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Avatar m tn can stress and anxiety cause temporary IBS or stomach and bowel problems? ill have diarreah once then ill go to the bathroom later and it will be normal, but ill feel constipated. ive had stress and anxiety pretty bad lately. everytime i eat i get bubble guts. i dont feel sick like with a stomach flu or something. somebody give me some answers pls.
Avatar m tn I would suggest you visit your gp obviously to make sure, but I get hot and cold flashes and don't necessarily sweat, but I can't tell you for sure that it's anxiety and stress causing it but from some of your symptoms it could be, but go to the doc and get a health check and mention how you've been feeling
Avatar n tn My parents rushed me to the ER and they ran tests and everything came out fine. The doctor told me it was anxiety and that I was "burning the candle at both ends." I have had minimal success in curbing these awful feelings since then. I constantly have a headache, and even if I don't have a headache, I feel like my head is tingling, almost like pins and needles. Sometimes it feels so heavy I wonder if I can lift it.
Avatar f tn Absolutely. Stress can cause physical symptoms. The B Vitamin Complex and Magnesium are BIG on stress and stress-related problems. Magnesium is very good at relaxing muscles.
Avatar n tn I started having tinnitus, costochondritus, heart-pounding, tachycardia, nausea, weight-loss, unrealism, etc and panic attacks and became agoraphobic. Most symptoms subsided after 5-6 months. I became more active, enjoyed life, was planning for the future (post-doc) and was under the impression that I was recovering. However, last June I woke up one morning with a completely irregular heartbeat. It scared the hell out of me.
Avatar m tn Stress has a way of initially motivating and encouraging anxiety and depression. More stress makes it worse and eventually it will cause physical problems. Sorry, for the discouraging news. Just the way it seems to me now.
Avatar m tn Yes I do believe that stress can cause physical problems, it is well known that panic and anxiety can make you feel all three of the symptoms you describe, however other sickness can also so I would advise if it continues to have it checked out . Can you enlarge on how you feel, have you been stressed out of late it sometimes helps to speak it out ...
Avatar n tn I had similar problems, and I thought it was ms, it wasn't it was stress, and then after feeling bad and the worry I was depressed, after awhile all my issues faded, and now about a year later, I feel great.
Avatar m tn I can't answer about the medication, but the anxiety and stress I can relate. I have had times when symptoms lasted for months and they come and go. Even if taking something for this anxiety you mind is stronger and over power the pills you take and still cause symptoms. You need to get your mind from always thinking about your anxiety it will help. Also ask your doctor to put you on something that is a bit stronger to help you relax. I have had the body aches ect.
4250330 tn?1388624779 Sorry if this is long I just have to get it out I'm constantly stressed out always tense always dizzy and always tired and feeling faint a lot I'm not sleeping well at all I'm sleeping but not getting that deep sleep like I'm suppose to I'm pregnant with my 4th kid and my other 3 are handfuls I'm basically having to do it by myself my husband wants to play a game 24/7 and ignores me when I ask him to do something not tell me to hold on and I end up having to do it by myself..
225237 tn?1333142599 I struggle from anxiety, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and obesity! I never feel right anymore, I'm always worrying about my health!!! I have constant back aches, tense through my neck & shoulder and on an on.... can anyone tell me symptoms of stress and what you can do to alleviate the symptoms??!! Are there vitamins or any other herbal remedies??!!
Avatar m tn One more thing, I just wanted to clarify that while caffeine can certainly exacerbate anxiety and panic symptoms, it doesn't CAUSE anxiety. Staying away from stimulants like caffeine, and substances like alcohol greatly helps to minimize your symptoms. Please let us know how you're doing. Hang in there, you're not alone in this!
Avatar m tn So I slowly weened myself of the meds. It got better and then I went completely of the paxil about 2 months ago and my symptoms just exploded about a month ago. Forgetting mid scentence what I was saying and having to think to recall a lot. That has gotten better, but my speech is sometimes slurred or poorly articulated or I will say cot box instead of cat box etc.
671285 tn?1292663761 Fortunately (or unfortunately) you can point to your source of stress and anxiety. Bouts of anxiety and depression can be brought on by many things, including divorce, a move, loss of a loved one, or just about anything else. I don't know if anyone can answer how long it will last for your particular situation. I think it all depends on your personaility and where or not you are prone to getting anxiety and depression.
Avatar m tn from 10 days im in anxiety because of hiv and herpes ....because of that my legs r paining continously...tell me that due to stress my legs r paining.......i have no hiv and herpes but stress is still ....
Avatar m tn I have anxiety, depression, adhd, ibs, ic, and endo and I do know that many of these symptoms, including stress, goes with all of these conditions. I have a doctor appt. today at 5pm, so we'll see what he says.
358304 tn?1409713092 I think it helped at 1st, I'd go a month feeling great, then BAM, id have this anxiety and it lasts for a week or 2. This is my 5th relapse of this feeling and its DRAINING ME EMOTIONALLY. It makes me feel like I'm going crazy. And all I can do is THINK ABOUT IT and the symptoms... and it makes me worry more... and all I can think is "am I going to have to suffer from this the rest of my life?" "Will this feeling go a way again like it has in the past and come back in a month?
Avatar f tn Reading the net is a total waste of time given the rubbish information put into it above HIV, mainly exaggerating the HIV risk, so I suggest you stop looking for symptoms and all things about HIV and move on with your life, unless what you're looking is a HIV false positive result to confirm (falsely) that you have HIV. In fact, most if not all worries we're handling are due to reading of outdated and/or inappropriate information about HIV available on the net.
Avatar n tn have your heart tested and talk to the doctor about having anxiety. being away from your family and someone dieing has made you worry that its gong happen again. your always afraid and worried about it happing to your mom. anxiety will make you sick your heart starts racing, sweating,feling scared.dizzy,feel like your going to pass out you think your really goning to die and your mom so far away makes it worse..
519736 tn?1253990426 I had anxiety before I knew I had soon as I started taking thyroid medication and working on my adrenals / stress it went away. Still comes sometimes, but I think it was all thyroid related for me.
Avatar n tn ,I must assume that it is caused by anxiety or stress. I know I suffer from anxiety,I have many of the symptoms. So could anxiety be causing my problem?.I don't want to take drugs,recently I have taken up daily exercise,which I have been told is good for anxiety and more. So can anyone offer any help please?. Thank you,I hope the info supplied can help you to help me.
Avatar m tn Hi, Since when do you have symptoms? And also could you please elaborate on your symptoms? Some amount of stress is essential for day to day functioning but if gets out of control it can lead to numerous physical and mental problems. I would suggest to you to please relax and try to make a list of all things that are causing stress in your life. This way you will know how to you can deal with each one of them.