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Avatar f tn Or you could have a vitamin deficiency. Next time you have a blood test, ask that they check your B and D levels. A lack of Vitamins B and D3 can cause fatigue. Fibromyalgia can also make you feel this way. You might want to see a Rheumatologist. Wishing you the best and hoping this info was helpful.
1663743 tn?1302916403 I just started taking prenatal vitamins, daily multi-vitamins, vitamins b-6, b-12, calcium, vitamins C and E if you would like try Geritols it has iron it builds your blood up or 3 SSS tonic believe me I use to have Anemic especially when I was pregnant and after pregnancy. I'm hoping this will shed some light for you.
Avatar f tn So, it seems to me that it cannot hurt to go ahead and take some supps for my nerves ( already take them for circulation ). So, besides the B vitamins, what works good for the nerves? I've read that Omega 3's are good. Please chime in for nerves, circulation or whatever!
Avatar m tn Take sociable garlic and vitamin E capsules to improve circulation and vitamin C and B-complex vitamins to strengthen your blood vessels, Massage your legs with upward strokes, flushing your blood up to your heart. Use a massage oil made with 3 drops of lavender oil and 1 drop of peppermint oil in a coconut oil base (use unscented coconut oil), or put only the essential oils into a small spray bottle filled with water and spray directly on your legs. St.
Avatar m tn This is normal with B vitamins. You will notice this happens if you use nutrtional yeast, too.
Avatar m tn Yes nerves can heal but they heal very slow. You may try taking complex b vitamins they help support the nerves and can help in the healing process. Keep positive :) and continue to exercise because it helps the blood flow and circulation to your nerves.
Avatar n tn my husband and I are both healthy. We do not drink or smoke, no drugs. I am concerned b/c I am running out of time. I am not getting clear answers. I need to know why the miscarriages keep happening. Should we consider adoption? Are there therapies that I need to look into? Vitamins?
Avatar n tn bad circulation and two.... being low on B vitamins. I have had the same problem caused by sitting too much for long periods of time. Perhaps you could try taking a vitamin B complex that contains at least 50mg to 100mg. Also Vit. C.. A good vit. C to try is Camu Camu. It comes in powder form, I put it into empty capsules as I find the taste too strong in my smoothies. You can read up on it on the internet.
Avatar n tn Hello~You are on the right track by taking the B vitamins, they are the "Nerve vitamins" I would take a good, high-potency complete B complex, it is best to take them all together as they work best instead of taking just one B vitamin, such as B12 alone. I also suggest seeing a chiropractor, she may have some misplaced vertebrae in her back causing some pain in that one leg, it doesn't always cause pain in both, especially if the pinched nerve is more on one side than the other.
Avatar n tn I have not had my serum iron or ferritin checked yet but my B vitamins came out normal. I did go on a near starvationdiet for 3 months, used ephedrine, and lost 60 pounds so I am thinking I depleted some nutrient/s but I am not sure which. I have read that low blood volume can mask anemia since the blood cells would be more concentrated in a sample. Any help is greatly appreciated.
203342 tn?1328737207 potassium, calcium, sodium, vitamin B complex, or vitamins B1, B3, or B6 and Vitamin D. Deficiency of any of these can also cause on and off numbness. Diabetes and hypothyroidism too should be looked for. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn Hi im back as you mit remember my daughter fell and hurt her ankle over 2 weeks ago. Doctors said it was sprained badly. Is it normal for her shin and foot to have bad circulation for this long with a sprain? Her shin and whole foot is freezing cold and we cant seem to get it warm.
Avatar f tn above has already mentioned that. Are you taking a decent daily multivitamin/mineral that has potassium and adequate levels of B vitamins? They're both needed for healthy function of nerves and muscle movement, so if you're deficient it could manifest itself as numbness/tingling (that's nerves) or weakness/cramps/spasms (that's muscle). Hope you get it sorted and feel better soon!
Avatar f tn Is there anything I can do to improve my circulation in my legs and feet? Any vitamins or supplements I can take? Any information would be great!
3063937 tn?1352422855 Also vitamins b-6 and b-12 to help with fatigue. And they also sell a med OTC at Walmart called restless legs u can take before bed that will help with the legs at night also and as always get ya a good multi vitamin.
Avatar f tn There an awful lot of them that might help. I'd recommend you find a holistic nutritionist for help with this. They'll help to make you as strong as they can, and with so many things to choose from and not knowing what meds you might be taking, they can help with the trial and error of finding what works. Diet is also very important for this particular problem, more so than supplements.
Avatar m tn Try drinking plenty of water and sports drinks, espcially the ones with B Vitamins and Electrolytes. A general B Vitamin supplement wouldn't be a bad idea either to help with circulation and nerve health. Either way, your body may be trying to tell you not to drink so much so be healthy and take a break from the booze for a while. Give your body time to recover. There really is no upside to heavy drinking.
Avatar m tn If you take vitamin B pills, stomach acid can destroy most of the vitamin B. Both of those vitamins heal nerve endings and strengthen the central nervous system so effectively, it can help prevent Multiple Sclerosis and worsening nerve pain. My ex was a diabetic and he used a roll-on capsaicin cream that warmed up his feet and got the circulation going to help heal the nerves. I buy all those things at the least expensive site I've ever found, www.iherb.com. Best wishes!
221913 tn?1372276661 Vitamins notably mentioned to be low to deficient in smokers are vitamins A, B, C, E. Vitamins B1, B3, B6, B12, E are essential to healthy nerve function. For instance, if you do not correct vitamin B12 deficiency in time, permanent nerve damage will occur. Cigarette smoking has been linked to thyroid disease. Both hypothyroid and hyperthyroidism can cause peripheral neuropathy.
Avatar f tn Cat, Try to load up on gatorade & bananas as well. DOnt know about the 5HTP, but Vit B, C and Calcium has helped me with the leg stuff. Stay the course!
Avatar m tn Usually, it is the B vitamins that PREVENT or REVERSE neuropathy development as the long-term deficiency of them creates nerve and brain cell damage. Unless you've had direct nerve damage (spinal cord injury, low back problems, crushing or cold injury to your legs, etc) neuropathy is usually caused by poor circulation whether it is caused by diabetes, liver problems, kidney problems, or vascular restriction (narrowing) or blood clot issues.
Avatar n tn I had those inner thigh cramps for years. Took plenty of vitamins and supplements ( magnesium, potassium etc.) ate banana's, drank plenty of water. Still had them. I had some good insurance for a few months and took care of some large varicose veins I had on same leg. I have not had a cramp since. I never knew the pooling of blood in this leg from the varicose veins contributed to my leg cramps, but apparently that was my culprit.
4209053 tn?1351516914 I am deff going to get these vitamins today. No more relapsing !!! I hope this helps me feel better....trick-or-treating is just tomorrow night.