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Avatar m tn htm Another type of test is an RNA test, which detects the HIV virus directly. The time between HIV infection and RNA detection is 9–11 days. These tests, which are more costly and used less often than antibody tests, are used in some parts of the United States.
Avatar m tn after my possible exposer, i am going to take ELISA or P24 test. how accurate the tests are?
Avatar n tn Since it has been over 3 months, and to also cure your stress and anxiety, go for a HIV test although it ill be negative. That test is to only to give you some peace of mind!!!
Avatar m tn hi sir i am male from panjab, my exposure was vaginal sex with the sex worker and in between condom breaks for 2 to 3 seconds then i changed after that i was in lot of stress i left yhe job for the fear of hiv then i tested proviral dna pcr test after 45 days that was negative for hiv, then 4 tests within 3 months after that after 5 monthhs mark elisa test and immunocomb test for hiv that was negative now docter said you have to test after 1 month, i have white coated toung from 4 months and co
Avatar n tn // http://www.faqfarm.
Avatar n tn Some one kind in this forum answered me that,it was changed to 3 omnths in 2004. But in USA,every state has its own cdc,they have differnet guidelines.And,what is the window period of the national cdc of USA,but not the window period recommended by a certain state's cdc. I am waiting for your help, please.
Avatar m tn My assigend DR. oreded a regular Stress test, he i wnet ti have the test , the DR there said i could have the regular stress because when they ddi a EKG while i wa sshooked up to do stress test it showed my abnormal EKG , the ST elevation,, so he ordered teh Nuclar stress test, for teh today, i beacem ill with a sinus and ear infection, so it was changed to April 13 next oping they had, my regular DR. had no in put in this and i doubt eh even knows about it.
Avatar m tn Hi Teak. I found this website. To quote: "A rapid test is a screening test that produces very quick results, in approximately 20 minutes. Rapid tests use blood from a vein or from a finger stick, or oral fluid, to look for the presence of antibodies to HIV.
Avatar f tn // AND These sites are very encouraging! and dont with you as well!
Avatar n tn And info on other conditions that may look like shingles: https://www.webmd.
Avatar n tn Hello Teak I have browsed the forum's for some time now and just registered now. I had a possible exposure a while ago and tested negative out to 4.5 months which according to you (and the doctors) is conclusive. Unless I do drugs or have something else with the immune system going on. A few questions I have though that would help me get over a bit of anxiety I have.
Avatar f tn It was " suggested " that I have a stress test. It's not mandatory so I'm wondering if I should have one done at all. Has anyone had a stress test? If so what did the results reveal?
Avatar f tn I have an apt today to do a stress test since am over due. I want to go in there informed, does anyone know what it is or whats going to happen?
Avatar f tn In a low risk pregnancy a non stress test or stress test would only be warranted if their was a concern. However diabetics (both gestational and non) have a higher rate of stillborn babies (still rare, but better to be safe) so its common practice to keep a closer eye as the pregnancy nears the end.
8818986 tn?1406114699 So I have to go now every week for a stress test that they are going to be doing on my baby because I have extra fluid. Does anybody know how they do it?