avatar n tn I haven't lost any weight, but I do feel like it helps me keep the smallest amount of control over my weight gain. Has anyone lost weight taking 1000mg? Is 500 just not enough? Would love hear from you. You can also email me.
502270 tn?1211309987 replaced 2 meals a day with healthy meal-replacement shakes and protein snacks in between. Then, when I reached my target weight, I adopted a maintenance program which consists of 2 meals every day, and replace1 meal with a “diet shake”... protein bars for between-meal snacks. I hope this approach will help you.
Avatar n tn I live in NC and on the HCG program. My initial cost is $210(consult, 5wk supply of injections, phentermine and reading material) after that it's $100 ( $50 for 5wk supply of injections, $25 for phentermine and $25 for the visit) the clinic checks my BP, take measurements and weighs me. I'm not familiar with your discussion about days 1-5. However, I've experienced all your symptoms and found out, get this...it's bc I wasn't eating/drinking enough.
Avatar m tn The increasing insulin doses to control my blood sugar was a contributing factor in a significant weight gain month after month post surgery. My clinic endocrinologist said I could not take Byetta because of its potential problems with kidney function, but prescribed Victoza. Drs have had limited experience with the drug but she said on the dozen or so patients she put on Victoza, some had good experience with weight loss.
Avatar m tn make sure your Thyroid is checked periodically durring blood tests...Hypothyroid can make you gain weight and hyper loose weight...you may already know this....but i thought i'd offer it as a suggestion, to make sure the gainning of weight isn't a sign of thyroid trouble starting...hope not...another liver related issue with weight gain is edema or aeseties, but these come when the liver is in bad shape...these are signs of cirhosis beginning...
Avatar n tn With all of this it has caused a lot of weight gain, and of course all in my stomach area. I gained 20 pounds in 2 months; and unfortunately I have to stay on the hormones to control the endo pain. I started taking Wellbutrin XL a month ago to help a little with the mood swings I get from the 'menopause' but haven't had any luck losing weight on it. Any help or suggestions would be wonderful, thank you!!!
93210 tn?1287457826 Hello mocha5478~ I am having the lap-band surgery next week after a great deal of research on the subject as well as a great deal of soul searching.
Avatar f tn I don't have kids. I do not gain weight on my regimine. Do I have to just accept that this is my weight now, and move on? Help.
Avatar m tn Well, I know you say you don't have time to get to the gym, but that is what will boost your appetite and help build the muscle you're looking for. Even if you can't do it regularly, try to at least go for a jog around your block once or twice a week or do workout videos (like the well-known P90X videos) that are quick to whip you into shape at home. As for meal plans, combining complex carbs and protein is your best bet for gaining muscle.
Avatar f tn I have to eat every few hours too. I've limited that eating to fruit or low cal protein bars. Thankfully I haven't had a weight gain. This past week I was soooooooooooo hungry at lunch time I had to eat an entire meal. If i didn't i became shaky and foggy. Needless to say I haven't been hungry at dinner. Anyhow- you are not alone!
8793709 tn?1409597660 A -- More than 2,500 IU twice a day is too much (watch for extra Vitamin A in other fortified products like protein bars, breakfast bars, or meal-replacement products)B1 (thiamin) -- 25 mgB2 (Riboflavin) -- 25 mgB3 (Niacin) -- at least 30 mgB5 (pantothenic acid) -- at least 30 mgB6 (pyridoxine) -- 3 mg twice a dayB9 (folic acid) -- 400 mcgB12 -- 400 mcg twice a dayBiotin -- 300 mcgC -- 400 mg twice a day (remember it's water-soluble, so you need two doses over the day)D -- 600 IU twice a dayE --
Avatar f tn I want to add to my last post... I make choices in life using the phylosophy of the Law of Attraction. "You Become What You Think About." If you concentrate on Your Weight Problem, your body's metabolism will actually cause you to stop losing weight or, even gain more.
Avatar f tn ) The chocolate Ensure is not bad. Put it in the freezer for a while, then shake good...you can almost convince it's a milk shake! As always, run it by your doc for approval.
Avatar n tn To find a good weight loss program I would suggest starting a healthy weight loss diet with personal training. HCG Weight Loss Diet Plan is only short term weight loss and most people gain the weight back in 1-3 months. I found this website http://www.WeightLossPhoenizArizona.com and it seems to be pretty awesome! Lucas James is a celebrity personal trainer and weight loss expert and he's pretty fantastic!
Avatar n tn to ensure you spend your car payment on this or your nerves will be shot and you will eat and gain weight because you spent too much money on trying to lose weight to proceed with your good common sense and if you cannot take shots period, then don't, order sublingual b-12 and b-6 or they also have instant melting dots of b-12, b-6 and pills that have the fat burner ingredients Choline/Inositol/Methionine which are Maximum Lipotropics pills found on the internet at various sites and also don't
116701 tn?1210262764 I dropped like 20lbs in one month, so I drastically had to do something. Someone recommended Myoplex to me. It is a meal replacement, and high in protein and vitamins. There are different formulas, like Sport, lite, and original. The sport is higher in calories, somewhere around 500 per serving I think. I would drink one every morning, blended up with milk, ice, a bannana, and fresh strawberries or something.
Avatar m tn At one point my doc discussed both supplemental testosterone and anabolic steroids for weight gain. It got that bad. BTW his first choice was marijuana, but alas, that doesn't agree with me.
Avatar n tn I am trying a nutritionist who uses a similar concept and I see her for the first time later this week - can't wait! I hear it is easy to gain all weight back once you stop with the injections so we must all work hard after!!
Avatar f tn The Atkins shakes are a great on the go meal replacement or snack. I use those as well as the bars and they even have "treats" that mimick popular candy brands that are a lifesaver when cravings hit lol. I've also tried Muscle Milk, a product marketed more towards bodybuilders and athletes, the vanilla flavor isn't bad and I can usually get them in the refrigerated section of most chain retail pharmacies or gas stations when I'm on the go. Breakfast smoothies are a good option.
Avatar n tn I started at a 1200 calorie diet and dropped down to a 900 and work out (kickboxing class) 3 times a week (for an hour) and sweat my BUTT and yet I still managed to gain weight!!! I really don't eat meat so I wonder if this is my problem. I will eat chicken when I do this diet but not real happy about it. I just don't like meat.
Avatar m tn Hi Richard! Add some Greek full fat yogurt! If I were trying to gain weight I would not use as a meal replacement. Unfortunately with my detox I ate every carb in site and packed on 10lbs!! I am one who watches every calorie as I hate to work out but like to maintain my weight.. Actually, you should do the shake/juice 30 min before you excercise.
Avatar n tn The reason for the suspected adrenal gland problem was a suddent weight gain which started last summer. I gained 30 pounds in 2 months with no change in diet or exercise. At first, my thyroid was checked and everything was ok, which led them to suspect my adrenals because a urine test showed extremely high cortisol levels. I have never felt so tired in all of my life and have never been able to not lose weight.
Avatar n tn For the past several years I have noticed that after eating food (which ranges from just a cup of milk to a full meal) that my heart rate and blood pressure increases significantly about 30 minutes after eating, and it lasts for about one and 1/2 hours to two hours. This occurs about 50% of the time after eating. My heart rate goes from ~75 bpm up to 140 bmp (max todate), and the blood pressure goes from 130/80 up to 180/102 (max to date).
Avatar n tn Since she has to walk to the table and walk back (with assistance) at evfery meal, this provides a minimum of three exercise periods every day. In addition to exercise for the purpose of physical therapy. Today we watched "Dancing with Wolves", and she pointed at the wolf and said "Look at the dog.