Children's liquid vitamins with iron

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1288945 tn?1271972452 I don't take liquid vitamins but I still use chewables. The BEST ones I have found for me are the "Children's GUMMY multivitamin". They're called up&up (I bought them at Target). 4-6 a day and it figures out to the daiy requirements for adults. I tolerate the sugar content in them (2 gms for 2 gummy bears) and I had my surgery 9 months ago. I've been taking them for the past 6 months at least.
4444857 tn?1383325813 Has anyone ever tasted or had to take liquid iron? I have low iron and since I don't take pills I have to do liquid..
Avatar f tn Yes but flitstones end up with about 10mg extra of iron so unless your iron is low I wouldn't recommend it unless you get constipated. Trading you guys liquid gel prenatals solve all your problems.
Avatar n tn I switched to liquid iron supplement as the iron tablets made me feel ill, and constipated
4274823 tn?1388529098 I have read on this forum that Vitamin C aids iron absorption. The liquid iron I take has Vitamin C in it as as a B vitamins. When consuming foods with iron how does one know what to consume that contains enough vitamin C to help the body absorb the iron? I am a vegetarian with hypothyroidism. I am not on thyroid medication. I understand iron is important to thyroid function. I'm trying to support my thyroid by increasing my ferretin (iron). My iron stores are reduced.
Avatar f tn I have to take my iron with breakfast or I get sick from it. Try taking it with food and then see what happens.
Avatar f tn -) very gentle on tummy bc they are liquid gels and my pb was very happy and impressed with my choice on those she said they are a great brand :-)
1504850 tn?1290289880 Also, do I need to also take b12 vitamins along with the iron supplements? My mother seems to think so, but I have no idea why I would? Thanks!
Avatar f tn I love my nature made liquid gels with dha and omega-3. Very easy to swallow and no nausea problems very important fir me as solid vitamins make me puke regardless if I've eaten. When I start breastfeeding I may switch to similac liquid gels these particular ones require two pills a day the vitamin abd a mineral supplement. Not sure though need to do more research on these brute I decide also will cost about 20$ more per 90 days.
Avatar f tn I love nature made liquid gels with added dha and omega 3. They run about 20$ for a 3 month supply. I buy at meijer when they do The buy one get one free deal. Very easy on the stomach if you vomit easy from vitamins like me.
Avatar m tn did you take iron and dha on your first trim?
3113559 tn?1347750099 got so bad she actually had to drink iron in a liquid format.
Avatar f tn At least a regular multivitamin. If they are making you sick try the gummy version. But your baby really needs the vitamins mama so don't skip out. Mine are only 13$ a bottle so not too bad.
Avatar f tn Did your Dr tell you your iron was low? Taking iron pills will help if you are anemic, but they can cause some tummy upset and constipation. Also make sure you are drinking enough fluids. Your blood volume nearly doubles during pregnancy so you need to be adequately hydrated in order to maintain that volume.
Avatar f tn I was anemic when I was in high school so my mom pounded it in my head to take iron pills with my prenatal vitamins. I use nature made 65 mg. they're super tiny but I always eat with my vitamins. One day I took them on an empty stomach and I threw up and it was the nastiest taste ever!
Avatar f tn How are the liquid iron ? I need to get chewable or liquid bc i cant shallow pills. Prenatal chewable make me sick so I'm taking chewable adult vitamins and currently doing research on chewable or liquid iron pills.
Avatar f tn I switched to a liquid capsile with DHA/omegas. Still a huge pill, got them from a health food/supplemental store, but I'm not throwing them up. Lady at the store said the liquid is easier on your stomach than the chalky ones. I'm in Canada, have never seen the gummies.
Avatar f tn Better late than never. I always had issues with them making me sick so my doctor told me to get the children's gummies or flintstones vitamins just as long as the folic acid was in them.
541609 tn?1273879848 As Amanda said the usual culprit causing constipation is the iron,but even with it in the multi and the liquid form I have had no issues. I am not taking any fibre either. I bought everything at the health food store. I have had no problem with constipation, in fact I am still very regular with this pregnancy. check out www. sisu. com without the spaces and go to products then womens health and it will give you the lowdown as well as where to buy. Hope this helps!
Avatar f tn I am 14 weeks and I throw up for everything and i could not hold down my iron pills so i was told to take two flinestone vitamins with iron and i feel alot better now
Avatar f tn If possible, cut the pill in half. I used to have to do that with my prenatals. Try swallowing a bit of liquid first, then put the pill in your mouth and drink normally while swallowing the pill.
Avatar f tn But I would try and Google a list of requirements, like so much iron, so much of whatever the other important ones are, take that list with you to the store, and make sure the one you buy has them all.