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Avatar f tn Don't know who consumerlab is, only know what I learned in 18 years in the health food industry. Never ever ever walk in to a GNC, and definitely don't buy store brands unless it's a patented product, which means it's the same everywhere. An example is Vitamin World Q-sorb, mentioned above. Ordinarily, I just wouldn't trust the store brand, but Q-sorb is a patented product, it's the same as the Jarrow product I mentioned.
Avatar f tn If none of those sound good I also drank Coconut milk like crazy, not the water... the real deal.. you can get it from any Asian Market. It tasted great and with all the electrolytes it helped tons!
Avatar m tn Hey everyone, I am in the market for a new treadmill and I am wondering what the general population is using? I have been looking at some NordicTrack treadmill's but I am not sure what I want to get, maybe the Commercial 1750? Does anyone have experience with this stuff? I just want to see if anyone has any experience with it. Thanks in advance!
10816945 tn?1427208632 Try taking some vita gummies nature's way brand has heaps of different varieties on the market and their gum
Avatar m tn I understand the leader and pacemakers is one I just got about a year ago maybe a year-and-a-half I guess but we looked into the best on the market and the best for the batteries and it was Boston Scientific was a premium pacemaker it's a Time nothing any better anywhere that is what I was told that is what we found out and that is what I have the 2-wire
1509970 tn?1290036714 They also make sublingual B12 vitamins as well so the market is wide open on these. Do you have reason to believe you are vitamin B deficient?
Avatar n tn It is now called Insevik(SP?) The drug name they used in the trials was Telaprevir.
Avatar f tn Without seeing the dog and seeing what is going on, it is hard to advise. If you are concerned, it would be best to take the dog in to see the Vet for a good physical examination.
Avatar n tn Would you believe that ovulex is no longer availble believe the manufactorer went out of business. The owner of the company went to jail for several things. I don't think any of the frauds were about ovulex I have reviewed all the ingredients of fertility blend and fertilaid, and there is really not a lot of herbs in them like there was in ovulex. These other fertility products do contain vitex, and the rest is really vitamins and L arginine. I have taken vitamins all my adult life.
Avatar f tn My doctor told me to take Flinstone Complete Vitamins... it has everything you need even the right amount of folic acid! They are smaller and chewable which is great because most prenatals are huge.
Avatar f tn I am wondering what are the best prenatal vitamins? I am not pregnant now but we are trying. I am currently taking GNC Women's Health prenatal formula without iron with 1000mcg of folic acid. Is that ok? What should i do to keep my body healthy and also my husbands?
Avatar f tn I've heard that bio oil is the best on the market but really stretchmarks are more to do with genetics and the natural elasticity of your skin
Avatar f tn I didn't get a chance to make the juice. I just bought it at my local super market..
1533713 tn?1372388348 t get up for 30 min after sex (i was one of those women) you can try ovulation predictor kits (next to the pregnancy tests in the pharmacy) they will tell you when you are going to ovulate so you know to get down to business asap, Pre seed personal lubricant my OB recommended to me which is sperm friendly lube the only one on the market! Helps the swimmers get to where they need to go instead of killing them. My ob also recommended the ovulation predictor kits.
Avatar m tn s are on the power and all predictions are made (build) on the actual market and on the actual price ... all new drugs are price based on the actual treatment prices.
Avatar f tn Hello, Any lump or bump persisting for such a long time should be seen by a dermatologist. Any brown spot on lip line can be due to ultraviolet rays of sun which penetrate the skin. They can just be liver spots that develop with age. A clinical examination is essential and you should consult a dermatologist. If the spot is an age or sun spot it can be treated with laser therapy, which will correct the discoloration and irregularity of the tissue to diminish the spot's appearance.
Avatar f tn There are plenty of books on the market. I've read about a dozen although my favourite thyroid book is Running On Empty by Robyn Koumourou. Five years of research and endorsed by Thyroid Australia. The author has Hashimoto's thyroiditis.
Avatar f tn I literally tried every name brand wipe on the market, and NOTHING compares to the softness and durability of Honest. Yes, I realize I'm biased, but I did a lot of research before coming to my decision, and I've never looked back.
Avatar f tn i am 6 weeks and the prenatal and folic acid are good to take right now because the baby is depending on your blood not what you eat at this early stage.
Avatar m tn The most important thing is the folic acid. There are MANY prenatals on the market and some are easier to take than others. I have had no problem with the GNC prenatals. Do keep in mind that pregnancy causes constipation. The only thing in prenatals that may make that more intense is Iron. You can always try a prenatal without iron but if you do that and still have a problem with constipation you can know that it is the pregnancy that is causing it and not the vitamins.
Avatar n tn A lot of the over the counter ones have wayyy to much of vitamin a and others so I would ask your OB to give You a prescription one!
Avatar f tn does taking the prenatal (before preg) affect TTC? what is the best prenatal vitamins? now i am only taking folic acid. I selected one a day vitamins because of its ingredients. and a brand name product. But few days ago I went to wal-mart and found out that they have an other (not so polular brand name) prenatal vitamins for much cheaper. so please help me which one i sould select? or should i avoid taking prenatal while TTC? please help.
1494729 tn?1304881080 I dont think there is anything on the market that will make you sleep those first few days, RX or OTC. I did take *Advil PM at night( only 2 pills). I slept very little those first few days. I did read somewhere about this stuff called "super snooze melitonin". It may be worth checkin out. I'll try and find the thread and give you the link. The poster said it worked wonders. Be prepared to not sleep. Dont fight it, it just makes it worse.
Avatar f tn I would like to know how to dissolve the remaining lesions - without chemo, surgery or oblasion. Is there anything on the market to dissolve the remaining lesions? My blood count is good (re:the liver). It functions normally.
404138 tn?1308941656 It is really beyond the scope of any of us on this forum to advise you as to which medication is going to be the best for you. My advice would be for you to spend some time reading the posts here and see just how many different opinions there are out there. We all react differently to meds, so what I think may be the "best," may in fact, be the "worst," for you. My one hope for you is that you get with a doctor who is very familiar with the many different benzos out there.
Avatar n tn Here's the problem, the best quality supplements are expensive. The ones you're buying are cheap. So it depends on how much you want to spend on this and also on what you're taking. No one company is great at everything -- the more you know about the companies who market supplements, the more you realize each one is good at certain things and not so great at others, or too expensive at some things for what you're getting.