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1515564 tn?1431383300 Have any of you had your vitamin D levels tested? I had mine tested last year, shortly after all of this started. It was low, so I started to take a supplement. That was around the time that I started to see a lot of improvement, so I thought that maybe it was helping. Have any of you been tested/ tried supplementing with Vitamin D?
5844567 tn?1378967719 My dr recommend me to take single doze of inj INdrop D for start of three months (once in a month) is that ok
Avatar n tn I buy my vitamin D3 from Like you, I was dangerously low on my vitamin D before doing this.
Avatar f tn D is generic and can be bought over the counter. Anyways, ask your doctor to put you on 5000 iu of Vitamin D3 per day until your Vitamin D comes to 50 or 60. After that maintain it at that level with 2500 iu per day. Check your Vit. D every 3 months and do not let it go more than 100 or less than 30. it will take 7-8 months for you to get your life back. Initially, even after starting D3 supplement, you will go up and down for 3-4 months.
Avatar f tn Hello, I was just told by my doctor today that I have extremely low vit D levels. I am going to be on 50,000 of vitamin D prescribed for the next 3 months. I just wanted to say hi to everyone and thank you for posting your stories. It's like reading my own life story, it makes me want to cry. All of these symptoms are what I've been going through too. I have felt so bad for so long and I'm so thankful that I am not alone.
Avatar f tn 4 months back I was diagnosed with vitamin d deficiency with a level of 4ng/ml; extremely low. I had range of symptoms e.g extreme tiredness, severe anxiety, insomnia, sleep paralysis, explosive head syndrome, tingling and numbness etc. My first thought was I might have MS. And whichever disease I would look on internet I had majority of associated symptoms. This was due to severe anxiety caused by low vitamin d.
1448748 tn?1312956208 I am not sure of all the symptoms of low vitamin d levels. Mine was 10 when I was tested and havent' been tested since then. I do take vitamin d supplements and plan to soak of natural vitamin d from the sun every chance I get. Go with what your doctor says and get tested for ms to see what comes of it. I can say at least your doctor is taking an aggressive approach to what is going on, some doctors lally gag about doing what needs to be done.
751951 tn?1406632863 When she was testing me the other day, she specifically asked me about my vitamin D level. She said so many things I am having could be caused by low vitamin D. I need to call my neuro, I assumed he's checked, because he has checked everything. Just needed not to think about everything for a few days. I also passed the VEP testing. Even though my optic nerves were swollen and I failed the color test at my eye doctors.
Avatar f tn Your labs show you have vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D deficiency can cause many symptoms and some of those symptoms are actually due to calcium deficiency since you need vitamin D to absorb calcium. Calcium deficiency symptoms do include pins and needles, muscle cramps, headaches. Optimal vitamin D levels: 40 - 60 ng/mL (100 - 150 nmol/L). Causes of low MCV and MCH include: Copper deficiency Low stomach acid (hypochlorhydria).
199177 tn?1490498534 It may be due to a diet, which is very low in this vitamin, along with inadequate exposure to sunlight. Another reason for low vitamin D levels is the body's inability to absorb this vitamin, owing to some medical conditions, diseases and disorders. Conditions like liver and kidney disorders can prevent the conversion of vitamin D to its active metabolites. Some hereditary disorders can also hinder this conversion process.
Avatar m tn Ok so a month and half ago I had problems with numbness and tingling in my etremities which resolved after a couple weeks, my GP though I had stress so he gave me some stress tabs from himself(idk the name), everything went by cool untill a few days later, I started noticing 2 floaters in my vision, I thought they are normal so went out that night and realized I have starbursts and halo in my vision, along with glare.
867582 tn?1311627397 ve never experienced numbness with vitamin D. Perhaps you should try not tanning and not taking Vitamin D for a few days, and see if you still have numbness?
Avatar m tn It is highly likely that you have a Vitamin D deficiency. Check with a doctor. It is unlikely that your poor vision is associated with the hair loss. Now, if you are having REALLY BAD headaches, or SUDDEN headaches (not just scalp pain) that coincide with fuzzy vision, then you really need to look into the possibility of high blood pressure, possible strokes or aneurysms, or a tumor. If you just have bad vision requiring glasses, then you are probably fine.
5143317 tn?1383747820 I had my vitamin d tested about 2 months ago and my level was 36ng/l with a range of 30-100. I've been having crazy hypothyroid like symptoms for months. Weight gain, inability to lose weight, depression, mood swings, inability to control my emotions, low sex drive, dry skin, not sleeping good, etc. Could the low end vitamin D be causing the symptoms? I've had cortisol, various hormones and all thyroid tests, everything is normal.
Avatar f tn My vet said that my male dog which has not been neutered should take Vitamin D to keep him from having seizures. Is this dangerous?
Avatar m tn my doctor nurse called me today and said i have low vitamin d and that i need to take 2000 units cause it helps my baby bones and etc. i was wonder will this mess up my baby girl legs . will they be formed right .
9924471 tn?1419954420 Did the doctor say to give the baby the Vitamin D? If you're breastfeeding, you can take it and it should give your baby what he needs through your milk.
Avatar f tn Hey everyone, so the last time I went to the Dr she told me my vitamin d levels were inordinarily low - like 19.2 or something. Well she prescribed me 50,000 units of vitamin d once a week. Had anyone experienced any side effects from taking such a high dose of a vitamin? Especially constipation (on top of reg.
Avatar m tn Hi. I'm dealing with low vitamin D myself after recently discovering it is low. I've been supplementing for quite a while before learning that I'm low. Going to pick up portabello & shiitake mushrooms until my visit with GP. If I learn anything of value I'll share it here. It is said not to shower for 24 hours after sun exposure for full absorption of Vit D.
Avatar f tn So I was told to take 1000 iu. of vitamin D. So I'm taken these vitamin that is called hair skin n nails. It has 1000iu vitamin d n it is it OK to take it twice like it says or?
Avatar n tn Hello. I was diagnosed as being severely deficient in Vitamin D. My level was 9 (35 - 100). I have been taking D3, 5000 iu's for 6 weeks. My level is now 55, which is very good. My questions is: Do you know how much I would now take to maintain these levels? Obviously, the 5000 iu would be too much to continue taking. I also take a multivitamin which has 400 iu of vitamin D. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I take a vitamin d supplement as well!'s a no name brand, as long as you're taking one you'll be fine!
Avatar n tn I was wondering if any of you had had the opportunity to have your blood levels of vitamin d tested, and if so how many of you were deficient? I ask because I sort of took myself off the cellcept I was on and only continued with 5 mg of prednisone for almost a year. Of course I progressively felt worse until I went back to my primary and asked for a refferal to a different GI doc.
Avatar f tn I agree with the above doc had me on 4,000IU when mine went low,,,I am on chemo right now and I am afraid the D might interfere with the meds so I bought a tanning bed for my home and this way I just have to sit under the light every other day and get 20,000IU real quick.