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662085 tn?1331345560 But a distro called Ubuntu is reducing the difficulty of simple PC users using Linux. I used Linux exclusively for 3 or 4 months at a certain point on my laptop, and it was probably the best months I ever had on my laptop. But then I had to go back to Windows because everyone just wants to support the corporate devil known as Microsoft, and the programs I needed to use didn't have Linux support or the ability to emulate under Linux user the WINE windows capability layer.
Avatar f tn One of the first programs Swampy wrote was a tape device driver for the PDP/8e. He has also written programs for a Pr1me 650 (this machine was a Honeywell mainframe clone), a Cyber 600 series which was a 60 bit machine designed by Seymour Cray, and the first machine he knew really well, a Data General Eclipse C/330. If you read the book "The Soul of a New Machine" you can read about the design of the Eclipse. In terms of favorite, Swampy always likes a well implemented system.
Avatar f tn this is hidden behind search bar in firefox on this particular linux. have not tested on firefox win or mac.
Avatar f tn any dust at all in the cpu heat sink or fan, or anywhere else in the case for that matter will really affect the way the computer deals with heat - when you use it, are the cooling vents and ports clear for air to circulate? make sure of that!
Avatar f tn d be more than happy to help out anyone who would like to take the plunge with Linux. The neat thing is, you can run Linux off of a CD or a flash drive and keep your current computer just the way it is... more on that later if you are interested. Just send me an email or take a gander at the Linux.org site and search for Ubuntu. It's the latest greatest desk top environment for home users. It's simple and uncomplicated and that's not just me saying so from a techy point of view.
1990785 tn?1327039619 Ok so I have barely any headachs and when I do they are very slight but anyway I went to my gp doc.
Avatar m tn What Liz told you. It's the biproduct of anxiety. Anxiety causes chemical imbalance in the brain and the imbalance results in to the mentioned superficial symptoms. Human body is the most complex computer. I am a computer engineer by qualification, I have always told people around me that computers are nothing but a substandard replica of the human body. When there are malware in the CPU, the optimum performance of your computer is hampered.
Avatar f tn I'm naming my son Caiden (: My finance loved the name Grayson but I didn't care for it. I also loved Liam and Ian.
647754 tn?1270036911 But thre are lots of free work processing programs for linux, you could try any of those as well, most have been compiled to run on a microsoft or apple OS. you need to configure your printer properly, then printing from OO is no different than printing from any other program!
221122 tn?1323011265 Sorry to hear about the virus. Those are such a pain! Hope your computer is on the mend soon. Keep us posted.
Avatar m tn It can really impact you. I do think that stress and grief can impact you very much. (sorry it has been hard and for your losses). I commend you for taking the job on of getting healthy. That's great. A general physical with blood work been done lately? And if anxiety does start to be indicated as playing a role (you can have physical symptoms from anxiety), is there help in your country for that?
Avatar f tn For our boy it's Leander, if it had been a girl, she would have been Ofelia.
Avatar f tn My arm starts to feel heavy too and I have to slow down and stop to get my breath and the pain / tightness slowly eases. Because of this I was sent for a stress test while hooked up to an ecg. This was in a warm room and I managed to complete it without any pains. Im confused now as it doesnt happen all the time but it is worse in cold weather. Could this be angina even though my ecg didnt show any problems with my heart? They said there was slight changes but nothing to be concerned about.
Avatar n tn I had a lot of problems with throat infections and ulcers about 12 years ago before I had my tonsils removed. Do you think this is scar tissue that has been there for years and I just noticed it? Do you have any idea what these are? Here are pictures I just took today all at the same time: http://www.angelfire.
12162520 tn?1426012596 Baby boy will be Micah Linux
10996785 tn?1432812977 So sorry to hear about your stroke. I am praying for you.
356054 tn?1218552475 Hey gizz or should I say brother lol. I'm doing ok man,staying busy that's for sure. Penelope I am sorry but my doc was hydrocodone and I quit c/t. Had a relapse but now i'm a few weeks clean. Stay with your taper,it can be done and it will be so rewarding when you complete it.