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Avatar n tn Is it ok to take vitamin c gummies to help boost my immune system.
Avatar f tn Gummies made me sick but if you take them you need an iron supplement because gummies do not usually contain iron. Enfamil has been the best for me and does not make me sick.
7484450 tn?1391237527 With my first I took the prenatal pills iron pill and vitamin d it was insane I got the gummies the other day and I just love them I actually have the motivation to take them.
212720 tn?1304375415 My kids LOVE the gummy bear vitamins they sell at Costco. They taste EXACTLY like a real, normal gummy bear.Its not hard at all to get them to want to eat these! I get the ones with calcium because some of my kids arent milk lovers--but they also have just vitamin ones without added calcium. The one problem you might have with these though is they taste TOO good, and little ones dont understand why they cant eat several.
Avatar f tn I was told I was low on vitamin d but she said that there would be vitamin d in a prenatle vitamin . I'd you don't want to take them cos they make you feel craps then don't...
Avatar f tn I asked my obgyn if I could take something else and she said I could take flinstones completes or a prenatal vitamin gummy. I chose the gummies and they are amazing. They don't have the bad aftertaste and actually taste good. I haven't got sick off of them yet. You might want to check into those.
8567320 tn?1399128845 As long as they have everything in them that you and baby need then yes
Avatar f tn try taking them right before you go to bed. if not try switching to gummies. they taste fairly good....and they havent made me sick. i know everyones different. but i take the speing valley gummies with dha and folic acid and they taste like fruit..i get them from walmart.
Avatar f tn Folic acid & if u don't have enugh fish & sun light u can take vitamin D as well U'r doc will know if u need anything else.. For me i take folic acide, Vitamin D, Iron tablets"i'm very anemic" , untidepressing"not sur abut spil",& bowl medication...
Avatar f tn I take the prenatal vitamin fusion gummy ones
Avatar f tn I took my prenatal vitamin this morning but I vomited (alot) about 20 minutes after I took it. Should I take it again?
Avatar f tn I started taking prenatal vitamins as soon as I found out and I hate the pills and can't take them so I take the gummies.
Avatar f tn Gummy vitamins are great for me! Sometimes I take one of my kids Flinstones vitamins, they're tasty too! Swallowing pills makes me gag in pregnancy and the iron in prenatals make me constipated. My midwife says gummies and Flinstones are just fine. They equal the same amount of folic acid. And I get plenty of iron in my diet because I eat A LOT!
Avatar f tn I was just wondering what prenatal vitamin is the best? I've herd things like you have to make sure it dissolves in 30 minites, their has to be extra calcium, and you shouldn't taken Rainbow Light prenatals in the 1st trimester. What do any of you take or have a preference on?
Avatar f tn t hold down any other vitamin as you did I threw up 5 - 10 mins later and it was nasty . So gummies work .
4326583 tn?1354714047 I was sort of skeptical about it @ first b/c even prenatal vitamins LACK amounts of some of the most vital vitamins pregnant women calcium, vitamin d and iodine - and depending on the brand, sometimes even DHA and Iron!! So it was kind of a shocker to be told I could supplement 2 children's vitamins for 1 prenatal vitamin!
13663674 tn?1431713461 Thank u ill get them tomorrow mornin, thought my midwife would have told me she only mentioned to keep taking folic acid and vitamin d as I'm low on that, thanks again x
Avatar f tn I found that my vitamin makes me sick too.
Avatar f tn Do you mean prenatal gummies? (Where you said 'parental' gummies?) And by gummies, do you mean vitamin gummies or fiber gummies? I don't know the dose for vitamins in gummy form, but if you're eating fiber gummies, the dose for adults often is two a day.
Avatar f tn I like my whole food vitamins but it doesn't matter too much as long as they have enough iron, calcium and vit d. Mayo clinic has a good list of what the amounts should be.
8012558 tn?1399308657 I have hard time swallowing regular vitamins and just bought gummy ones. I was so excited how easy is to take them, but I just read some not so good reviews about gummy vitamins. Now I feel bad because I think they are not going to do a good job. I have vitamin D deficiency (was told it's inherited) and it is important for me to take them on daily bases. I also take multivitamin, vitamin C, and Fish-Oil (all gummies).
Avatar f tn I take the prenatal gummies from Walmart...
11012099 tn?1429584810 You need to find a prenatal vitamin. And the gummies don't have iron in them. And you need the iron. I was taking regular prenatal vitamins and i didn't like them, i switched to gummies for a few months. The dr just called to ask me if I'm taking prenatals, i said yes, she then asked if they were the gummies, i replied with yes. And she told me i need to go back to the regular ones because they have iron and gummies dont. And she told me my labs say I'm anemic.
Avatar f tn Hm, well, maybe switching to gummies will help. (I take those for my multi vitamin now and they are like a tasty treat. :>) ) Try some of the ginger things, those did help soothe my stomach and tums were my best friend. lots of luck!
Avatar n tn Gummies! Vitafusion gummies are awesome. Tastes like candy and doesn't make me puke.
Avatar f tn Optimal vitamin D levels are 100 - 150 nmol/L (40 - 60 ng/L). When I had vitamin D deficiency I was sick all the time! "CONCLUSIONS: Seventy-eight percent of Auckland children undergoing (adeno)tonsillectomy had a 25(OH) vitamin D level<75nmol/L, a level which is associated with an increased incidence of upper respiratory tract infection. Low 25(OH) vitamin D levels were related to a darker skin, increased BMI and larger assessed tonsil size.
Avatar f tn Might help if you take the vitamin at night , and maybe switch to gummies until the morning sickness goes away