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Avatar f tn Even with these, I have to be careful or they will give me a tummy ache, but, then, so do all supplements, I don't care what kind I take, I get horrific tummy aches from them, this one, at least, is the best for me. I have found a few places on line that sell it and the price is NOT discounted, it is the same as if I bought it through my health journal I get called "Health Alert" I have not taken many supplements by NOW, just the L-Glycine, and it has done wonders for me.
1045727 tn?1463746583 <<------ Heres The Vitamins I Bought!! I just bought me some Folic Acid (400mcg) vitamins from walgreens today, ive been wanting to buy me some for a while now lol. Now that im ttc i think its best i start taking a good vitamin. Its been a while since ive taking some and im super excited to start up again. <<------ Heres The Vitamins I Bought!!
308205 tn?1213965677 They hve done no tests to confirm this its just there belief , I then decided myself to stop taking it to see if i felt better its only been a week , so fr the only improvment has been spasms have eased by about 70 percent and my mood has lifted but its early days i will keep trying with exercise the docs have suggested i give it a month see how i feel and we can talk about another bf or go bck on rebif although its no benefit for spms i was told previously?
1494729 tn?1304884680 on a normal basis it would be 7 to 8 a night SNORTING them and now me and my friend are trying to quit he did pick up some Valium which was said on the recipe and it took some of the w/d away ..i am not worried about the Valium as i never liked benzo just snorting pain killers so any advice would be greatley appreciated..THANK YOU ALL...
Avatar n tn In fact, 20 miles down the road from me they pump water out of the ground and sell it on the market. You may have seen it. Yup, you guessed it, my well water is the same as Poland Spring.
Avatar f tn the RDA is the minimum amount that the body needs to stay out of a diseased state. Even better... all of those extra fillers make it even more foreign to the body, so you only absorb about 15% of it anways. Don't be freaked out if a multi-vitamin has several thousand percent of the recommended daily allowance. Optimally designed multi vitamins stay far away from toxicity levels despite being much better absorbed. A time release multi is a good idea as well to help ensure proper absorption.
Avatar m tn In my opinion, none of the above vitamins you mentioned are as good as natural organic vitamins. The ones you buy at the drug store contain fillers, dyes and alot of other things your body does not need or can't deal with. Since you have GERD your stomach is already sensitive and vitamins that you buy at drug stores and grocery stores could make things worse. Go to a health food store and look at the ingredients.
Avatar n tn I was told prenatals are good to take even if you arent pregnant? do b6 and b12 vitamins work just as good as the shots and what are some of the best brand vitamins out there?
Avatar n tn hepatologist? The best place for your mother to go in the Philippines is the THE MEDICAL CITY Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City, Metro Manila Philippines. Tel. nos. (632) 988-1000, (632) 988-7000 Email us : ***@**** "Center for Liver Disease Management and Transplantation (CLDMT) 2nd Floor, Podium Bldg., The Medical City Telephone No: 635-6789 ext. 6506/6507 Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm Here is a link to the Center for Liver Disease Management and Transplantation web page. http://www.
Avatar m tn Researchers say megadoses of B vitamins can dramatically cut back on the conditions that lead to dementia. But dig a little deeper, and you'll uncover yet another Big Pharma attempt to bully its way into the supplement game. In this case, the researchers used a patented blend of B6, B12 and folic acid, called TrioBe Plus by the Swiss drug company that makes it.
Avatar m tn by the way ask the doctor directly why are you pushing me on entecavir since it is useless on virus if we dont know if i have any damage.....
Avatar f tn If none of those sound good I also drank Coconut milk like crazy, not the water... the real deal.. you can get it from any Asian Market. It tasted great and with all the electrolytes it helped tons!
748543 tn?1463449675 What's more is that I find that dental malocclusion is frequently one of the principle causes of the TMD. The article went on commenting that MRI and CAT scans are among the biggest advances in diagnosis of TMD, that is just ludicrous.While those are valuable diagnostic tools they do not show what is the underlying cause of the misalignment. I frequently find that to be the malocclusion.
Avatar m tn I found their site online and planning to buy one. Please help guys, am still looking for the best fish oil in the market gathering very positive feedback. Hoping for your help Thanks in advance guys!!!
Avatar n tn A recent study has shown that cinnamon has no effect on blood sugars, countering the popular legend. I can't find the link to the study results right now, or I'd post it. As for the others, they are all non-regulated items, with nothing to force them to be truthful in their ads, so they can say whatever they want. There is no evidence that any of these methods do anything to help blood sugars. If there was, it would be the most popular diabetes treatment on the market.
Avatar f tn Dr. David Drewitz. I believe there is a Dr. Wong a hepatologist that is listed my medical plan. I will likely make an appt after the first of the year.
Avatar f tn Dr. K. says that the gluten panels are not always accurate and the best test is the elimination diet. I've been gluten-free for two months. I now need less thyroid hormone. That's proof for me. In the next few weeks, I'll be starting on a gut detox program, to repair all the damage, gluten, yeast, (YES, candida can be an issue with us, too) etc has done to my gut, under the guidance of a doctor trained by Dr. K. I will let everyone on this forum know how I'm progressing. One more thing.
Avatar f tn As long as you're not using a lot of seasonings on the chicken, boiling it is the best way to cook it if you're not going to feed a raw diet because it boils the fat out of it. With regard to the amount, feed her enough to keep her satisfied and not always looking for food. If you see her dropping weight, feed her more. If you see her gaining weight, cut her back.
Avatar m tn ARWR), a biopharmaceutical company developing targeted RNAi therapeutics, today announced financial results for its fiscal 2014 third quarter ended June 30, 2014 and provided an update on the Phase 2a study of ARC-520, its RNAi-based candidate for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B infection. The company is hosting a conference call at 4:30 p.m. EDT to discuss results. Conference call and webcast details can be found below.
Avatar n tn I don't know how it happened but the rest of what I wrote got cut off. To finish my comments, I use a little brush and scrub things like potatoes. I also thoroughly wash bananas and melons before cutting or peeling. I also grew a few things in a little garden for salads.(tomato, lettuce, cucumber, green pepper) If I could afford it, I'd definately get the organic, but this is how I've done the best I can. It also cut off the "?" explaining that I can't remember the Dr.
233488 tn?1310696703 ” As stated previous “the correct” answer will be different for different people. Informative is based on the most common questions posted on the American Academy of Ophthalmology MedHelp Eye Forums. 1. Where there is a difference of more than 1.50 diopters between the eyes post operatively glasses are often difficult or impossible to adjust to. The condition is called "aneisometrophia".
1178983 tn?1279667255 So I am sick to death of these damn pills, it's not as if I take loads, I only take four a day, but sheesh! Tramadol has got to be just about the most deceiving drug on the market. When my Dr. put me on it I was told it was non narcotic, non addicting and fairly mild. Fairly mild it may be but it is definatley addicting. Before I went to see a Dr.
233616 tn?1312790796 Weil refers all of his hep c patients to Dr. Zhang. I think the excellent results in the FZHY research were based simply on the fact that this happened to be the formula they tested. The research certainly does not establish FZHY to be superior to other similar formulas, it simply establishes the efficaciousness of this particular formula. Dr. Zhang's herbs are quite similar, as are many other TCM or MCM formulas, and may test out equally efficacious, if given the chance.
Avatar f tn I would like to know how to dissolve the remaining lesions - without chemo, surgery or oblasion. Is there anything on the market to dissolve the remaining lesions?
93210 tn?1287457826 I guess I'm not looking in the right places on the net because all I'm finding are ads for doctors who do the procedure. I want info on it, not a commercial. Has anyone out there had this procedure and if so, did it work?
Avatar f tn So I went and got everything I need to start the Thomas recipe tomorrow, those of you that are familiar with this, can you tell me how long you stay on the regimen, or do you just take the supplements forever? I am super psyched about it helping me feel better , would just like some advice from someone that is more familiar with it. Thanks for the help in advance! Yall are all awesome.
Avatar n tn In the past I've had them on my elbows and one very big but deep one on my neck. All the three dermatologists and two GPs I have present these papules problem to have all said they're nothing to worry about and there isn't a solution. But to me they are hideous, embarrassing, unsightly, and most importantly a sexual turn-off. I have turned to squeezing them regularly to get rid of them. Unfortunately this causes bruising, red marks and eventually pit scars.
Avatar f tn If the spot is an age or sun spot it can be treated with laser therapy, which will correct the discoloration and irregularity of the tissue to diminish the spot's appearance. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause. Hope it helps. Best wishes and regards!
1744001 tn?1311261690 I tell him matter-of-factly that I've already been on every antipsychotic on the market and that nothing works anyway, or it causes negative side-effects, like when my white blood cells were dropped from taking clozaril, or when abilify and geodon (on separate occasions) caused both tardive diskinesia and painful paralysis of my face and neck. I'm scheduled to see my psychiatrist this Friday. He's used to things he tries working eventually. Statistically, they should.