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Avatar f tn Yes anxiety can cause those symptoms u be amaze what anxiety can do to u.. Sometimes we don't notice but we bite hard when we are stress out or have anxiety or tense, but i sometimes feel my jaw,like pain.. But like i said i been in n out the docs office n e.r for all my symptoms. N thank god im fine.. Is still hard to believe anxiety can cause all this.. Like scary.. But im sure ur fine.. I do feel dizzy n nauseous at times... I believe is anxiety too.
573569 tn?1278629655 Only my therapist listen to all my symptoms and diagnose me as a sufferer of anxiety issues. It all started when I was smoking weed with some friends and had my first panic attack. It's not like I don't know about anxiety and panic attacks I just needed some form of advice in to how to cope with it right now. I have felt like this also in the past but it wasn't as bad. the only thing I would like to do is a MRI just to make sure and to put my mind at ease.
Avatar m tn OH thank goodness im no the only one. I have symptoms ALL DAY EVERYDAY for weeks and weeks. It is seriously driving me nuts. I thinik about it all the time so therefor it keeps happening and happening b/c thats all i think about. I have a these "symptoms" and of course i think its death approaching me. But sometimes i really think something else is wrong b/c alot of my symptoms are different from when i first started having attacks. Im to the point of "why me?
Avatar f tn I am taking Tecta for my stomach which is the only thing that is different. The anxiety or whatever it is seems to last all day.
Avatar m tn Hello!!! Your exactly like me (well kind of) I worry all day, have chest and back pains all day, it's horrendous! Even when I'm going to sleep and I feel myself going off I feel like my hearts skipped a beat! I'm scared to exercise incase I keel over, I've had countless ECG's and tests and I'm fit and healthy, but cannot help but wonder if they've missed something...
Avatar n tn Went to urgent care and gave me blood work and EGK heart test, and Dr. said all test were excellent and said it was from anxiety. Refused MRI and said contact neurologist if problems persist. It's been 2 days and not getting better. Should I see eye dr or neurologist?
Avatar m tn It seems to be in between 100 - 120 bpm. My heart rate seems to stay around 100 bpm most if not all of the day. And it tends to calm down a few hours before sleep. Anywhere in between 75 - 95 bpm. Right now my heart rate is around.. 105 bpm and it's been like this for a few hours. I was wondering if this is a normal part of anxiety.. even when you don't seem to feel anxious? My heart rate seems to keep a steady rhythm. I haven't been to the doctor yet..
Avatar m tn Where I live, the weather constantly changes. One day it will be 65 degrees and sunny, and the next day 20 degrees and snowy. So I think the wather has to do with it too. I'm not sure if the medicine is only making it worse, or if i'm just going crazy. Please tell me there is a cure for this because this is really stressing me out and is making me feel depressed. I don't think I can take this anymore. I am a very unheathy eater.
Avatar m tn s usually just a couple for a period of days or weeks and then on to other symptoms. Is it possible I could be giving myself all of these? I agree I could possibly making them worse. The symptoms nearly completely disappear when I am perfectly distracted by having fun, or engaged in engrossing activity. Essentially whenever my mind is completely occupied, but they will be there when it is not. Here they are.
1701959 tn?1488551541 I have had chest pain for the past 14 months. Ever since I started going through testing for my heart. I was having palpitation and went to Hopkins. Had the full heart work up and wore a 30 day monitor. So many EKGs I can't count, echo etc. All came back good other then occasional PVCs. So at the time I started testing, I noticed a "twinge" of pain (I called it a pinch) in the left side of my chest where one would assume the heart is.
Avatar f tn I have anxiety and with my anxitey i get all these wierd symptoms including the feeling of having a heart attack. I have been to my doctors were they did some test on me. i came out fine in all areas. but iam noticing that i am feeling new symptoms and i want to know if anyone has experienced these before : numbness of only one side of face ears feel like they are clogged headaches left arm hurts and feels sore my chest feels sore too and also a burning sensation in my face.
Avatar n tn Doctors did all sorts of tests on me to see if i had asthma and some other breath tests. But it all came down to anxiety, after you have a firt panic attack your constantly in a state of "what if I have another one?". If you have anxiety it's with you all the time.
Avatar m tn but since im on drugs i dont really know whats making me feel better or whats making me worse...i have all kinda of crazy symptoms going on with my body since i started prozac. Whos to say something is wrong, maybe we panic because our subconsious self is trying to tell us something is wrong, and you have to deal with it...but society says heres some drugs...the drugs deal with it and not you...making you weak and dependent. maybe a panic attack is normal.
Avatar f tn This is driving me nuts. All day panicking. In group we was talking bout death that what brought it on. Then I got all stressed out n now I can't get over it. Someone help please.
Avatar f tn one thing my doctor said is that if you dont have a past of heart problems than it is all your anxiety i have chest pains all day everyday and i have anxiety attacks more than once everyday!! it ***** and im ready for it to be over.
Avatar f tn Are you on any medications?