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Avatar m tn There are a few different protocols and either way works fine! We always have to get a resting scan with cardiolite and then do a stress test and repeat scan with cardiolite so that we can compare resting images to stress images. Our institution does it the way you had yours with rest portion first. It just depends on the institution, which protocol they use. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I do not understand the results of my cardiolite stress test & my doctor is out of town for 2 weeks can you help? 1- Borderline electrocardiographic changes suspicious of myocardial ischemia but not diagnostic.
Avatar f tn ) Stress spect cardiolite images decreased cardiolite uptake in anterior and inferior walls. Spect cardiolite scan was positive for moderate amount of ischemia of anterior and inferior walls. Comments: 1. Anterior defect/possible soft tissue/breast attenuation artifact, 2. Inferior defect/possible soft tissue/breast attenuation artifact, 3. Consider PET viability/ischemia.
Avatar n tn Yes a cardiolite test is a nuclear test. Cardiolite is a brand name of a radioactive technetium compound that's used as a tracer. Anne400, one possible followup is a stress echocardiogram, especially if there is any doubt about whether the positive result was false. But false positive nuclear stress tests are apparently very common, especially in women because breast tissue can absorb the tracer signal making it look as if part of the heart muscle isn't perfusing properly.
Avatar n tn Should I have a cardiolite Stress Test before I have an angiopathy Thoracic CT when I know that 3 years ago the anuerysm was 4.2 cm.?
Avatar m tn Maybe I should have not asked for the Stress Test and listened to my Doctor. He suggested we either redo the test or refer to a Cardiologist at teaching hospital As soon as I eft the office I went for a a nice 40 minute run no chest pain or shortnes of breath was noted. Should I increase my dosage of baby aspirin? do you think they will recommend another cardiolite test or angiogram? I think I might have to wait a while for the appoinment. What's your impression or guess?
512736 tn?1211343352 d CAD is greatly increased by performing a nuclear perfusion study in conjunction with the stress test. A radioactive substance called thallium (or a similar substance called sestamibi or Cardiolite) is injected into a vein during exercise. The thallium collects in the parts of the heart that have good blood flow. Pictures of the heart are taken with a special camera that can image the radioactivity of the thallium.
Avatar n tn I have unoperable CAD. I had a MI 2 years ago, Now my doctor wants me to have a walking cardiolite stress test. Why? I already know my LADs are blocked, and I am not a candidate for CABBG. I'm scared to have the test. Im male, 58, and a 32 year insulin dependant diabetic.
Avatar f tn I had a treadmill stress test 2 weeks ago. Dr. Says it showed probable ischemia. I lasted about 6 min, hit my target heart rate, but had fairly intense pain in my jaw/neck (7+) and very labored breathing. She now is sending me for cardiolite stress test, which my ins initially didn't want to cover. Is this because it isn't necessary or because they feel I should be getting a different test?
Avatar n tn I had an echo and a stress test done and the results were...Mild cardiomopathy with anteroseptal hypokinesis (ejection fraction 45%) Dr sent me to a cardioligest where they did Gated SPECT cardiolite myocardial scan and exercise cardiolite myocardial scan. results were mild intensity perfusion defect in the anterior wall without any evidence of reperfusion on the delayed images.. Gated SPECT analysis reveals an ejection fraction of 62%..what does all of this mean...
Avatar n tn The day I wore the Holter, my heart was relatively quiet. Same with the stress test. I just finished up with the 30 event monitor. Yes, I did record some chest pain episodes. Now I wait for the results. I believe they can see times of ischemia on the recording. Perhaps there are blockages or vasospasms causing the pain that are unrelated to your arrhythmias. Be patient and I hope you get answers soon.
Avatar n tn The cardiolite stress test will check your heart muscle to see if it is getting enough oxygen. There is a small amount of radiation from this test. The cath is used to check your arteries for blockage and sometimes to measure pressure in the valves. Ace inhibitors are the best at increasing lifespan. Atenolol does not remain at a constant level. Atenolol levels peak and drop. Do you have stents? The nitros are extremely bad for the liver causing cirrohous.
1076228 tn?1256348980 t get it, the cardilogist told me as I was getting off the treadmill, that it looks fine, and I get a phone call at home the next Day telling me is abnormal, I guess the images after the test, since I had to wait and take some more, but what can abnormal with the heart at rest that doesn't show when I am on the the treadmill, not for long by the way., my optimal heart rate for my age was achieved in about 2 minutes, plus one minute after injection of the cardiolite. Please help. kiki808.
Avatar f tn I have been instructed not to consume caffeine 24 hours prior to my cardiolite stress test, and to fast the morning of the test. I understand that caffeine affects the heart, and so will avoid caffeine even though it means a headache. It is very difficult for me to fast. Although I am healthy, I am used to eating something every 2-3 hours. When I do not, I feel lightheaded and weak and miserable, and cannot imagine getting on a treadmill.
Avatar f tn what does it mean to have results of a stress test show, a dilated left ventricle with no significant reversible uptake at rest and stress?
Avatar m tn Three years ago my resting EKG showed a possible old anterior infarct so I was referred to a Cardiologist who did a cardiolite stress test. He said it showed no significant blockages and no anterior infarct. The last 3 years too, I have been on medication to control diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol and as of last month blood tests showed they are all under control. It even showed my Cardio CRP to be 0.3 mg/L which I understand to be a very good score as far as predicting a cardio event.
Avatar f tn After lexiscan cardiolite test the conclusions were fixed anterior apical MI, cannot rule out age undetermined MI. Findings on perfusion images were fixed anterior apical hypokinesis. I have to decide whether to have more test to see if the left bundle branch block test that was abnormal needs a stent or to see if there is heart disease. I can hike for over 2 hours without pain and the only other problem I have is High blood pressure that has been very difficult to control.
Avatar n tn EKG negative, echocardiogram negative, stress test positive, nuclear cardiolite stress test positive and suggestive of inferior lateral ischemia. Ejection fraction within normal range. Will have heart cath next. DR. doesn't seem to think there is a blockage, but wants to test to be certain. What is the liklihood of blockage? Have hypertension, overweight, sedentary lifestyle, and high cholesterol.
805943 tn?1238093647 m going to see a cardiologist on Tuesday to get the results of the Cardiolite portion of my stress test but want to know should I be a little more worried then the DR. told me to be? I'm not getting any real answers and I'm getting stressed out about this. I'm confused.
Avatar m tn Im a 32 year old male. Diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes a year & a half ago (good glucose control) Im not over weight. Good cholesterol. My heart does skip (PVCs) but so does my Mothers, Fathers, & Brothers. (Been that way since i was a teen) Smoker for 18 years (half a pack to 1 pack a day) Have been watching diet & walking 3-5 times a week since being diagnosed with Diabetes.
Avatar n tn I am a 60 year old male who just had a ECG and have no idea if the report I just received is good or bad. I belong to a HMO so the cardiologist says my primary Dr. must review the results with me, unfortunately she will not be available for 2 weeks. First I would like to say that I am in excellent physical condition (I hope) and have ran 20+ miles/wk for the last 30 years, at a quick pace.
Avatar m tn My cardiac enzymes were good, as i was experiencing no chest pain, and I was released to have an outpatient, thalium cardiolite stress test along with an echo cardiogram. Today my tests came back to my family doctor who stated everything came back normal and there were no signs of blockage or disease. He reviewed my meds and since I was already on tenormin for high blood pressure, he did not want to change any of my medications. That's it?
Avatar n tn I am 31 years old and in good health with the exception of a 5 year battle with palpitations. I have have had a couple of ECGs, a holter and stress cardiolite...all came back normal. After one of my ECGs, my doctor mentioned an IRBBB(incomplete right bundle branch block), but diregarded it as a normal variance.
Avatar f tn 51, went to 171 bpm with no symptoms, 14.8 mets. No ischemic EKG changes, no arrhythmias, bp response normal. Scan showed a small, mild, reversible anterior wall defect that "does not meet criteria for abnormality by quantitative analysis". Motion corrected scan but not attenuation corrected. Cardiologist reading the scan said the defect could be an attenuation artifact but suggested a stress echo as followup.