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Avatar f tn Bank accounts frozen due to garnishment of very old credit card debt, house payment behind because of this. No cash for food. 2 kids. 11 weeks pregnant. Even though we paid the collection company the bank won't unfreeze funds. I'm losing my mind.
Avatar f tn Give her a grandmother birthday card from the baby. Simple, cute, and her reaction will be wonderful! I did this to my Mom for mothers day and she loved it. She didn't even want to finish reading the card she was so excited.
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Avatar m tn Good morning or good evening to everyone ! So I am epileptic (not photosensitive), I am under a treatment (I didn't do a seizure for more than a year), and my doctor prohibited video games, but I want to know why and if I can still do animations using Garry's mod (a tool that looks like a game but that I wouldn't really call a game, it looks like this : ) thank you !
Avatar m tn Stress has a way of initially motivating and encouraging anxiety and depression. More stress makes it worse and eventually it will cause physical problems. Sorry, for the discouraging news. Just the way it seems to me now.
Avatar m tn If you are suffering from a hearing problem and you aren’t able to communicate with people through phones. Then you need a specific tool which you feel better. The technology that invented an excellent tool that enables hearing-impaired people to talk and share information over telephones. There some telephones for deaf people. These telephones are better for them.
Avatar m tn In the mean time I filed over 3 police reports in my city about my stolen passport, credit card transactions, and now few threats. What are your thoughts on this. I would assume that he has Jurisdiction laws and can't come to me ??? I also assume if I go there I put myself in a potential danger ???
Avatar f tn I was playing a card game that I had just taught my friend, and she ended up destroying me because I couldn't react to her placing down a certain card down in time. Even though I was staring right at the pile when she put the card down, it took me quite some time react.
Avatar f tn Can a stress test CAUSE plaque to break off and bring on an MI and/or subsequent death? Isn't stress testing just a diagnostic tool to find out if you are having any cardiac problems? A stress test would not make plaque erupt causing an MI?
Avatar f tn I do know that I conceived christmas morning. So maybe something like that? Also we are currently making a video diary for another venture in our lives (we are filmmakers), so I could record the info in the vid then show it to him? Open to new ideas....
Avatar f tn I am open to answering any questions about Nintendo Video Games as well as any other types of video games, card games, etc. If I don't know the answer, I will gladly look it up and respond with the answer. I hope you enjoy this group and HAVE LOADS OF FUN!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me and I'll be sure to respond as soon as possible. Thanks!!!
Avatar f tn I am idiot. I bought a card test for HIV. I use it bu cutting my finger and touch the ped , ı did several times. I read prescription and l saw it contains recombinant HIV antigens. Does it infect me? Do l need to start PEP? Please answer me l have 30 hours.
Avatar m tn I had taken Acyclovir during the time of this test. Then on 5th Aug (4 weeks post exposure) i did Tri Dot Card Test (AB test) and it was negative. On 25th Aug (7 weeks post exposure) I again got HIV Duo test (AG+AB) and it was negative. The Herpes Zoster lasted for 10 days and it went off. During the last 8 weeks I have been under severe stress that I cannot work/sleep/eat at all. I have not experianced any other symptoms such as Flu, Sore throat, Swollen glands etc.
Avatar f tn I recently had a stress test and the results were abnormal. The doctor said my heart shows it isn't closing. So he wanted to do a heart cath. I just returned from this procedure and he said everything looks fine. In the past I have had two or three different doctors tell me I had a mitral vavle prolaspe. Could this be what the stress test showed and if so why did it not show up on the heart cath?
Avatar n tn Whats the best way to deal with stress for pregnant women? As Im 13 weeks +5 days and Im already dealing with complications in my pregnancy and cant be dealing with lots of stress right now...any suggestions?
Avatar f tn ) his last birthday I got him a tool box cuz he's a mechanic he loved it!:D; ideas! Nd btw how's everyones baby?
901131 tn?1293744553 s computer and forces the purchase of a fake solution, thus gaining access to credit card information and money. It's getting old, fix it.
Avatar f tn I completed my nuc stress test last week. I tolerated it well considering my h.r was 190 for most of the test. No chest pain. No shortness of breath. And my heaet didn't get all funky which it does sometimes when I exercise. The problem I am having is with the results. I was supposed to see the card when I was finished but he was called away to an emergency so they mailed me a report. How does a person make sense of it though?
10667992 tn?1414366589 Don't stress, it's okay . I didn't go to the doctor until I wad about 15-16 Weeks pregnant at the Health Department here & they gave me a pregnancy confirmation. You will be fine , just take some prenatals over the counter until you do get your medicaid card & approval letter. AGAIN DO NOT STRESS! I'm sure there's someone out there that never went to an appointment. Although I can understand where you are coming from .
Avatar f tn Thank you, I am seeing my doctor in a week, I do have some Valium and they help so much, however getting more than one refill is almost impossible from my doctor,,I am going to ask to have the test repeated, I have lots of aching pain in my left thigh and back, but have a bad back, and tear in my glut muscle, if stress can cause this dimmer test to go up, well, I have been under a ton of stress,,thank you again.
Avatar m tn What I actually would need is an MRI with contrast, right? That is the usual way of diagnosing it. But I always feel better under stress because the adrenaline causes my blood vessels to constrict. If I would take an MRI (with or without contrast) I would definitely get stressed and my symptoms would disappear. But then the MRI would probably not show anything since the usual findings are dilated blood vessels, for example in the pituitary gland?