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Avatar n tn is 1200 iu of vitamin D to mauch during the first trimester? I have read anywhere from 400iu to 4000iu.
Avatar m tn I agree with armywife92 about the Vitamin D. Reading between the lines, i thought about Low Vitamin D often being associated with being hypothyroid, and since you were tested for TSH and FT4, I wondered if perhaps you had symptoms that resulted in these tests, especially for thyroid. I imagine that with your TSH being within the old reference range listed, and your Free T4 being in range, that the doctor decided you were "normal" as far as thyroid issues.
171867 tn?1271044148 I have low Vitamin D too and am on a supplement. My doc just told me that I should be over 50 ng/dl right now and I am at 43.4 ng/ml (4.8-52.8). Your range is different from mine though. I am now taking 5000 units a day. I do not have any symptoms from being low though. You said Free T3 is low? Maybe that could be the problem. Are you taking supplement for Vit D too?
Avatar m tn my doctor nurse called me today and said i have low vitamin d and that i need to take 2000 units cause it helps my baby bones and etc. i was wonder will this mess up my baby girl legs . will they be formed right .
382218 tn?1341181487 1. The data surrounding Vitamin D has a long history but it received recent press when the blood from soldiers entering the military were looked back at later and it was found that those with a low Vitamin D level were more likely to go on to be diagnosed with MS int he future. This suggests a possible association, not necessarily a cause and effect. Low Vitamin D levels are associated with many diagnoses, including Parkinson disease. 2.
Avatar f tn I have all the textbook symptoms of hypothyroid, but when tested, my levels were not low. However,I am severely vitamin D deficient. A complete metabolic panel was done along with checking they thyroid and checking for anemia. I am sceptical that a vitamin D deficiency can cause the hair loss, weight gain, extreme fatigue and mood swings I am having. Can it?
1548028 tn?1324612446 My Vitamin D level was checked during my DX process last September. My total # was 25 ng/mL. The reference range is 30-100 ng/mL. My D3 # was 25 and my D2 # was <4. I now take 5000 IU/day.
Avatar f tn OK, now I'm really confused. I've been taking Calcium with 800 ius vitamin D daily. I decided to up my intake of D in preparation for upcoming treatment. So I started adding another 1000 iu's. Of course, lazy me, I did this without checking my levels but I figured if everyone is so low I must be as well. Today I hear that we are taking too much vitamin D and it is not healthy. They also are thinking of lowering the bottom of the normal range from 30 to 20. What is everyone doing?
5143317 tn?1383747820 I had my vitamin d tested about 2 months ago and my level was 36ng/l with a range of 30-100. I've been having crazy hypothyroid like symptoms for months. Weight gain, inability to lose weight, depression, mood swings, inability to control my emotions, low sex drive, dry skin, not sleeping good, etc. Could the low end vitamin D be causing the symptoms? I've had cortisol, various hormones and all thyroid tests, everything is normal.
Avatar f tn 4 months back I was diagnosed with vitamin d deficiency with a level of 4ng/ml; extremely low. I had range of symptoms e.g extreme tiredness, severe anxiety, insomnia, sleep paralysis, explosive head syndrome, tingling and numbness etc. My first thought was I might have MS. And whichever disease I would look on internet I had majority of associated symptoms. This was due to severe anxiety caused by low vitamin d.
Avatar f tn Hi Dr. Smita, Thank you for your response! Actually, I had all my blood test checked (calcium, magnesium, TSH,...etc) Everything came out normal except vitamin d is low. Could it be vitamin d deficiency and calcium still can be normal? I don't understand. My doctor prescribed me 50,000 IU vit. d once a week x 12 weeks and I'm taking Gapapentin 300mg at night from my neurologist for sleep. What he told me my twitching is benign and don't worry about it!
Avatar f tn From my research, and the ailments, it appears my problem has been a continual low or none Vitamin D all along. Tests come back with no Vitamin D or very little. I ran out in the sun, with no sunscreen and now I garden, so Vitamin D should not be an issue, but it is. When I don't have enough Vitamin D, I get mouth sores (not herpes). I take Vitamin D, for two days they are gone, and then come back, until I take my next round of D once a week.
Avatar n tn My level was 23 which was within normal range but was still treated with Vitamin D regiment for 12 weeks. Rheumatologist wanted it around 35-38. As far as your achiness throughout the body - ask your doctor to check for adrenal insufficiency. I thought my body pain was low Vit D but it continued after treatment. Bones, muscles, joints, ligaments all hurt. I don't have a thyroid but my levels were within normal range. Nothing I took got rid of this type of pain.
Avatar f tn m making this assumption is because on a research protocol that I was recently on, many of the patients had a low vitamin D and a higher (but usually within normal range) vitamin D 1,25 hydroxy. Dr. Trevor Marshall has done research on this. If you are interested, you can google, "vitamin D dysregulation". It has to do with the way vitamin D is converted and intracellular bacteria.
865758 tn?1285952904 There are two types of units: Conventional Units (United States customary units) and SI Units (or Système Internationale - most scientists and most countries use SI units). Vitamin D conventional units is ng/mL and SI units is nmol/L. From my observation, the majority of people on Medhelp are from the US so vitamin D results are usually mentioned as ng/mL. The Vitamin D Council article: "I tested my vitamin D level. What do my results mean?
Avatar n tn very low Vitamin D status correlated with increased risk of sudden cardiac death and heart failure
Avatar n tn My vitamin D was previously low at 19 with elevated PTH 73. Endo had me take Vit D and both levels improved: PTH decreased to 70 with Vit D 45. Since then Endo has been testing just Vit D about every 6 wks: had me reduce Vit D to 1K IU, levels dropped to 32, then increase to 2K IU levels incr. to 45. Now he's telling me to reduce back to 1K IU and retest in 6 wks. What is the intent of this Vit.
Avatar f tn I saw a response to a question on here, that I need more info on. Do Vitamin D, B-12 & Iron play a big part in Hashi/hypo health? The last time my vitamin D was tested was 9/2014, and the results were: 15.9 (30.
Avatar n tn Dec /11/2013 calcium 9.9 range (8.6-10.3) calcium-ionized 1.33 range (1.10-1.35). VITAMIN D 25-OH TOTAL 22 range (20-100) . note says levels between 20 ng/ml and 30 ng/ml suggest insufficiency. She is aware of that but as I said I can take 200 mg daily because it affects the calcium level. I know at one time the calcium was at 10. I am wondering if beside having the problem with the thyroid dose if this could be causing some of my problems.
Avatar m tn Authored by a team of researchers at the California-based non-profit Autoimmunity Research Foundation, the paper goes on to point out that molecular biologists have long known that the form of vitamin D derived from food and supplements, 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25-D), is a secosteroid rather than a vitamin. Like corticosteroid medications, vitamin D may provide short-term relief by lowering inflammation but may exacerbate disease symptoms over the long-term.