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Avatar f tn There doesn't appear to be any heart condition that would cause shortness of breath. If there is heart related shortness of breath almost always there would be an enlargement of the left ventricle. Symptoms do indicate you have a condition referred to medically as hypoxia (low oxygen level within tissues) that has many causes such as anemia, respiratory issues, etc, and that could/would cause shortness of breath.
907729 tn?1244177963 I have been having chest pains and shortness of breath and the feeling that I am full. I am on many meds. I had another stress test and I am just not real sure of what the results all mean. Tried talking to my doctor, but he didn't explain it real well. he just said he wants to do another catherization. I was wondering if you can explain my results for the nuclear Spect Imaging Study? Findings: 1. Left ventricle appears at least borderline enlarged.
Avatar m tn i began having tightness and sometimes consistant pain in my chest, also i will wake up and feel like i cant breath, i will feel like im gasping for extended periods of time..i went to cardiologist and they did an chest xray, ekg and a nuclear stress test, and echo..stress test came back with an abnormality. they scheduled an angiogram.. today i went and had angiogram done and everything is perfect. arteries are clear, no previous damage shown.
Avatar n tn If you are not have chest pains or a chest pain equivalent (shortness of breath with exertion, waking at night short of breath, swelling in legs, etc), medical therapy is shown to be just as good. This would include controlling risk factors like smoking, diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol. Some of this can be done with medications and others treated with diet. If there is a hint of high blood pressure I would treat it.
558632 tn?1303474725 I have shortness of breath I had a pulmonary Function test today they said my results looked good I have had every heart test that can be done about 10 days ago everything looked ok I found out I have gall stones what would cause my shortness of breath it doesnt seem to be my heart would anymone know anything about this kind of theing?
Avatar n tn This really only happens when walking up hill or a few flights of stairs. I have had a negative nuclear stress test and normal EKG's recently but am not 100% confident they were accurate since I am a female and there is the possibility of false positives. I have not exercised regularly in a long time due to some back problems.
Avatar n tn I have had her to two cardiologists they both say she is fine, offer no explanation and are starting to look at me like I am nuts. I did persuade one of the doctors to order her a stress test she goes next week, for a Nuclear Stress test. Where else do I go from here if that comes out ok?
Avatar n tn As follow up my doctor did a nuclear stress test, results showing normal, good blood flow and no blockages. Is the result correct? Where did the two blockages shown during the catherization go? I was just confused by the results, which were given to me via answering machine by a nurse. Should I call my doctor to question the results of the stress test?
648377 tn?1316396179 I recently when through a stress Echo cardiogram d/t having shortness of breath. The physician stated that the heart itself looks ok, but there was noted tricuspid regurgitation and increased pulmonary artery pressures. What does this all mean to a 55 year old women? He contacted my primary physician t/d chest xray and pulmonary function test, which I had Thursday. I will not get the results until Monday. I have had heaviness in my feet for sometime now, but no swollen ankles.
Avatar m tn I've been having shortness of breath for a few years. I live in a damp, cold area surrounded by lots of trees. I've been going to an asthma specialist, but he doesn't seem to think I have this condition. My breath test results are 52-65 with 89 being normal. I am not allergic to anything. Latley, I've been getting mild tightness in my upper chest. When this happens I always get a block nose. This condition has been comingf and going for a few years now.
Avatar n tn I have normal Chest X-ray, and blood gas test. CT scan showed no pulmonary embolism. Nuclear stress test was normal. I had a Pulmonary Function Test in which results got worse post-bronchodilator on the spirometry portion. The test showed the FCV with 6% improvement, but all other values dropping -29 to -71%. Pre bronchodilator tests were normal. I saw a pulmonary specialist who told me my lungs were sensitive but there was nothing wrong over all.
Avatar m tn I am so TIRED of having to wait a week or 2 to see a doctor, another 1-2 weeks to get a test done, then ANOTHER 1-2 weeks to get results to have to start all over again. Very aggravating! I do not wheeze, I don't cough, and I don't have any pain.....although every now and then, my left should blade does seem to hurt. I have the shortness of breath all the time, but it does get worse if I clean the house, talk for a long time, or even walking in the mall.
Avatar m tn A year ago I started having a problem with shortness of breath, so much so that I ended up in an ER. I have shortness of breath associated with anxiety or anxiety associated with shortness of breath. They got my oxygen level back up and did chest X-rays. When I left there the ER doctor had determined that I had Emphysema. That scared the hell out of me but what else should I have expected.
Avatar m tn I suggested the CPET to my pulmonologist and cardiologist and they essentially said I didn't need it nor would they give me a stress test. I recently began taking Doxycycline 100mg and have discontinued my beta blocker "As I have heard that BB's can occasionally cause shortness of breath" although after nearly 5 days there is no change.
Avatar n tn I felt slightly uncomfortable on going to bed at night and then found my heart pounding heavily - not fast - just big, irregular beats that made my chest leap. This was accompanied by a strange shortness of breath (difficult to explain but it was like my lungs were not interested in breathing, like the feeling you get if something realy bad is about to happen ) and panic attacks. The first time this happenned, I look myself to ER and they did a number of tests - blood test, ECG, etc.
Avatar m tn Hi,im a 22 year old male and i've been dealing with this constant shortness of breath for over 5 years now , and doctors have no idea what's wrong with me. The only thing they say is that its anxiety, but i truly dont believe it. It just started spontaneously out of nowhere. I tried to take a deep breath one day and couldn't:(. After that for about 2 years i was constantly taking deep breaths and not able to get a satisfied breath. I was yawning and sighing all day.
Avatar m tn The 19th I experienced no breathing problems at all. The 20th I had shortness of breath that came and went. From the 20th on the shortness of breath seemed to be increasing from periods to an around the clock thing. On the 29th the my breathing became quite uncomfortable. Shortness of breath and I started feeling tingling in my left arm. It got to the point where I was taken to the ER. By the time I arrived the tingling and numbness had moved into my face, hands and arms.
620048 tn?1358021835 But the worrisome part is that for the past couple of weeks I've had growing shortness of breath. Sometimes I find myself sort of panting for little reason. If I really exert, I get really out of breath. I sometimes drag myself up the stairs. Today I saw my PCP about all this. Not surprisingly, he was most concerned and wanted to rule out serious stuff right away. He did blood work, and sent me for an immediate CT angiogram of the chest.
Avatar m tn Dam This is good information, I'm 43 years old and have always been in shape,,, I started experiencing the shortness of breath about a year ago, had all the test done and everything was negative. So one doctor told me that i may be having panic attacks and don't even know it.. Bullsh@t is what i said because one of my doctor friends told me that give you that type of medication because they don't know whats wrong with you to make you think it's mental. Hell i know when i can't breath or not..
Avatar n tn My nuclear stress test results were as follows ver batim. I do not know what it means, are the results acceptable, good very good etc. What does this say about the blood flow to the heart muscle ? "injection of Myoview nuclear tracer & resting images obtained excercised on a treadmill for 5 min 34 sec. to 10.
Avatar n tn My question is I had a stress test done because I was having chest pains, shortness of breath,and tighting in the chest. I had a stress test done and their was a 80% change of a blockage I was put on 40mg of pravachol. I couldn't take it because it made my muscles hurt so I was taken off it and ended up having to have a cath done when the results came back their was no blockage but I am still having the tighting of the chest and the chest pains.
212161 tn?1476095111 at least having the test you will know if theres anything going on. i have chest pain, shortness of breath too and have had every test going all which were normal. so anxiety can definatly cause these symptoms, try not to worry jus take the test and get it over with. worrying will only make your symptoms worse.
Avatar n tn After a month, I went to ER again same problem, shortness of breath, right leg numbness. Again everything good, had a stress test, but have not received the results. I'm wondering if this could possibly be an allergy to something? I live in a home that is over a 100 years old, it has had leaky roof, could have mold or mildew. Also, we bought a new smoker for smoking meats for our backyard a little over a month ago, could I be allergic to the smoke from the wood?
Avatar n tn Dear Doug, I would consider a cardiac work up including a stress test and perhaps an echo cardiogram. The other test to consider is a holter monitor to clarify what these "spells" are. Your physician has treated this as anxiety, which it may well be, however, it is always best to rule out possible underlying cardiac causes when dizziness and chest pressure are reported.
Avatar f tn 5 mg and 75mg aspirin In 2 wks a 24 hour ECG holtar and in 6 weeks a diagnostic coronary angiogram I'm 42 and smoked until Tuesday Been on simvastatin for 3 years My dad died at 35 of an MI I have been under tremendous stress as my mum is seriously ill and just before I went for the stress test I received a call saying she'd been rushed to hospital I'm terrified that the anxiety isn't anxiety and it's all heart related and that the panic attacks are heart attacks Could you please advise m
233772 tn?1297356983 About you being diagnosed as asthma- could you please post the lung function test report here? Anemia can cause shortness of breath - but that is only in a few cases and that too at a very late stage or in case of severe anemia ,with a very low hemoglobin level. Let us know about how you are doing and if you have any other doubts. Regards. Your sinusitis and sllergy symptoms combined could acuse the symptoms that you are having.