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1063463 tn?1302274619 Is it normal that B vitamins make your urine a bright yellow green? I know this sounds crazy but I started taking them because all of my B vitamins were very low. The next day I noticed the urine change....
Avatar n tn After having an array of weird symptoms, I decided to start taking a Stress B-Complex and an additional B-12 supplement. It seems that most people who take B vitamins get extremely yellow urine when the excess vitamins flush out, but my urine remains either completely clear or barely yellow. I do drink lots of water every day. Is this a bad sign? Or simply a sign that my body actually is deprived of vitamin B and using up everything I pour into it? Do I need stronger supplements?
Avatar m tn My doctor told me to start taking a B vitamin complex. I took it & my urine turned BRIGHT yellow. Is this normal or OK?
Avatar n tn A urinary tract infection, bile problems and certain drugs can cause the urine to turn greenish. A brighter green color is an indication of an excess of B vitamins. I think better see the doctor for safe side.
Avatar f tn s a max amount of vitmines you body can take in each day anyway. Meanwhile you can always start by eating more green veggie and fruit.
Avatar n tn m a full week late and no signs of period or anything. I have no idea whats going on. My friend thinks the vitamins my counselor told me to take for my OCD might of gave me a false negative. I take B-complex, vitamin D-3, L-Phenylalnine and Valerian root. My pee actually has been very bright lime green color and it shows up on the test like that too, so could that of played a part of what.
Avatar f tn fat soluble, such as A, D, E or K, and water soluble, including all of the B vitamins and vitamin C. Fat-soluble vitamins stay in your body, whereas water-soluble vitamins are absorbed immediately, with any excess being excreted in urine.
3063937 tn?1352422855 Also vitamins b-6 and b-12 to help with fatigue. And they also sell a med OTC at Walmart called restless legs u can take before bed that will help with the legs at night also and as always get ya a good multi vitamin.
Avatar f tn Is it light green? Or dark green? Super light green just means your drinking lots of water, drink more and it will be clear.
Avatar f tn My urine goes nearly fluro green from taking vitamin B some days. But really depends what shade you're talking about.
Avatar f tn t know if this is your problem too, but I had bad kidneys in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy, dark color urine is usually blood in urine, but with the green poop, thinking if no back pain is involved, it could be the dye in your prenatal vitamins, hopefully that is all it is.
Avatar n tn At my first midwife appointment it was just filling out the green pregnancy notes (im in the UK so might be different where you are), took a urine sample with me, she took some blood and checked b.
Avatar m tn When i eat the tablet once a day, i will start to pee green yellowish. Is it harmful if i keep continue on like that taking my supplement ?
Avatar f tn certain vitamins like vitamin B can do this... i cant remember which one but i used to take a vitamin B and it was like neon yellow...because your body is excreting what it doesnt use... i cant say ive noticed this with my prenatals but maybe my body is using mor than yours.... if im even correct by saying this?
Avatar f tn Thank you x
Avatar f tn Everyday my vagina has a urine smell. It has become a huge deal in my relationship b/c every time my boyfriend goes down on me he is disgusted by the smell. Every single day i have a white discharge as well not alot but enough to make it come out on my underwear. How do i get rid of this urine smell? I keep around that area shaved so the bacteria won't get attached to my hair and that doesn't work either.
Avatar m tn Yes vitamins will turn your urine very yellow! I have had this happen to me.
583196 tn?1429221155 hi there, i was wondering if the prenatal vitamin i am taking can cause your urine to change odours? we are trying to get pregnant and are taking vitamins that our doctor suggested.
691724 tn?1230682644 I read the label and it has extremely high amounts of Niacin and B12. I know certain vitamins are stored in the body while others aren't. Are these B vitamin doses safe on a regular basis? Also what happens to the body when high doses of B vitamins are ingested like this?
Avatar f tn t want to buy separated vitamins B complex but i still B are too low for someone dieting. A good B complex will give you 50 mg/mcg of each Bs and Centrum Performance will only give you from 6 to 18 in other Bs but a good 40mg Niacin ( B3 ) which is good. If your diet is mainly vegetables you should consider amino acids supplements.
Avatar f tn It probably is, because mine too has been different shades of green my whole pregnancy. I will be 31 weeks tomorrow. Maybe it's something in the vitamins?
1042487 tn?1275279899 Good vitamins and minerals intake is critical when talking about energy and especially the vitamins B. The B vitamins act as coenzymes, compounds that unite with a protein component called an apoenzyme to form an active enzyme. The enzyme then acts as a catalyst in the chemical reactions that transfer energy from the basic food elements to the body.
Avatar f tn Doctors will tell you that your urine should be pale, but if you are taking a lot of Vitamin B (or eating a lot of food that is high in Vitamin B) you can get urine that is yellow for that reason alone. (My prenatal vitamins gave me very bright yellow pee.
2136796 tn?1340032997 t know if this is out of the ordinary, but my prenatal vitamins say it may cause a change in color of stools and urine?? After I take my prenatal at night and pee, it's like highlighter green, and only after I take it, soo weird! Definitely mention it to your doctor though!
Avatar f tn My prenatals make my urine lime green! Make sure you don't have an infection though, that can cause green, too!