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Avatar m tn what you experienced is same with me. every time im stress i always went to the comfort and doesn't like to eat. i really hate stress and anxiety it makes me felt bad with my physical health.
Avatar m tn t answer about the medication, but the anxiety and stress I can relate. I have had times when symptoms lasted for months and they come and go. Even if taking something for this anxiety you mind is stronger and over power the pills you take and still cause symptoms. You need to get your mind from always thinking about your anxiety it will help. Also ask your doctor to put you on something that is a bit stronger to help you relax. I have had the body aches ect.
Avatar f tn thankyou for your help and advice im sorry to here your anxiety was so bad i hope you feel a little better now at least.
Avatar m tn Thanks, I will check the anxiety forums about it. My doctor didn't tell me anything about symptoms when healing, and I'm wouldn't want to take anxiety relief meds. I think a psychologist might be a better way out.
Avatar f tn Reading the net is a total waste of time given the rubbish information put into it above HIV, mainly exaggerating the HIV risk, so I suggest you stop looking for symptoms and all things about HIV and move on with your life, unless what you're looking is a HIV false positive result to confirm (falsely) that you have HIV. In fact, most if not all worries we're handling are due to reading of outdated and/or inappropriate information about HIV available on the net.
4250330 tn?1388621179 Sorry if this is long I just have to get it out I'm constantly stressed out always tense always dizzy and always tired and feeling faint a lot I'm not sleeping well at all I'm sleeping but not getting that deep sleep like I'm suppose to I'm pregnant with my 4th kid and my other 3 are handfuls I'm basically having to do it by myself my husband wants to play a game 24/7 and ignores me when I ask him to do something not tell me to hold on and I end up having to do it by myse
Avatar m tn Stress has a way of initially motivating and encouraging anxiety and depression. More stress makes it worse and eventually it will cause physical problems. Sorry, for the discouraging news. Just the way it seems to me now.
4190741 tn?1370177832 Legs Up The Wall is great for relieving lower back pain and easing anxiety symptoms, in addition to relieving arthritis discomfort, menstrual cramping, reducing insomnia and lowering high blood pressure. This pose can be performed anywhere a wall is present, however I strongly recommend finding a place of comfort, silence and serenity to really enjoy the full benefits. You can place a pillow or blanket under your lumbar spine to relieve any lower back pressure as well.
Avatar f tn Sometimes anxiety can lead to physical symptoms for sure. Sometimes people have health anxiety and begin to feel and notice all sorts of things in their body. This is common, I've noticed, with heart health anxiety and infectious disease anxiety such as HIV.
Avatar m tn I would suggest you visit your gp obviously to make sure, but I get hot and cold flashes and don't necessarily sweat, but I can't tell you for sure that it's anxiety and stress causing it but from some of your symptoms it could be, but go to the doc and get a health check and mention how you've been feeling
Avatar m tn The skin condition first occurred after an intense bout of stress and anxiety a couple years ago, i occasionally use Daktacort on it. It only arose again after a long period of no stress and then all of a sudden a huge spike of stress over a HIV scare. I have been stressed/anxious every day for over a month, i dont sleep well and my diet is poor by my own admittance. I am not on any meds for anxiety, no.
Avatar m tn You could always consult a specialist to see if you have any allergies about those itches but i really think they are related to stress and anxiety and you seems to know it's stress/anxiety that is causing them. If you need anymore information on natural ways and or traditional ways to treat your anxiety you can send me a PM and i will be pleased to respond to you and giving you all advices i have in my bag of tricks.
Avatar f tn Can exercise and healthy eating help reduce stress and anxiety and hence associated allergy symptoms?
Avatar n tn While I do not want to add to your anxiety, I must tell you that the symptoms that you mention are not anxiety symptoms. Anxiety feels like feeling shaky on the inside, feeling scared all the time but having no reason to feel it. Rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms, feeling that you are "losing it".(your mind) Feeling unreal, extremely anxious.
671285 tn?1292660161 Fortunately (or unfortunately) you can point to your source of stress and anxiety. Bouts of anxiety and depression can be brought on by many things, including divorce, a move, loss of a loved one, or just about anything else. I don't know if anyone can answer how long it will last for your particular situation. I think it all depends on your personaility and where or not you are prone to getting anxiety and depression.
1966669 tn?1337599912 I have anxiety all the time .... Even when I wasn't preggo. I just try to stay as calm as possible, breathing exercises help a little, I haven't really found anything to help much. Ive been waitin on a appointment for stress management since the first tri but still nothing.