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Avatar m tn Stress has a way of initially motivating and encouraging anxiety and depression. More stress makes it worse and eventually it will cause physical problems. Sorry, for the discouraging news. Just the way it seems to me now.
Avatar f tn Can a stress test CAUSE plaque to break off and bring on an MI and/or subsequent death? Isn't stress testing just a diagnostic tool to find out if you are having any cardiac problems? A stress test would not make plaque erupt causing an MI?
Avatar f tn I recently had a stress test and the results were abnormal. The doctor said my heart shows it isn't closing. So he wanted to do a heart cath. I just returned from this procedure and he said everything looks fine. In the past I have had two or three different doctors tell me I had a mitral vavle prolaspe. Could this be what the stress test showed and if so why did it not show up on the heart cath?
Avatar f tn Thank you, I am seeing my doctor in a week, I do have some Valium and they help so much, however getting more than one refill is almost impossible from my doctor,,I am going to ask to have the test repeated, I have lots of aching pain in my left thigh and back, but have a bad back, and tear in my glut muscle, if stress can cause this dimmer test to go up, well, I have been under a ton of stress,,thank you again.
Avatar m tn the dubotomine stress test prior to the stenting said it showed positive for ischemia affecting heart wall in three places. EF was 70.19%. What was notable about this test was that I am perfectly normal at low and medium dose of the dubotamine. Maybe I should lust live like that - low and medium pulse? All the grim looking stats came at high dose with pulse at 120. That's high for an 81-year-old? It would take me a fair sprint along the road to get it up to that level.
Avatar m tn Thank you Vance2335, thanks a lot for you reply,my question is that if his percum touchs my tool tip is there any risk and we both got tested with tridot test at 3 months mark which is negative,so is it concluded that we are free from it
Avatar n tn st month,and now have been spotting for the past four days,had sexual intercourse around easter.just recently took a home pregnancy test but it came out negative,don't know what else to do,been under a lot of stress lately,could this mean I hvnt missed my period,or my period Is irregular because of stress?
Avatar n tn I have taken many test from EKG,ECG to CT's. All of my test have comeout normal numerous times. Do I have to worry anymore. My family history has only one heart attack. In which case it was a granparent at 56. I mean should I have anything to look for anymore? I am 6ft 190lbs and feel like Im falling apart. I have been to the ER numerous times but all test are negative. Pain in the left arm, neck, as well as chest discomfort. Everytime Im there its always doagnosed as anxiety.
Avatar m tn Hi, My husband has had 4 Heart attacks due to blocked arterys and been admitted to hospital a couple of nights ago with severe chest pains a stress test was done and the test stopped due to VT ( 6 Beats) Can you explain this please.
Avatar n tn Because your chest pain can be related to ischemia (lack of blood flow) of the coronary arteries, a stress test with an echocardiogram may be relaible for an exact diagnosis. The stress test involves perfusion (dye agent injected into the blood stream) of your vessels during exercise and at rest. If there is ischemia of the larger vessels, the test will show the exact area of blockage.
Avatar f tn It was " suggested " that I have a stress test. It's not mandatory so I'm wondering if I should have one done at all. Has anyone had a stress test? If so what did the results reveal?
Avatar f tn I have an apt today to do a stress test since am over due. I want to go in there informed, does anyone know what it is or whats going to happen?
Avatar f tn In a low risk pregnancy a non stress test or stress test would only be warranted if their was a concern. However diabetics (both gestational and non) have a higher rate of stillborn babies (still rare, but better to be safe) so its common practice to keep a closer eye as the pregnancy nears the end.
8818986 tn?1406114699 So I have to go now every week for a stress test that they are going to be doing on my baby because I have extra fluid. Does anybody know how they do it?
Avatar n tn Has anyone had to a stress test type of thing?
Avatar f tn I am supposed to have a stress test for my baby in a couple days . I am worried its going to hurt. Has anyone has this done??
Avatar f tn ughhhh im so ready to have my baby girl :) has anyone had to take the stress test to make sure baby was ok before they went into labor or got induced... I go on monday to get test done to make sure my baby is ok... just wanted to know what they do, and how long it takes.......
Avatar f tn Anyone know?
Avatar f tn Has anyone taken a stress test ? My doctor got me so worried. I told him today at my appt that my baby doesn't move as much as he use to everyone else told me it's bcuz he's losing space. So I wasn't too concerned and now my doc wants to make sure everything is okay so tomorrow I'm going in for a stress test . Has anyone done this? I'm pretty worried now :( I just want everything to be okay.
Avatar f tn So I am 37 yrs old and had to do stress test on my last appt which I was 37 weeks and failed and was hooked up to machine for almost an hour so sent me to have ultrasound and baby seemed fine but I feel as if she isnt moving as much and I know towards the end they run out of room but im nervous any ideas this is my 3rd child
Avatar f tn I have a stress test tomorrow. Has anyone had one before?? What should I expect??
Avatar f tn There is a non stress test AND a stress test.... There are different reasons for both. During a non stress test they hook you up to a monitor and just keep an eye on baby's movements and heart rate... During a stress test they hook you up to a monitor but they induce contractions to see how baby reacts.