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Avatar m tn That was 10 days ago and the results were clear,i no longer have the cold but i sometime have a slight pain in my throat and every moring when i wake up i have blood in my saliva.Somtimes i can taste blood during the day at the back of my throat.
Avatar f tn i woke up in the morning with the right side of my throat in pain, also the area below my right ear, and the right side of my neck... What could have caused it?
Avatar m tn why does it hurt when i breath deep in the morning.? i sometimes have to wait at least a half hour before i can have a cigarette with out my throat closing up. what could be causing this? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/592242'>throat closing up</a>.
Avatar m tn 00am every morning. It begins in my throat, moves to my chest on the left side and then down my arm. If I massage my shoulder/arm it seems to subside. The pains only last about 15 - 20 seconds, but keep going sometimes for hours. Once I wake and get out of bed, it usually doesn't happen again, although sometimes it does, but not frequently. On a scale of 1-10 the "pain" is about a 7.
1279758 tn?1282813393 i dont have any pain in my throat but the irritation and discomfort is in mu throat is very disgusting. i would like to get treated for it but doctor just ignores it saying it is just pharyngitis. to add further i have been chewing tobacco for 20 years now. other realted problem i get are sometimes stomach pain and flatulence. I would be very happy if any experts would shed some light on it and provide me some solution.
Avatar f tn For the past 1 week i feel like something has struck in my throat.In the morning i don't feel like.But after my breakfast I started getting this irritation.and for the past 2 days i have indigestion problem.I don't have pain or discomfort in swallowing.Im comfortable while eating but as soon as I take food I started getting this irritation.I want to get rid of this problem.Is it very dangerous or any infection?Kindly give me solution for thid problem.
Avatar n tn I have severe breathing problem and ear blockage in morning time. i have cold, ear pain and throat pain as well. i cant breath properly.
Avatar m tn You said you coughed up a little bit of blood in the morning about two days ago. You also said this has happened before. Perhaps its time to make a doctor's appointment to discuss this. Myself, I would want to know where the blood is coming from and why. Good luck to you.
Avatar f tn I am 19 year old male and suffer from anxiety since last month I felt littlw strange in throat like while moving my neck sometimes it feels like throat is resisting smooth movement and have a bad throat since last month scratchy and coughy throat with mucous coming out but one thing that bothers ne Is little blood in phelgm in morning I went to ent he said its probably an infection or alleegy I never smoke or drink I am just 19 I also have pain in neck of which I dont know the reason I think may
Avatar m tn I wake up and try to swallow and I usually start gagging because part of what I am swallowing is staying I feel in my throat. I run to the restroom and gag and usually get some kind of phlem to come out which usually makes me feel alot better. This gagging usually doesn't occur any more throughout the day. My father is suffering from something that makes everything he swallows go to his lungs. I am afraid this will be me eventually. He has to be fed through a tube.
Avatar n tn For about a month now, within the hour or so of waking up in the morning, I could cough out yellow phlegm. I would try to take a deep breath then exhale to check if I could feel any phlegm, then cough it out. I don't have a cough and the rest of the day I'm fine. It's just within that hour or so of waking up. I'm going to see a doctor sometime next week to consult, but I want to know right now what it could be. Please help. Thank you.
Avatar n tn After taking two medicines for 2 weeks, I feel better. Now my symptom shows up mainly in the morning after I get up. I feel a bit swollen in throat. That's all I feel. It usually subsides in 1-2 hours time. Could someone explain to me why I have such feeling? Could this GERD be cured anyway? Thank you very much.
Avatar f tn my bowel movements vary from day to day one day the stool is soft the next its hard but im guessing thats normal(depends on what you eat). i wasent concered until this morning i felt really naseaus in the morning but i couldnt throw up( i didnt stick my fingers down my throat cause i refuse to). i was just wondering if whether or not i should get a colonoscopy and whether this sick feeling im getting is from it.
1423878 tn?1282883632 I also am getting a stuffy nose and extreme congestion in my throat causeing me to have to clear my throat all the time. I feel spaced out and run down alot. I wanted to know if anyone else had similar symptoms as me? Another thing that has been happening is that when I wake up in the morning it seems to be worse. I wake up short of breath and get heart palps. I am so scared of doing anything strenious because I am afraid if I do my heart is going to stop and I am going to drop dead.
Avatar m tn We are now done with the second treatment. We waited an extra 24 hours after just to be sure the treatment was over and we had sex. She now has some pain when I enter, this is something that hasn't happened before.. she was wet so there shouldn't be any pain... We had sex before we went to bed and in the morning. After having sex in the morning i could feel that my lymph nodes in the groin are a bit swollen, and tender, especially on the left side.. This is so frustrating.. Any ideas??
Avatar f tn Does anyone else notice that their throat feels like it's on fire in the morning? I have this sensation all the way down in to my stomach, and sometimes I've thrown up a little. Any suggestions as to what could help ease this a little? My mom said to try water or anti-acid medicine. (My little sister has GERD, as well, and uses Malox.) Thanks so much!
Avatar n tn Hi there. I have posted a few notes about my GERD previously. 2 weeks ago I went to do an Upper GI gastroscope. The image showed that I don't have cancer and ulcer in the esophagus and stomach but I do have inflammation in both places. The bacteria test was negative. I was prescribed with 1 month of cisapride and famotidine. After taking two medicines for 2 weeks, I feel better. Now my symptom shows up mainly in the morning after I get up. I feel a bit swollen in throat.
Avatar m tn My husband was playing Flag Football this morning and got punch in the chest, and now is having chest pains, its hard to breathe, hisears throat and jaw hurts and its hard to swallow
Avatar n tn hives; itching; difficulty breathing; tightness in the chest; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue); chest pain; disorientation; fever with aching and sore throat; hallucinations; memory loss; persistent or severe vision changes; red, swollen, blistered, or peeling skin; severe dizziness; shortness of breath; sudden unusual weight gain; swelling of the hands, ankles, or feet; unusual bruising; unusually slow heartbeat; very cold or blue fingers or toes are serious side effects.
Avatar m tn When I wake up for school and I brush my teeth and scrub my tongue (not too far back at all), I vomit for some reason. Then I still feel sick in my throat so would end up retching and vomiting a few more times until its all out. Then I suffer from a very sore throat for a few hours due to the acid. This has happened around 5 times in the last 2 weeks and every time it happens I get really worried as to why, and more importantly how to stop it because its really unpleasant.
Avatar n tn I have noticed for the past three weeks now when I wake in the morning I seem to have a very sticky throat and roof of my mouth. I find I have to clear my throat and expel a very sticky type of phlegm which is a sort of yellow to brown colour. This is only first thing in the morning and it doesn't sem to matter how much water I drink during the evening. Any ideas what is causing this please???
Avatar f tn For some time now after I've had my first hot drink in the morning, I am clearing my throat and bringing up some greenish phlegm for a while. Don't feel ill and don't have chest infection or cold or flu - just this horrible phlegm in the morning. Any ideas what this could be? - it feels like it's coming from my throat rather than my chest.
715291 tn?1229803681 very little. But in the morning when i get up from the bed, flum is coming with small amount of blood mixed. it is too small. This was happened last 2 days in the morning. Please let me know what was the problem? I am an Indian staying at Poughkeepsie, Newyork. Please help me.
Avatar f tn I have excess mucus in my throat in the morning and sometimes I cannot even talk.