Weight gain during menstrual cycle

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1142551 tn?1264740530 I was curious if it was related to the MS that I miss a menstrual cycle during flare ups. Sometimes even 2! I am not sexually active so pregnancy wouldn't be the cause. Also sorry I just seem to post my questions and just that without any history of myself and my illness. I promise I will get to that once Im feeling better. But Thanks to everyone that has welcomed me on this forum.
Avatar f tn what could cause shortness of breath during my menstrual cycle? this began when i was 11 years old and i've now been dealing with it for 28 years. some months are worse than others. it usually just lasts a few days but is miserable. it can begin a few days before my period starts or during my period. it seems to be a hereditary thing. my mother and grandmother had the same problem and my daughter also seems to have it. i've asked doctors about it and nobody seems to have any clue.
Avatar n tn But I really want to just be off birth control altogether. I heard that the depo shot can make you gain weight. I gained at least 10lbs. and now that Im off it, its like I'm hungrier! at first I thought I would just make sure I don't eat more than normal, but now Im thinking maybe I should diet. Get back to a healthier weight. Off the shot I think I gained another 5lbs.
Avatar n tn In addition, I have since been placed on Clomid, in which part of the weight gain, about 5 lbs. may be related to the fertility drugs! Ugh! I'm on my 2nd cycle, and hoping I get pregnant again soon, because none of my clothes fit, and at least I have my maternity clothes, which might...
Avatar n tn I had a hyster in 05. Same situation as all of you. I have gained 23lbs after working at Weight Watchers and losing 52lbs in 03. I have started researching weight gain and hysterectomies just yesterday. I am a Christian, believer in JC.
Avatar n tn we all are having the same problems and the catch 22 of weight gain which leads to depession which leads to weight gain etcl Any experts out there with a natural solution to losing weight with no pills. I would love to hear from someone!!
Avatar n tn thankyou for that, mine are usually 4/5 days before my cycle is due and sometimes during my cycle too, thats it then till my cycle is due again, its quite a scary sensation, id like it to been looked into too as like i sed before i found nothin online to tell me they were linked, x
1418608 tn?1282229192 this happens whenever i eat something heavy, am constipated, or during my menstrual cycle. it is embarassing and I cannot wear tight clothes. my profile picis a picture of me with the bloated rib cage. i cannot find anyone who has what I have. please hlep !
Avatar n tn so i took my last dose of depo in march i wonder will i gain any weight back because i look like a child.
522699 tn?1250594316 I always gain a bit during ovulation and about 3-5 days before my period starts. this time I have dieted well - increased my activity and still put on weight for the last 4 days (I am due on on Friday) I have lost inches round my neck, hips, calf, thighs, upper and lower arms but put 1" on round my bust and 3.5" round my abdomen area.... so I know it is fluid and expect to see a big drop Sunday - Monday. Does anyone else have such extreme fluctuations of weight through their cycle?
Avatar f tn So basically, anything goes! How's that for expectations?! Midsection weight gain also tends to happen during perimenopause. And some women show symptoms of a sluggish thyroid. So if you have hypothyroid symptoms on top of the weight gain, you can ask your doctor to run some thyroid labs.
135691 tn?1271100723 if you gain fat (not a problem with muscle weight gain). Then, if you begin losing weight (i.e. burning fat), this stored estogen is released. I have a friend who lost some weight after started a progesterone supplementation. For me, progesterone causes weight gain, partially from water retention. If it's not one thing, then it is another, isn't it?!
Avatar n tn I'm making a list of all of my symptoms...dated pictures i took of myself during the weight gain to document how rapid it was, and i would like to throw out some ideas. This time last year I was a happy go-lucky, annoyingly perky 19yearold who used to model throughout high school. Now, I am a obese 20 year old who is depressed and tired of having to wear her fiance's clothes because nothing in my 2 closets and dresser fits anymore.......
541465 tn?1219431486 Female 47 on 30 mgs. Yes I gained weight. Most people I see start on this drug gain weight but there a few that don't. Weight can be managed with the usual diet and exercise.
Avatar n tn Most frustrating, I've noticed that since I stopped taking both, my weight gain has accelerated. Any ideas as to how long I need to endure this or ideas for correcting my metabolism? Thanks.
469331 tn?1207193495 I asked SPECIFICALLY about weight gain and was told EFFEXOR is one of the best because of it's lack fo weight side effects (I'd worked really hard to lose all my baby weight and was about the fitest i'd EVER been and didn't want to lose that).
603463 tn?1220630455 ) The average age of onset of menstruation is age 12. When counting the cycle, the first day of blood flow is counted as Cycle day 1. The average duration of a cycle is 28 days but any cycle length between 21 and 34 days is considered normal. The average duration of flow is 4 days but anything from 2 to 7 days is considered normal. On a typical 28 day cycle, ovulation occurs on day 14. The menstrual period is always exactly 14 days after ovulation.
454677 tn?1206691163 For the last 4 years, I have been hypothyroid - weight gain 30 pounds+, listless and fatigued, mood swings - tendency towards depression, joints swollen and stiff, sleepless nights, lower mental awareness and speech, hair loss, and wild hair growth - random, mostly facial and neck. Take synthroid (L-Thyroxin) was 100mg now 75mg which makes me nausated and dizzy - go back to bed or have to sit down.
Avatar n tn In any case, any blood seen when wiping is not normal - this should be evaluated by a physician. The menstrual cycle typically returns 4 weeks after birth. This is delayed if you are breastfeeding. Regarding your muscle aches - it is difficult to say what they are without examinination. You may want to obtain potassium and calcium levels to make sure that electrolyte abnormalities are not the cause. Followup with your personal physician is essential.
Avatar f tn I had talked with my doctor about the shot possibly having an effect on my weight since I had not changed my diet and exercise routines and had unexplained weight gain. She assured me that weight control was only dependant on calories consumed versus calories burned and that I must have changed something without really noticing, that the shot could only potentially increase my weight by 5 pounds in a year.
Avatar n tn I have had breast pain off and on, nothing terrible just a random soreness. NO fevers, chills, or anything like that. My menstrual cycle has been the same and i have an IUD that is still in place.. Not really sure what's going on. My sister said i sound pregnant, but that's not really a logical explanation. Anybody have any ideas?
Avatar n tn It was about the size of holding 4-5 marbles in the palm of your hand. I have also had an exxessive, unexplained weight gain. I saw my HMO and my OB/GYN after I missed 2 cycles. They gave me a prescription for pills to bring on my cycle. But, before I could get it filled was when I finally started bleeding. My concerns are that there might have been a mistake during the last cesarean surgery. I am a bit worried about returning to my OB/GYN for this problem.
Avatar n tn After I stopped taking tylanol on a regular basis for migrane like headaches (was giving me rebound headaches), seems now my worst migrane attacks come around that week or two each month, besides occasional random attacks. I tend to get really bad PMS like symptoms about a week before, bloating, weight gain, sometimes two or three lbs, mood swings, tension headaches and the like. On the first day, usually I get pretty bad cramping too.
1441678 tn?1414180272 At least I know that my problem is now--low estrogen. I'm in the process of trying to gain weight and cut back on execise in the meantime....
Avatar f tn The few side effects seen are abdominal discomfort and bloating, nausea, dizziness, weight gain, mood disorders and spotting. 3. While on clomid the spotting in the middle of your cycle can be related just to the drug and may not necessarily indicate pregnancy. If the spotting is accompanied by other symptoms like abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, or fever you should contact your doctor as soon as possible. Do keep me posted. Best wishes and kind regards!
Avatar n tn I have never felt like throwing up or felt sick, I get mild to extreme period pains before and during my menstrual cycle, however the cycle I'm going through now is completely different. I have been eating a lot a week prior to my cycle, and the first two days I have only been feeling sick. I am not on the pill and I'm definitely not pregnant.My flow is a lot heavier than usual, but I think that is compensating for my last cycle for I didnt get anything and only lasted 2-3 days.
Avatar n tn When trying to lose weight, it is important to understand this cycle and eat foods that are lower in calorie content and watch our sodium intake to minimize the weight gain that can be due to water. Your weight can fluctuate slightly before, during and/or after your period, however, major fluctuations are a common misperception. The bottom line is that weight changes due to menstrual cycles are minor, temporary and will not impact your weight-loss success.
Avatar n tn Anyways, I am going to start the Nuva Ring birth control, I will let you all know if it improves my symptoms during my next cycle. Also my nurse is supposed to call me back today, I wouldnt let her off the hook until she agreed to speak with the REAL ob-gyn about it. Good luck to us all!!!
Avatar n tn I had a period the first month of my 2nd pregnancy. I don't believe that it is a "normal" period though. From research I have found that some bleeding(very similar to a period)can occur from implantation. It is normal and shouldn't be worried about. However, any bleeding that occurs during pregnancy should be reported to your OB/GYN immediately.