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3153604 tn?1343376537 Now I have palpitations and had SVT in the past. What Vitamins should I take for a Healthy Heart?? Please help. TY!
Avatar f tn At the very least, get some folic acid into your system. It's a B vitamin and helps the baby not have spina bifida. Look up sources of folic acid, you might have already been eating a lot of foods that contain it. It is also available as a vitamin pill (it's very small) and people take it for heart health, so it would not clue anyone that you are pregnant if you are trying to hide it.
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Avatar f tn t know if I should push for heart related help(heart disease??) or if I should just attribute it to COPD/ashthma/daily allergies from pets/dirt in my house/dander. Or should I just continue on my thyroid medicine and also get help for my allergies/asthma? My daily inhaler doses are not working and I feel just miserable with all this coughing. I want to live my life and not worry about my health anymore.
Avatar m tn ve read articles about cocaine use which seem to suggest that cocaine in any amount will permanently increase your risk of heart attack or heart disease several-fold for the rest of your life, and that, having tried it even once, I am basically screwed. I have already decided to never use coke again, but I am wondering if there is anything I can do to reverse the damage that cocaine may have caused my heart?
Avatar f tn You need to eat even though I know your appetite is completely gone. I took spoons of coconut oil for fat to absorb vitamins and drank ensure and bananas. Sleep is probably not an option either because I was terrified to sleep because of the thoughts in my head. The good news is for me it turned off like a switch one day and everything became normal again.
Avatar m tn IMO, the best thing a person can do for good health, including heart health and brain health, is to eat a healthy diet. I'm not saying some supplements don't have their place, but nothing can take the place of eating healthy whole foods. The next best thing a person can do for good health, and some would rate this first, is to get regular, appropriate exercise.
Avatar f tn See your Dr for testing. They will do blood work to see if you're low on iron or any vitamins if you tell them your symptoms.
Avatar m tn What vitamins and minerals are good for eye health and what are the optimal amounts? As far as I know, Vitamin A, beta carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, zinc, lutein, and billberry are good for eyes.
Avatar m tn Nutrition is a very important component for good health, and an improper diet can cause CAD and heart problems in the long term. You may want to consult with your doctor to bring your physical conditioning to an acceptable level with a diet and exercise protocol. I don't know the significance of the ulcer for your low BMI, but that may need an intervention as well.
Avatar f tn Look into the history of the discovery of vitamins and how they act in the body. Look into the history of health fads. Although many people believe the ingesting vitamin supplements will act on them the way spinach acted on Popeye, it doesn't work that way. If you do not have a deficiency then additional vitamins will not extend your life or give you super powers. Before you consult a naturopath or orthomolecular nutritionist, I suggest you read about those subjects on the web site www.
Avatar m tn lots of good salad ingreds .. all are healthy I put up a thread last week about it, scroll down for the ideas that the folks here had for me , I have tried some since , most veg , cheese , feta is good, chicken, chick peas were suggested and I have found them a great thing in salad ,I like Beets...nuts .
1534233 tn?1523388856 Doctors and cardiologists assure me that I am fine as is my heart but I take cardio vitamins, fish oil, and other heart friendly supplements, eat a low sodium diet, and still take my blood pressure daily. I HATE living like this. I find the more information you search regarding a disorder etc the worse things get. My doctor said that many pre-med people end up with health anxiety just from the constant study of it all. In health anxiety google is never ever your friend.
Avatar n tn Soy interferes with the absorption of your medication and also has negative effects on the thyroid.
Avatar f tn I take real good vitamins now ,let me know if you need the list I take, all good for the heart ,your really to young for this ,hope what ever you had , everything is better now take care and good luck !!!!
Avatar f tn I take a prenatal vitamin with iron and also a DHA only prenatal vitamin. I'm 8w+2d and haven't been to my first obgyn appt yet, have that at 10 weeks. Don't know if this helps, just what I decided to do.
Avatar m tn is it ok to take vitamins such as vitamin B complex, vitamin C or vitamin E for a hepatitis b patient?just to boost immune sytem. is there any vitamins that are really recomended for HBV patients like me?
1298588 tn?1330318981 I always thought it was good for me, but after reading about the many ways that different vitamins and minerals can mess with heart rhythms, I have become worried about this particular habit of mine. I am equally afraid to stop taking vitamins, because if my body has become used to them, then surely a sudden lack would also throw off my heart rhythms. To what extent do multivitamins affect heart rhythms? Is there any particular vitamin or mineral that affects the heart?
Avatar n tn But, the trouble with supplements is that you can overdose very esily, unless used judiciously or prescribed by a doctor. For instance, Viatmin A and E are easily available from our daily food and being fat soluble, they get stored in our tissues and overdosing is very easy. I do not know, why the Companies are packing such easily availble vitamins along with some other difficult to get nutrients like zinc, omega3 or B12. So, while taking supplements, always do consult the doctor.
Avatar f tn But that includes the real meds for anxiety. If I could get rid of the rapid heart beat, especially waking at night with it, I think I could start to get some rest and feel better. I am having a hard time coping and balancing right now. Any advise is appreciated.
Avatar m tn i recently am getting spikes in my heart rate when training from 160 to 193 just for a few seconds then it slows back down anyone know the cause and if it is dangerous
Avatar f tn s rare so not very likely, but that one has a genetic test. One seems to start in the Lungs and affect the heart while the other starts in the heart.