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Avatar m tn m also interested in knowing in general how often should I ask my doctor for an EKG and a stress test? Is either something I should have done yearly, given my history and age? Thank you.
Avatar f tn is it selfish of me not wanted my bf to teach our black/mexican mix daughter spanish because im afraid that i wont understand my own child ? and is it selfish of him to say his going to teach her spanish anyway ??
624074 tn?1263873807 Chiari is complicated enough to understand, but I wanted to know if anyone knew where I could find information explaning what Chiari Malformation, in particular CM 1 in Spanish is. We are visiting my in-laws this week-end and instead of losing everything in translation, I was hoping to find a pamphlet online or something that was already in Spanish. Anyone have any ideas on where I may be able to find something? Thanks so much!
287246 tn?1318570063 s asking too much for you to expect to be able to understand what someone is saying in your own home. As for the mother in law...I can't really help you there. I had TWO mother in laws...a biological and a step. One was bipolar and about nutty as a snickers bar.....she killed herself last year. That was the step mother in law. My husbands biological mother is just completely insane. I think the woman has more diagnosable conditions than I could count on toes AND fingers.
Avatar f tn 30 days ago I had unprotected sex with a 23 spanish girl in Barcelona. Specifically we had unprotected oral and vaginal sex for about 5 minutes. I took a p24 antibody/antigen test 18 and 30 days post exposure. All 3 turned negative, can I relax? I'll still have a 3 month test but I'd like to know what are my odds of actually turning hiv+ after the 30 day mark.
Avatar m tn Last week met with the same Spanish escort on three nights. Engaged in protected vaginal sex and multiple sessions of felatio and cunnilingus. Escort says she sees a doctor as often as 6 times a year and has an HIV test every 4 months. I probably performed cunnilingus for as long as 90 minutes in total. She was not menstrating and there was no blood or sores on either of us. She also said she has never tested positive for an std and is very careful.
Avatar f tn Daniel...
Avatar f tn Could this be connected to the swollen ovaries? I live in Spain so my doctors are Spanish and although I speak the linguo it would be nice to know what to ask about before I go see him.
1016145 tn?1253498064 What is the difference between a Thallium Stress Test and a Nuclear Stress Test and which one is better ?
Avatar f tn Does anyone know what an adenosine stress test is like? I have to have one in the morning.
7953414 tn?1400159930 My husband loves that name for a baby girl. But I'm hesitant, I speak Spanish to me and my family it sounds like "area" code in Spanish or what would you do? Like "que haría usted?
7758733 tn?1402589420 Non stress tests are typically performed after 28 weeks of pregnancy. The most common time a non stress test is ordered is when a woman goes past her due date. There are no risks or possible side effects associated with a non stress test. Some women are advised to under go non stress tests for reasons other than post term. These reasons include: high risk pregnancies, history of complications in the third trimester and diabetes. Non stress tests can be performed right in the doctor’s office.
Avatar n tn Do you have his results? How was he tested? Do his results give separate results for hsv1 and hsv2? It should look something like, "HSV1 IgG 9.6 HSV2 IgG 14.3" His numbers will be different, obviously, but if doesn't have a separate number for both, he's had a combination test, and it means he is positive for hsv1, OR hsv2, OR both, and he doesn't yet know. One of the world's leading experts, Terri Warren, wrote the Herpes Handbook, and it's in Spanish.
Avatar m tn So I had oral sex with a wound in my mouth with a guy. When we realized, I went to the hospital and since the other guy took a blood test and he was positive, I received the PEP. I started the PEP 17 hours after the exposure. However, today it's 3 months after the risk, not after the PEP has finished. Is it still conclusive?
Avatar m tn I just called the accredited clinic of the Spanish consulate here in Manila where the medical examination is done for getting working visa in Spain. They told me that they dont issue 'fit to travel' certificate with conditions reactive in hepa b either inactive or active state. They require waiver from the company so that you'll get the 'fit to travel' certificate from the clinic. Sad because i have to decline the opportunity working in Spain for just months.
Avatar f tn Kuz my mother in law and grandma n aunts say in spanish dnt stress or ur milk will dry up, or dnt get so depressed kuz ur milk will dry up, just stuff like that, idk if true or not.
Avatar f tn thankyou all for your comments, some of you who said that you havent been offered this test is probably normal in the uk. I live in spain. that is why i am also a little worried as my spanish (medical) is not very good at all.
Avatar m tn The problem I have is the Spanish doctors where I live don´t speak english!! infectious serology AG. Hepatitis B - negative AG. Surface ELISA method AC. Anti-virus- 3.10 Hepatitis B Surface AG ELISA method AC. Anti-virus - negative Hepatitis B Core AG ELISA method. AC. Anti-virus-negative Hepatitis C ELISA method. I am a bit concerned about the 3.10 what does that mean? The doctor said everything was negative and OK?
Avatar n tn Your HIV 1/2 test is non-reactive and Hep B is negative, this means you are good :)
Avatar f tn That's hard I mean if you want them in the baby's life then I'd work it out now so there's no stress or tension when the baby comes even know baby's bring people together :) I don't fight with my brother in law he don't speak English and I don't speak Spanish so things work out for me lol :)
Avatar f tn I am having leftovers from yesterday.. i made.a huge pot of spanish rice that has spicy sausage, corn, black beans, chick peas, and tons of seasonings in it..
Avatar m tn Thanks for your answer. What is the cause of that? can it get worst? What should I do so it stays like it is? Thank you for your help!
Avatar f tn What is happening is my guess is possible spanish is spoken a lot in your house, and although children do learn languages well it sometimes takes time for them to pick two up, he is getting mixed messages remember . Also stop feeding him, its you enabling it, put finger foods in front of him, say nothing no encouraging words , walk away and let him get on with it, if you are sat at the table eat your own food, when hes hungry and he sees you are not spoon feeding him he will eat.
Avatar f tn I'm suffering PATM long time ago, I'm Spanish living in Spain anyone here with the same problem I really would like speak with someone in Spanish who lives near, doesn't care man or women just to talk. Waiting for someone, please let your contact details here.
Avatar n tn Like instead of knowing twenty words in english only, they know only 5 words in english and 5 in spanish. I have no idea what others experience with it is like, this is just how both of these babies are and they are not associated with one another.
Avatar m tn My spanish is very rusty, haven't used it for years and years, but here's how I translate it. Perhaps someone else is better at spanish. Dear Dr. Siento occasionally and during the process of the digestion certain arrhythmias and breathlessness, also as a bubble that it exploits but I can't manage to identify if it's in the heart or in the stomach. For a short while now I have been enduring the symptoms of nervous colitis for stress where I feel strange symptoms of fear.