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Avatar f tn My mom went to see a Heart Specialist and he recommended the Adenosine Stress Test. She is not having any chest pains, but this he said would make sure there are no blockages. I would like more information about this procedure and is it dangerous? Another doctor had recommended a stress test that involved putting something in her veins and it would make her heart speed up. This Heart Specialist said no, and that this Adenosine Stress Test is not the same thing.
976897 tn?1379167602 Hi Ed, I haven't heard of other reports, and fwiw, I'm off-site and everything seems fine on my end. I'll ask around. Anyone else?
798555 tn?1292787551 Nadda! Intersting, this is what I get from all sttm links. Try tomorrow. The web can do weird things. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gone The requested resource / is no longer available on this server and there is no forwarding address. Please remove all references to this resource.
Avatar m tn I have no symptoms of heart problems, but I have a family history of heart disease. Is a nuclear stress test advisable or is there another test that would be more appropriate given the fact that I'm asymptomatic. I understand that the radiation exposure in a nuclear stress test is 250 times that of a chest xray. I'm concerned about the risk of exposure to that level of radiation given the fact that I have no signs of heart problems at this point.
Avatar f tn I have listed some of the most common Web Browsers. If yours isn't listed, please select Other and leave a comment below. I'm very sorry if I have missed listing your preferred Internet Browser. :( Question: What Internet Browser do you prefer to use? Why?
7251241 tn?1389564212 I got into a bad relationship that caused me chronic stress and one day I woke up with a form of tightness in my chest and since then it has never gone....doesn't get better, doesn't get worst....its there all the time, because of my serious health anxiety I think I'm about to drop dead everyday....2yrs later, 2 ecg's, 2 x-rays and I'm still alive! Doctors are clueless with me and no matter hoe much they reassure me I wont listen.
Avatar n tn 5 mm kidney stone removed and about that same time I have been experiencing server burning in both my feet and have now traveled up to my knees. The worst time is late afternoon and when I lay down the pain is worse. I just had another kidney stone removed 3 month ago and due to all the pain meds did not notice the burning but now the meds are gone and the burning is returning with a vengeance.
Avatar f tn my husband and i have been trying to conceive for 2 months, im 3 days late but negative preggo test. i felt as though as i was about to start but haven't, sore breast, cramps, etc. whats going on? could i still be preggo, or am i wanting to conceive soooo badly that im making my period not come.... please help should i take another test?
Avatar n tn I'm going to go in and have a cortisol stress test done in the morning. They test my levels and then inject me with something then test it again. Has anyone done this test and does it show accurately for AF? Thanks.
Avatar f tn What color is your spotting and do you have any server cramping? I had brown spotting but no cramps at 10 weeks. Doctor had me on rest until the next appointment, which was thankfully 2 days away. They did an ultrasound and baby was completely healthy and fine. My doctor said some brown spotting is usually old blood. As long as you don't have server cramping and pink or red spotting you should be okay but call your doctor and let them know. Just relax, stress can add to the problem.
Avatar f tn I'm about a week late, today I took a test. It come up with one really dark line and the other is really faint. I've been having server pains in my ovaries (I have ovarian cysts). Does anyone know what the pain is from and is that test a negative?
Avatar n tn i'm currently on week 10 waiting for a 12 week hiv test after a risk involving a broken condom with a CSW. only symptom i'm getting is ongoing mouth ulcers. the thing that is worring me is the gum health clinic say 12 weeks is conclusive. but if you look on the web they say it can take up to 6 months? please help i'm so close to 12 weeks now i'm starting to worry about the out come?
Avatar n tn I had an outbreak believed to be herpes(test to come back tomorrow) I have only had one partner in the last 6 months and this is the first Outbreak I have had, and it is not painful at all. Also, she had a child July 4th, is HSV testing standard with moms to be?
Avatar f tn for 3 years now i have had server kneepain it started in my knees then my ankals a now my hand i cry with pain it that bad i have had blood test xrays mri scan for arthariters and there come back clear am 34 year old i have vitomon d prob my doc says it is prob stress but i know in my heart it is not my bones klick and feel like there grinding togeter when i touch them i cant get up and down the stairs with no help and in the bath i am fed up and just want to know what is wrong with me so i can
Avatar n tn Thanks Sammy, I just now got out of the hospital because of this.....they ran every test you could think of. Blood test, std tests, urine, cat scan, EVERYTHING......and it was all normal. I can't believe my anxiety has created all these symptoms and make me feel like I have something seriously wrong. I feel better already having a bit more peace of mind but still feel I'm still a bit out of control.
Avatar n tn Perhaps his meds need changing, I dont know enough about tourettes but maybe they are not working anymore with the additional stress of the new school. Good Luck and I hope things work out for you and your son.
172023 tn?1334672284 It' is slow today... I don't think it's the ads. I think it's because they have more features, more pages to open and more to click on (creating photo albums, setting themes, etc)... Also I notice that ever so often parts seem to time out and mess up the layout on Opera. It doesn't happen all the time, but does seem to happen if I have many pages up and the browser under "stress" with a lot of cached items.
Avatar m tn Hi I am having all kinds of stress over and even back in Feb. I posted that 3-4 weeks after my oral sex event [performing on a guy] I developed some tender neck glands and some lesions on my calf. I panicked and got tested for HIV,HSV1&2 and HHV8 all Neg. The reason I am still here is about 7 weeks after my exposure with these guys is my wife came down with flu like symptoms that lasted a day and a half. She had a server back pain, nausea diarrhea,and dry heaves. Her temp was elevated 100.
Avatar f tn I am have spouse abuse and during the stress I feel the Atrial Fibrillation more is this normal thank you Elizabeth
Avatar f tn Based on surfin the web. Stress can cause white hairy tongue. so i believe that thing to reduce my HIV anxiety. and also hiv cases in japan is relatively low that the chance is non existent. but it doesnt mean i dont need to test. my doctor tested me on gonorrhea and chlamydia and it came negative.
Avatar n tn Today I went to a blood test,leaving the lab I grab the door handle and then I came homeI'm just going to be 5 seconds,by dust in my eyes rub my hands into my eyes,I rubbed his eyes sharply,and I see a little blood on my hands stick to rubbing If doorknobs with blood infected with hiv,Is it a risk? In the hospital quite crowded at that time.
Avatar m tn // My questions are: 1: Are these spots harmful, are they STDs? If they are STDs and how it is possible that they are passed to me even I used a condom. Or they are just the pearly penile? 2: If they are pearly penile, are they caused by the dirty environment in the red light district? 2: Will I pass them to my wife during sex?