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Avatar n tn female 30 from nepal I had too much,knee pain,wholebody pain,feet burning,low fever 99 .I got tested blood vitamin D(25 hydroxy D and thyroid).vitmin d was 8ng\ml nd thyriod low.then Dr priscribed me calcirol 60000iu twice week,nd 25mcg thyronom and take sun bath daily. I did what he sugested all pain bit dicreased but coudnt get full recovery after 2.5 years later i got my blood testest again vitamin D level was 70 nl\mg and thyriod was normal.
691983 tn?1266804832 t know if your dr.check your vitamin d or not ?but please if you have every day pain have it check.i also read vitamin d with pain meds too.i was so bad my pain med didn't work i could have taken all of them and still had pain really.i don't know how long this pain free time will last but for now ,i am going to enjoy it!!!cause we all know the stones can move on out at any time!! please let me know how many of you have had your d check.i'm so want to know!!!
Avatar n tn I take 2000 mg of vitamin D, and it causes no pain. I feel much better when I take it. I used to be deficient. I would not stop the vitamin D. Perhaps you need other vitamins and minerals in addition, but the vitamin D shouldn't cause problems. Try calcium tablets and glutamate powder at night for the hip discomfort. Try magnesium in the morning at 500 IU.
1292648 tn?1303158253 Jesam jutros, za samo 6 nedelja nebi bio problem samo da malo povecamo taj level pa kasnije mogu prestati, bilo bi dobro kada bi mogla vise da izlazim na sunce ali gde da nadjem sunce u decembru da se selim na Floridu .
Avatar f tn From my research, and the ailments, it appears my problem has been a continual low or none Vitamin D all along. Tests come back with no Vitamin D or very little. I ran out in the sun, with no sunscreen and now I garden, so Vitamin D should not be an issue, but it is. When I don't have enough Vitamin D, I get mouth sores (not herpes). I take Vitamin D, for two days they are gone, and then come back, until I take my next round of D once a week.
Avatar f tn when I take vitamin D (50,000 a week), I get bad pain in my hands & fingers.
541196 tn?1293552936 I take a multivitamin daily with 800 iu of Vitamin D. I also recently added 4 gummy vitamin D's that total an addition 1200. I have been hovering with a deficiancy of around 19... today I got the labs back and now I am down to 14. My dr. said she needed me to add 50,000 iu weekly and then after a month go to doing the 50,000 iu once a month in addition to my normal daily 2,000. I am frustrated. I have hashimotos. I was just increased from 88 to 100 mcg of Synthroid this week.
Avatar f tn What positive results did you see? Arthritis is the last thing I need! I take calcium, vitamin D, fish oil, flaxseed oil, vitamin C, and magnesium, I also have osteoporosis and I am 44! I am hoping to see an improvement in my bone scan this summer. Being hyper with Grave's surely didn't help.
Avatar m tn Authored by a team of researchers at the California-based non-profit Autoimmunity Research Foundation, the paper goes on to point out that molecular biologists have long known that the form of vitamin D derived from food and supplements, 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25-D), is a secosteroid rather than a vitamin. Like corticosteroid medications, vitamin D may provide short-term relief by lowering inflammation but may exacerbate disease symptoms over the long-term.
Avatar f tn I was given two months worth of vitamin d once again from my new rheumatologist. When she asked if I remembered if the vitamin d worked for me when I took it back in October and November, I couldn't say for sure but now since I started taking it again on March 20th, which is once a week. I took the second pill yesterday and realized that the vitamin d makes my right hip hurt with radiating pain down my leg.
666921 tn?1254990618 does anyone think that the fact some of us 'lymies' feel worse - muscle pain esp.- when the summer weather is over - could be conected with 'low vitamin D' - just curious of others opinions on this.
Avatar m tn My doctor is on vacation and the other doctor in her practice does not believe that Vitamin D Deficiencies cause pain (yes, that is exactly what I was told). The hematologist referred me back to my regular doctor for the pain as he was brought in for a different issue. What do I do?
Avatar f tn Vitamin D - is not a vitamin... I wish the never used it and called it a VitD D is a hormone that controls the seratonin and other endorphine levels. If that is off many things are off. A regular Hypo should ahve 2000-4000ius daily.
Avatar f tn In recently looking at D supplements, I came across this statement on a manfacturer's website "Most Vitamin D supplements use ergocalciferol or Vitamin D-2 but Vitabase Vitamin D uses cholecalciferol, D-3, a more bioactive form. This is the same form of Vitamin D made by the skin’s exposure to sunlight.
1515564 tn?1431383300 Have any of you had your vitamin D levels tested? I had mine tested last year, shortly after all of this started. It was low, so I started to take a supplement. That was around the time that I started to see a lot of improvement, so I thought that maybe it was helping. Have any of you been tested/ tried supplementing with Vitamin D?
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm 18 and was diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency in Feburary earlier this year with a level of 15nmol and was only put on 800iu a day. However my symptoms got very bad by July so I was put on a weekly tablet of 20,000iu d3 a week and after just 4 weeks my levels had risen up to 110nmol so I carried on taking the weekly dose for 4 more weeks but my doctor never repeated my blood test at the end of it.
500238 tn?1255131214 I can personally attest to symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency. I was recently tested after 6 months of pain and doctors looking at me like, "we don't know," until I found a qualified doctor who performed the proper tests. My levels are 11.8 ng/ml. I have seen sites that call this moderate and others that call it severe. The current recommendations refer to this as severe deficiency.
Avatar f tn OK, now I'm really confused. I've been taking Calcium with 800 ius vitamin D daily. I decided to up my intake of D in preparation for upcoming treatment. So I started adding another 1000 iu's. Of course, lazy me, I did this without checking my levels but I figured if everyone is so low I must be as well. Today I hear that we are taking too much vitamin D and it is not healthy. They also are thinking of lowering the bottom of the normal range from 30 to 20. What is everyone doing?
Avatar f tn It is where I learned how important it is to take magnesium in particular with vitamin D in order to get the most benefit from the vitamin D supplements. You should be able to find some archived newsletters on the site, too. Just Google "Vitamin D Council". It is a good idea to build up to it, as the above post says. Some people, especially people with autoimmune issues, are particularly sensitive to vitamin D supplements.
1448748 tn?1312956208 I am not sure of all the symptoms of low vitamin d levels. Mine was 10 when I was tested and havent' been tested since then. I do take vitamin d supplements and plan to soak of natural vitamin d from the sun every chance I get. Go with what your doctor says and get tested for ms to see what comes of it. I can say at least your doctor is taking an aggressive approach to what is going on, some doctors lally gag about doing what needs to be done.
Avatar n tn vitamin d deficiency vegetarian with o blood type what are the home remedies vitamin d level is 10n/ml
Avatar f tn Yes, all of your symptoms could be related to your vitamin d deficiency. What was the level of your vitamin d? 2,000 IU for a deficiency is not much. I was at 19 and my doc prescribed me 50,000 IU for 12 weeks (~7,000 a day). I hear it takes time (3-6 months) for levels to go back up and people to feel better. Sounds like you need more sun (hard this time of year). Hang in there. I hope you start feeling better.
Avatar f tn Yes, the problems you are experiencing indicate that you have vitamin deficiencies. Pain in joints and weak bones are often an indication of vitamin D deficiency, an important vitamin a deficiency of which often results in osteoporosis and osteomalacia, increasing the chances for people to suffer from skeletal pains. So I would suggest you consult a doctor immediately and get some vitamin D supplements. Since you are feeling fatigued, you may also have B12 deficiency.
Avatar f tn My problem started with an aweful pain in my right hand. My Vitamin D was 19 at the time and I started my dosage was 50,000 unit/week for 2 months. Today they took some blood to check how the Vitamin D looks now after those 2 months. I guess we will see. I went to rheumatologist few times. They thought I have an autoimmune disease but everything came back negative. Hand pain is still there, now I have a problem with my hip.