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Avatar m tn is it common to experience pins and needles even prolonged sometimes with anxiety and stress? happens in my right wrist/fingers... had extreme health anxiety...still do.... :( any light on this guys?
Avatar f tn I have been suffering from pins and needles sensations throughout my body for the last couple of months, and I have no idea what is causing it. Some tests that I have run are my B12 levels (normal) std panel (normal so far) and my thyroid. The only issue with my thyroid was that the level was off the very first time I tested it but then went back to normal the second time. Anyone have any ideas of what might be going on?
Avatar n tn For the last few weeks i have had pins and needles in my left hand and fingers and its now started in my arm going to my elbow. The pins and needles has now started in my left foot and leg, stopping just below the knee. I started with depression and anxiety just before christmas and started staking anti depressants, which seem to be slightly working. Could the pins and needles be because of the depression? What could the pins and needles be cause by?
Avatar n tn I have an appointment with my doctor scheduled for Monday but this has been really bothering me. My symptoms started about two weeks ago and have gotten worse. It started out with the feeling of pins and needles in my head but would go away. Now it is throughout my entire body. It's like I'm being stabbed by millions of electrified needles and then it itches. On top of that I have been extremely tired but NO muscle fatigue!
Avatar n tn Heart pounding and pins and needles are symptoms of anxiety. However I would suggest that you see your dr for a physical and complete bloowork just to make sure there is nothing else going on with you. Therapy might not be a bad idea. A therapist can teach you coping skills and ways to deal with your anxiety. I also agree that you should NEVER research your symptoms on the net. The internet is a great source of information but not for medical diganosis.
Avatar f tn Thanks for your reply! Seems like everything is connected - thyroid dysfunction can cause anxiety too, but in the first place my stress might have led to the imbalance.
Avatar n tn what would cause a dizziness/ spinning and pins and needles feeling?
Avatar m tn I know anxiety can mimic a lot of things, I’ve had all sorts from anxiety. The pins and needles is new for me tho and numbness in my face, I just wanted to see if I was the only one!
Avatar m tn I also feel sometimes the pins and needles sensation, but that goes far back. I have had this pins and needles effect since i was very young. What could these mean? Overall i feel fine. I didn't notice any changes in my behavior nor did anyone else. Oh yes, i am a smoker.
Avatar f tn i went straigt to the hospital, in there, my legs felt the same way and my calfs cramped up, the cramps reached my stomach area and my ear lobes also felt like pins and needles... they told me I was having a panic attack and i hyperventilated which caused the pins and needle feeling.... can having caffeine on an empty stomach trigger such an attack? my blood work came back good, my heart rate was good, ekg good my blood pressure was slightly elevated but still normal... this was last Thursday..
Avatar n tn I started to feel the same pins and needles sensation in my toes,feet,legs,buttocks and groin area,it has got slightly worse.I am going to contact my gp again tomorrow but was wondering if anyone else had experienced this? I do need alot of sleep and get headaches alot but thats something I have always had.
Avatar f tn pins and needles across face; teeth chattering - nose: phantom smell (cigarette smoke) - neck/throat: oh dear...
Avatar m tn I have pins and needles, and numbness in the right side of my body, right hand and right leg. In my right arm, this sensation is constant. It heightens during the night, when I sleep. At some point the increased sensation in my fingers wakes me up. In the leg, it is transient. The sensation moves up and down my leg from the thigh down to my toes. Physicians do not thing it is nerve issue. I appreciate advice. Thank you.
Avatar n tn my mum has pins and needles in her hands and feet 24 7 she is 62 she is not sure why this is happening as far as she knows she dont have any health issues please can someone help as she has had this for around 5 years now
7251241 tn?1389564212 I do admit I suffer intense anxiety problems on a day-to-day basis. My anxiety on a scale of 1 (being the lowest) and 10 (being the highest, I would say mine is 10. But I feel these symptoms are NOT anxiety related as when my doctor touched my chest wall, the pain was so server that I was almost in tears with it. The pins and needles are random, but they do not feel like your typical "pins and needles" I.E...
Avatar f tn lve been suffering from pins and needles of recent and also sweaty feet. the pins and needles are mainly in my hands and arms but also in my feet at times and l also get numbness in fingers and toes etc. Is a sign of MS or not and if so what other major symptoms would l have? Please help.
Avatar f tn Hi, Late last year I had burning/ pins and needles on the palms of my hands and soles of feet for a few weeks eventually it went away and I thought no more of it. A couple of weeks ago it reappeared and hasn't gone away yet. I'm also getting muscle twitches in my hand and aches in my arm muscles and legs. It's worst at night time and a little better in the morning when I wake up. Today the pins and needles started in my face.
Avatar f tn Then 2 months ago started having pins and needles in thigh. This was more likely when seated. Then the pins and needles seem to involve the shin on same side. The Symptoms would come on when driving or laying down And settle if standing and walking. Then the symptoms become burning sensations on both legs mainly front of legs. Again improving if moving. The symptoms of burning or prickling and crawling started and would last seconds or mins.
4385446 tn?1353798268 For two weeks now on and off I have been having pins and needles in my hands and finger tips, I’m fearing the worst like MS or something. I was just wondering if anybody who has anxiety has ever had numbness and pins and needles?
Avatar n tn you name it. Pins and needles turn into massive sensations of crawling and prickling and unless I stop and cool myself the skin flares up in tiny red spots with unbearable nettle burning sensation. My GP (family doctor) is trying antihistamines and I am also trying acupuncture with no avail so far. My quality of life has suffered and I am practically home bound. I wonder if these are symptoms of allergy or something more serious and sinister that needs immediate treatment?
Avatar f tn It has recently been affecting my sleep, that maybe a little bit if anxiety. I get pins and needles and (dead legs) so easily, after a min or 2 in the same position, this is all starting to drive me mad!
Avatar m tn Could this be because I also dropped a door on my feet. Also how long after hiv infection does one experience pins and needles. It`s been 2 months since my encounter. Appreciated.
Avatar m tn i keep waking up with very painful pins and needles in my right arm and hand,this can last up to ten minutes i thought i may be lying on my arm but even when i sleep on my back it still happens at first this was only happening once in a blue moon but now it is every night so i am now getting worried please can you help?
Avatar n tn It may be possible that anxiety might be causing these symptoms in you. The pathological causes of pins and needles sensation are diabetes mellitus, nerve injury or damage, vitamin B12 deficiency etc.If your symptoms are severe or persistent seek medical help. I hope it helps. Best wishes and regards!
Avatar f tn Back in 2007, I was at a train station during the winter. I started walking into a gym and this pins and needles feeling came over me. It went away quickly, but just returned and now it's a regular and daily occurrence. HELP!!!!!
Avatar f tn i have had anxiety for many years and have had a variety of symptoms, headaches, stomach problems, chest tighness, now i have high blood pressure, memory hand and foot has been feeling numb for a while, i get lighheaded....i have been to the eye dr, the cardiologist, my regular dr and im fine but i have this numbss for a long time......i have an appt with my neurologist next week...has anyone had numbness that lasted for a while?
Avatar m tn ve also had constant pins and needles, itching symptoms mainly in inner thighs, groin, anal area and buttocks but also in lower legs, feet and hands. This pins and needles sensation today is now one of my main concerns. Lost 20 lbs in 3 months. Swollen painful inguinal glands in right leg developed 95 days from exposure. This was also one day right after intense vomiting and diarrea (thought it was stomach bug). Lymph nodes took about three weeks to go back to semi normal.