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14726666 tn?1448779692 It did not get better and I was in constant pain in my sinus and lower jaw. The doctor could not see anything wrong with the tooth and referred me to doc for sinus infection. The ent sent me back to the dentist. Finally my dentist recommended pulling the tooth. That was done in May. I am still in constant pain with no relief and the pain now seems to be more on the lower jaw and at the back of my throat. I have a constant sore throat only on the left side.
Avatar n tn Two weeks ago I developed a pain upon swallowing and sometimes my tongue is sore. (both on the same side as the affected tooth) I went back to the dentist and there is no infection at the procedure site. My dentist is waiting to see if the tiny bit of inflammation she sees on X-ray at the root settles down. The tooth itself does not hurt. Could my swallowing/tongue pain be a result of something going on in the nerve of this tooth?
Avatar m tn Also around the same time of my tooth my throat has been mild sore only on one side, the side of the tooth pain. It comes and goes on both the throat and tooth pain. I think the soreness in my throat is coming from my right tonsil which is slightly larger than the left. My question is can my tooth pain cause my tonsil to be sore at all which causes a sore throat.
Avatar m tn Also around the same time of my tooth my throat has been mild sore only on one side, the side of the tooth pain. It comes and goes on both the throat and tooth pain. I think the soreness in my throat is coming from my right tonsil which is slightly larger than the left. My question is can my tooth pain cause my tonsil to be sore at all which causes a sore throat. Also i have never got my wisdom teeth removed and im 26 but i dont know if that could be a problem.
Avatar n tn Had sever pain in my ear, put on antibiotics. Ear infection went away. Pain in mouth continued. Dentist extracted a tooth. Felt a popping in ear canal and felt better for 2 days. Than gum pain continued with ear pain and radiates down left side of throat. Had 2 more teeth extracted. Better for a few days and than pain continues like it is just going from tooth to tooth. Can't take much more of this! Any ideas. My dentist using the xrays has extracted the teeth that she said are sick.
4628837 tn?1364557915 sometimes after having teeth put you can still get pain from the tooth my dentist called it a ghost tooth. hope you found the answer.
Avatar f tn Hi there, Though I can confirm the cause only after an evaluation but it is possible that infected tooth can lead to sore throat. Whenever there is a cavity or tooth decay the food gets lodged in the tooth. The bacteria feed on the rotted foodstuff and eventually enter the Eustachian tube through the infected tooth. The Eustachian tube connects the throat, teeth; ears, eyes and head, infection that enters via the tooth can migrate or settle at one or more of these points causing pain.
Avatar f tn s still swollen back there, and the other morning, I woke up with a really bad sore throat, out of no where, it felt like strep, however, my throat isn't pussing, and my toncils aren't really swollen, Now this morning Day 8 My nose is stuffy, but really thick bright green mucus? Could I have had an infection in the tooth, and it has settled in my sinuses?
Avatar m tn ) Last week I developed a severe sharp pain in my throat making it nearly impossible to swallow. Dull pain around ear and eustachian tube seems blocked. Sharp throat pain has not subsided in five days (unable to eat, losing sleep). Would antibiotics help or will it clear up on its own?
Avatar f tn It makes the whole right side of my throat sore for days. It comes and goes and there was not a bump there when I saw him so he didn't actually get to see the bump. The only time I have ever experienced anything similar to this was when I would get strep throat as a child. I used to get it once a year, sometimes twice. I have not had strep since grade school. But the location and type of sores is almost the same.
Avatar n tn i have pain in my throat after i got half i tooth removed and puss drainned out mof my gum what shoul i do?
Avatar m tn Lately I have been getting throat irritation, ear pressure/pain, fatigue. and some headaches. I have also been having anxiety attacks. I am curious if this could be related to the infection in my mouth. I have an appointment to get the tooth removed on june 07 but I would like to know if I might need to see a medical doctor also about my symptoms.
Avatar n tn Hi There, I had a tooth removed on the right side of my face a few days ago, since then I have had a sore throat and ear and runny nose on the same side. im just wondering could this all be connected? since then i have been back to the dentist who said my mouth is infected and has perscribed Metronidazole. Im just wondering if the mouth infection could have caused these symptoms or even if the tooth itself being pulled could have done. Thanks for your Help.
Avatar f tn But i wanted to know if that could be causing my soar throat to keep coming back, I had a soar throat on the same side as the tooth thats realy been hurting me a few days ago and it went away and now its back, could the infection from your tooth move in to your throat? And if so what can i do? I got antibiotics for it about a month ago so i thought that would have gotte rid of the infection, could it have came back?
Avatar n tn Seeing a dentist to take care of the cavitity is advised.If throat pain persists and no ent pathology identified, seeing an orofacial pain specialist is advised.
Avatar m tn Hi, when the tooth is erupting it can cause swelling of the gums and pain. In addition if there is root canal infection it can cause pain in the right ear and scalp pain. If you have throat infection it can also cause the ear pain. There are tubes called ‘Eustachian tubes’ which connect the middle ear to the throat, this balances the air pressure in the ears. This tube can get blocked due to infections of the throat, which can give lead to a feeling of fullness in the ears.
Avatar n tn Local causes like tooth infections, tooth abscess or periodontal disease. Some medications like dilantin and calcium channel blockers like nifedipine can cause swollen and painful gums. They are more common in smokers, in people with poor dental hygiene, with vitamin deficiencies and are known to be associated with stress. You will need to consult your dentist who will examine you and determine the cause so that appropriate therapy can be initiated. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn t go in to have the tooth repairs fast enough, on Jan 1,2011 I started to have tooth pain, turned into major pain, had to wait 3 days to see a dentist , after x ray , infection was confirmed. She put me on 500mg amoxicillin x3 for 10 days... just finishing a full 3 days and the pain is gone , had a bit of swelling in lower cheek , it too seems to be clearing up. yesterday I felt like I had a lump in my throat whenever I swallowed, and abit of a sore throat...
Avatar m tn July 31, i had oral surgery i had broken teeth leaving barely no tooth its been 9 days i still have a ear ache ,sore throat and my right gland hurts i have been taking pain meds like candy one day this week ii cried all day !i went to get my new denture for the top the dentist said everything look good ......
Avatar m tn Then, I started having this EXCRUTIATING pain in my jaw, in my right maxillary sinus, and down the right front side of throat. The pain would get very bad for 15 minutes, die out for 15 minutes, come back, die out, come back, die out..etc. Each time I would have this pain, I would fight it away with Amoxicillin and lots of mouthwash, and it would go away usually for weeks and then it would just come back again like before. A couple things I noticed...
Avatar m tn I have very little mucus but I do get a little crusting in my nose and can blow a little out sometimes. I get irritation in the throat and hawk up very little stuff it usually looks like spit but is sometimes thick and clear. I have no found the source of this yet. The amount of mucus I have should not cause this there is too little. Even when I use guaif expectorant I get very little or nothing out so I think the throat is due to something else.