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Avatar m tn Again,all this study says is taking these 3 vitamins wont make you live a long life,the main idea of taking any vtitamin,or even food for that matter is not to live a long life...not to live to be a hundred.....but to have quailty of life....this study is so meaning less...if you actually belive it when this study says taking them may kill you.. then you better.keep out of the sun(vitamin d) ..
Avatar m tn I work out 1.5 hours a day, I've been asked by my trainer to have multi vitamins every day. Is it healthy to have em like that?
Avatar n tn They gave me the same reaction. I have reacted badly to B vitamins all of my life and so I never took them. I only started again because I knew the baby would need them. My aunt gets the same reaction as I do. She also get nausea. I stopped trying to get pregnant for now and am trying to find out how I can incorporated T-4 into my life without the bad reactions. I am almost 42 and am running out of time.
Avatar m tn Felt fine, the shelf life or half life of suboxone (is 48-72 hours), usually the first 2 days aren't THaT bad. I took care of my guinea pigs, my dog, was able to eat, slept pretty fine. Day 2: Started to worry because all I had was 1mg left of suboxone and Id have to wait about a week for my script to be filled. Thankfully my insurance (Medicaid-HealthFirst) covers suboxone and you pay only 1 dollar for each script filled.
Avatar n tn In researching expired medications, I found that the FDA and the military did a huge study regarding expired drugs and found that the shelf life on most drugs is 5, 10 yrs. and even longer. Provigil is extremely expensive. Why do some doctors (not all!) recommend that expired meds. should not be taken? These expired Provigil tablets are working just fine for me.
Avatar n tn on that dose I could miss a day and not get severely ill (because methadone has such a high shelf life). When I got down to about 15mg....that's when it really caught up to me.....just be patient, if it gets too bad, have them stop. Once you get used to that dose, start tapering again. I know you are probably anxious to get off of it (which is good, I was on it for 6 years which was way too long). But, you would rather come off of it slow, then to taper too quickly and then relapse...right?
1253584 tn?1332881554 You are right suboxone has a long shelf life. I do not know a whole lot about sub but I do know about methadone and I have been told the withdrawl from sub and methadone is about the same. When I jumped off methadone at only 10mgs, I felt fine for the first four days. I did not start feeling any withdrawl symptoms until day four and then by day five I was in full blown withdrawls. I thought I was gonna die. However, I have been told that it is different for everyone.
1117655 tn?1291332417 Any store bought ones are usually kept at temperatures in storage which prolong shelf life but hinder vitamin and mineral contents. Radishes, grapefruit and cherries have high copper levels. I am not sure what you mean by an egg or two for thyroxine? The egg after being hatched actually are chilled down and not able to develop any thyroid so there is no usable thyroxine for a human.
685623 tn?1283485207 Vitamin E, citric acid and mixed tocopherols are considered to be a more “natural” solution to the preservative issue. There is some concern over shelf life of foods preserved this way. My final point is to also toss the ball back into the court of individuals who originally propagated their version of issues with BHA, BHT, and ethoxyquin. Did anyone ever look at the breeds and lineages of the pets who were cancer-stricken?
Avatar f tn I have always heard that 1000mcg or 1mg of folic acid is the daily recommended requirement for TTC and women who are currently pregnant. Most OTC prenatal vitamins will be just fine, just read the label, or ask your pharmacist to help recommend a good brand. You could also just take an individual folic acid supplement. You can get additional folic acid through certain foods as well like liver, egg yolks, beans, nuts, and spinach to name a few.
1699388 tn?1313840562 The klonopin does nothing for me so both bottles r just sitting on the shelf. Still take the vitamins and aminos, they really do help. Hang in there n keep posting.
15898092 tn?1443804734 It all depends on how long you were taking it and how high a dose you were on. Were you alway on a quarter strip a day? Suboxone has a long shelf life in the brain, so your probably just now starting to feel the withdrawal. Everyone is different as far as how long but the symptoms seem to be the same no matter what you were taking. All I can do is tell you my experience. I was on 90mg of oxyneo for five years.
Avatar f tn Greetings, I have a complicated issue that I'm hoping someone wouldn't mind reading through! I'm a 25 year old female who has been using the Contraceptive pill since I was 18. I'm on a high estrogen dose pill which was to combat problem skin and heavy periods, but despite occasional mood-swings and PMS, I've never had any serious health issues. Starting in January, my trusted pill brand changed their "formula" to apparently increase shelf life.
Avatar n tn I've experienced PVC's for most of my adult life (I'm 56). For the most part they would pop up for a brief period of time and then disappear as mysteriously as they arrived. For the past six months the PVC's have increased dramatically (often continuing all day). I tried cutting out caffeine, taking vitamins and exercising more. Nothing has helped.
Avatar m tn Avoid junk foods, fast foods, trans fats, and as much as possible processed foods on grocers shelves which have had the nutrition processed out and harmful additives processed in for shelf life, taste, texture and color. Include regular physical activity. Healthy exercise need not be strenuous - moderate is just fine. The key is "regular". Eliminate stress as much as possible in your life - it is indeed the "silent killer". Avoid stressful people and situations.
394017 tn?1255018132 It is so ridiculous with B vitamins that some of the ones I have would supply a person with enough of the vitamin for over 2 months! At those doses these vitamins become toxic, even though the B vitamins are water soluble & are passed out by the kidneys. So I've found the trick with the vitamins is just to take a nibble of each one before the meal, then eat afterward.
Avatar n tn For any supplement, a good quality brand is important imo (but I also take 'gummy bear' vitamins, so I'm not fanatic about this stuff). My favorite formulation of Mg (after trying several) is Mg malate, but you might want to look at what's on the shelf at the pharmacy or online and try different ones, like Mg citrate, aspartate, and some other fomulations. I don't know what makes the difference among the varieties, and it may be due to personal body chemistry.
Avatar m tn HR mentioned that PPC has a shelf life and can oxidise. Some of the bottles i have received had had an oily film over them. I have got a bottle of PhosChol and the Caps slide down the bottle rather than fall out. I have also had HepatoPro caps that have an oily film over them but not as bad. Not having a useby date stamped on the bottle doesnt help. I just put 2 & 2 together.
Avatar f tn welcome to the forum , nana methadone does have a long shelf life, everyone is different , i recently took the road you have chosen a few months ago, im now on day 157. It will seem like it is getting worse in the next few days, but you have to just hang in there, this will all eventually pass. i would suggest starting a new thread so that you can give us updates and others will chime in to give you tips.
Avatar n tn Adding citrus fruits and juices to diet can also wash out any existing infection as the vitamin C acidifies the urine and helps in flushing the bacteria out of the urinary tract. You can also start taking fish liver oil capsules as they are rich in vitamins A, E, and omega-3 fatty acids and have no reported side effects. Maintain hygiene and pass urine before and after sex. Do keep us posted on your doubts and progress.
521352 tn?1212035823 is there some thing a doctor can give to get rid of these withdrawls and craving because we are both ready. I dont wanna get high any more i just want my old life back so if there is someone with some answers or suggestions please let me know..
Avatar n tn BUT, you need to remember that it does get better, and you do get your life back. Aftercare is important, and I hope other members post their ideas about that for you, because that is the part I need to work on for myself. My story is similar- after two surgeries, I found out that I liked the high (norco 10/325 as well). When a string of bad events happened in my life, I turned to them to escape. It's been almost 3 years, and I want the rest of my life to belong to ME!
179856 tn?1333550962 I just keep the bottle by my bed and chug it down before I go to sleep and it WORKS. Best $25 copay I ever spent in my life. Thought it could help you guys too!
Avatar m tn These tomatoes contain a DNA sequence that has been reversed to prevent softening and allow for a longer shelf-life, and therefore more money for the agribusinesses that sell them. Research shows that they have lower nutritional value than their organic counterparts. Vegetable Oil—Most “vegetable oil” blends are derived from genetically-modified corn, cotton, canola, or soybean oils.
Avatar m tn Hello and thanks for advice, I would just like a bit of advice from anyone in a similar state of mind or can relate. It started 6 years ago, I was in what I perceived to be a potentially life threatening situation at the time. The fear of death / harm went on for a couple of years. Eventually it subsided.
Avatar m tn -). I don't know if it was the extra vitamins which I stopped for now, detoxing, or fighting with my hubby who has now been gone going on day 2. I am not sure how long he will stay away. It usually isn't long. I am crossing my fingers he won't come back. I know it souds cruel to some who are just reading my posts for the first time, but he is verry emotionally abusive and it is destroying me. Or was anyway I feel great right now.
Avatar n tn I have had lots of tests with no results. Holter, echo, ultra sound and nothing. I am under no stress in my life and have avoided caffene and smoking. Today I was stacking wood and my heart started beating fast and hard then suddenly it skipped a beat. I stopped working and it would beat 3 times and skip a beat. This happend for about 30 seconds . I thought I was going to die right there. I dialed 911 ond they came out and said everything was normal. HELP!!!
647212 tn?1223673211 Our bodies are doing the same every day. Some things will be left on the shelf that we don't need right away. Controlling cholesteral and glucose uses energy. The body is deciding that the energy is put to better use just keeping our hearts beating today. There is no surplus to save for tomorrow. I don't think a lot of doctors realize this. Instead of correctly treating the thyroid, they want to treat the symptoms with more drugs.