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Avatar n tn I can take with Adderall for anxiety that will help these symptoms from coming on at all. Also is it normal for symptoms to last this long.
Avatar f tn Can symptoms of anxiety, such as tightness in chest and throat last all day? These symptoms never seem to go away.
Avatar m tn If the test results were NEGATIVE, why the hell have you been "living in fear for eight weeks?" Your digestive symptoms all sound really classic for anxiety............but if they have persisted for the entire eight weeks, I would speak to your doctor about them. I'm about 99.9% positive it's anxiety..........I'm also 100% NOT a doctor, so I still think you should have it checked out.
Avatar n tn cuz it wasn't even happening till i got worried about being dehydrated, and even though im trying to not be worried about that anymore, the dry mouth doesn't help much....
Avatar f tn I have pretty bad anxiety nearly everyday, I was diagnosed by a doctor last year but I've always really had it since I was a kid. So basically I have anxiety nearly everyday some days better than others, but the past three days I've had a a feeling of a swollen neck and my ears are also effected I can't seem to find any swollen glands but I've a little pain on my right side right under my jaw if I press down on it hard enough I also feel my throat closing in.
Avatar n tn While I do not want to add to your anxiety, I must tell you that the symptoms that you mention are not anxiety symptoms. Anxiety feels like feeling shaky on the inside, feeling scared all the time but having no reason to feel it. Rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms, feeling that you are "losing it".(your mind) Feeling unreal, extremely anxious.
Avatar f tn Been to doctors several times and he seems very good and has diagnosed anxiety. Started seeing a counsellor last week but seem to be worse since. Just cant stop tinking about the symptoms in my head which prob make them worse.
Avatar f tn And I have to say,that getting on the right medication was important along with talking with someone(a therapist) which helped me get to the root of the anxiety symptom's.I know that anxiety can last for hour's and without the correct treatment,it will make you depressed.Going to a psychiatrist to get evaluated for the right medication's is important to starting to feel better.There is nothing to be ashamed of.So many people suffer with anxiety. I don't suffer with anxiety attack much anymore.
Avatar m tn is there anything i can do or will i simply have to stay calm and let the symptoms pass. i have on medication for the anxiety and it had helped with my mood and the attacks are not as's more just a nervous feeling, body shaking and tension feels very tight around my neck and back of head.
225237 tn?1333142599 Fortunately for you, weakish-feeling isn't one of them. See a doctor about your anxiety, and get into counseling. You can also read about anxiety online, just google it.
358304 tn?1409713092 That being said, yes I have had all of those symptoms when dealing with my anxiety. In fact, most of them poked their ugly heads out last night as we were getting tornado warning after tornado warning. I'm a Caligirl...throw an earthquake my way and I can handle it, but tell me there is a 90 mph wind tunnel of death blowing toward the house my babies are sleeping in and I go into full panic mode. Thank God thats all over. Anyway try to get your mind off of all your "symptoms".
Avatar m tn Hi after being prettified having panic attacks thinking I had HIV from a protected episode and being assured I had no risk what so ever with no symptoms but ones that are not linked and not in the window that usual symptoms appear I am now troubled with what I presume to be anxiety as a come down from the complete panic I have endured these last two days.
Avatar f tn How long can symptoms from a panic attack last? I had what I assume is a panic attack about a week ago. Woke up suddenly with fluttering in my chest, sweating, inner trembling, shortness of breath, short stabbing chest pains. Every time I would dose off I would suddenly wake up again with these feeling. Now 2 weeks later and I still have chest pains, light headedness, fatigue, shortness of breah, inner trembling, back pain, and this nervous feeling in my body.
Avatar m tn I have been dealing with anxiety for many years and from what I read in your post sounds like your anxiety is giving you physical symptoms which it can do. When you start getting anxious try taking deap breaths through your nose and out your mouth while changing your thoughts to I am fine, I am not in danger, I will calm down. Or any POSITIVE self talk.
Avatar f tn Hi All, For last 2 years I am experiencing the following symptoms: - Tension in my head like I am wearing ring - When I walk - I feel like my head goes to different direction - Twitching/tingling all over the body - Burning sensation all over the body but mostly on my legs - Dimmed vision as I can see well, however it either blurred or dimmed - Tension and pain in feet Has anyone had those symptoms? I had head CT/MRI.
Avatar m tn I am a 31 year old male who has just started to suffer from anxiety. The symptoms to me are severe. It started 7 weeks ago after a night out drinking. I was stupid and drank way too much. My symptoms include a constant state of panic and head pressure, including slight dizziness and eye pressure. I have had a few episodes where I wake up and I feel very distant from myself. Extremely panicked and unable to keep my thoughts controlled. Very scary.
Avatar n tn When I was very stressed ( a really traumatic event was happening in my life and I tried to minimize it and so the stress was building up because I wasn't dealing with it) I got really sick with stress and anxiety and then depression followed.
Avatar m tn Yes, anxiety can cause all sorts of symptoms. Stomach problems are high on the list and so are muscles aches. If we think about these symptoms they can feel worse because we do have anxiety. Hopefully the endoscopy will give you some answers as to what's going on with your stomach. If it is GERD that can cause the weird feelings in your throat.
Avatar f tn Try to not get all caught up in your symptoms, because that tends to make things worse. Instead, go after the anxiety. If you succeed, the symptoms should lessen or go away entirely.
6253611 tn?1381715488 can anxiety left its effects or symptoms even though the anxiety is in the overcoming process or when the anxiety is over??.. when I'm able to overcome my anxiety a little bit nearly to zero, a few days later i had stuffy nose and very mild sore throat ( it doesnt cause me to cough ) . the sore throat is over about few days or maybe a week...i dont really remember..but the stuffy nose is doesn't go away until now which I think it is because of post nasal drip.. but i'm not really sure...
398624 tn?1266273049 Does anybody think that anxiety could present itself with same symptoms as Meniere's Disease? Doctor diagnosed me with Meniere's, but after I had normal ENG, he now knows it's not Menieres.
11013830 tn?1414561463 Like you said, we are sharing pretty much the same symptoms and for the past two weeks I've been dead set on thinking it was something bigger than it probably was/is (IBS). Despite what the doctors said, I would stay in my little anxiety hole and look up symptoms of every possible thing I could have. Anxiety itself is just making me feel this way. Try being around people more, talking to people helps, so try being around friends even more?
222417 tn?1241567900 Today is basically the same as the last 2 weeks. I think it is anxiety and depression together. I hate being this way. I hope when I start on my new medication that these symptoms will go away.