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Avatar f tn Also is there anything i can do to alleviate the stomach pain without taking painkillers as i dont want to irritate my stomach any further.
Avatar n tn Is one of the symptoms of an anxiety disorder a nervous chest? I constantly get butterflies in my stomach and chest, I have had heart tests and everything is fine. I am on Paxil 20 mg that cleared up the insomnia, crying spells, trouble swallowing na d dizziness (for the most part). It is my busy season at work and I am getting the chest nervousness and discomfort as well as neck aches. Is this common with anxiety? Even though I am on 20 mg Paxil? Thanks.
Avatar m tn Meaning your anxiety could be exacerbating your condition? Also GERD, can cause stomach, neck, throat, and chest pain. I found mine because when I sleep under 5 hrs I get chest pain from it. Also anxiety can cause you to grind or clinch you jaw at night. If you wake up feeling like your teeth and jaw hurt, then you could be clinching your jaw. I did it for years after my time in Iraq, no dreams just sore jaw.
Avatar f tn I have found out that I've been dealing with depression and didn't know the issues I was having was part of of depression as far as loss of interest, fatigue, neck pain, lower back pain and sadness. The stomach pain is completely new to me and It's scary! The pain is right under the breast on the left and move to the right side on and off through out the day.
140029 tn?1393301742 finally I ended up going to the doctor and told him my symptoms of IBS..stomach pain and nausea when I'm nervous... he told me it's probably either just plain IBS or an ulcer... So we're trying 2 months of priolsec to see if that helps, and about 3 weeks into treatment I decided to stop the medication. Something weird happened... 1. my stomach pain went sky high!! Like my acid in my stomach all the sudden woke up and I could feel very localized pain...
Avatar n tn When I was very stressed ( a really traumatic event was happening in my life and I tried to minimize it and so the stress was building up because I wasn't dealing with it) I got really sick with stress and anxiety and then depression followed.
398624 tn?1266273049 Does anybody think that anxiety could present itself with same symptoms as Meniere's Disease? Doctor diagnosed me with Meniere's, but after I had normal ENG, he now knows it's not Menieres.
Avatar n tn anxiety maybe any other symptoms yu may have ??
Avatar f tn But a bit curios my stomach symptoms are differnt fron gallstone symptoms normally gallstone symptoms are pain in right under the ribcage which is never had that pain.. According to my bowel movement i dont have any problem the color of my stool are fine too.. I had a stool test for h pylori which is come negative for bacteria.. So i was bit confused..
Avatar f tn Two weeks ago, I started feeling a discomfort in my stomach (upper part -under the end of the rib cage of my chest ) It was as if my stomach is stiff, or closed. I did not have any symptoms of vomiting, or nuesa, pain, diarriah. I only feel the discomfort after eating or drinking. It was associated with rapid heart beat and a general weak feeling. This made me start to fear eating. I did an U/S for my stomach which was all clean.
1694901 tn?1317009564 31 year old female and I think I have pancreatic cancer For the last 2 weeks having upper right abdominal pain back pain and diarrhea I have had to do cat scans And I have came back normal Also blood work came back normal I'm just so scared have the symptoms of pancreatic cancer what do I do
542733 tn?1217719151 I have major anxiety that seems to go hand in hand with nausea and diarrhea. After a severe stomach pain below my ribs sent me to the ER last week I had all the tests done to make sure it wasn't gallbladder, pancreas, etc. and everything came back normal. They gave me morphine and the pain went was the first time I had ever had anything like it. I went to see a specialist and he said it's just IBS (the acute pain was an inflamed colon?
Avatar n tn He wakes in the morning to have a BM and if its diarrhea he begins to violently vomit, sweat heavily and has severe abdominal pain where is stomach is very bloated. I take him to the ER where they administer atavan and dulantin (not sure of spelling), within an hour he is back to normal. He's had an endoscopy twice...they found nothing...a ct scan...they found nothing....a colonoscopy...they found nothing...tons of x-rays and blood work and nothing turns up. the GI dr.
Avatar m tn though there was no heartburn and stomach pain and the burning in stomach too was very little. the doctor thn told me to get endoscopy done for may b i have an ulcer and gave me omeprazole and domstol and sucrafil o gel...i hv been taking that medicine for 7 days now and my stomach feels fine but i started having this weird pumping and needle pain in diff parts of my body...its mostly in the back side of my left palm or the right one and my lower left hip....otherwise its just random...
Avatar f tn Help!! I am seeing what symptoms everyone has had with anxiety...I get chest pain all the time ...I get pain between my shoulder blades and into my left arm..I went to the doctor today and she does not seem too concerned about them...please some encouragement!!
Avatar f tn hi for past few wks iv been having bad neck pain eye pain with shoulder pain and for sum unknown reason also bad stomach probs think there all related anyone any idea wat could be goin on doc hasnt a clue tried pain meds and meds for tummy not wkin thanx
Avatar n tn I've been having those symptoms,and my doctor has told me it was an ulcer.It can cause your stomach to burn.Does your stomach burn after you eat?Or is the burning relieved by eating?Do you feel nauseated at times?You should go to the doctor(preferably a gastroenterologist)and have them check you out.
Avatar f tn Anxiety can cause the feeling of something being in your throat. It's a psychosomatic symptom that is pretty common. I'm not a huge fan of wikipedia as a source, but this article is brief and descriptive: You can do some more searching about it, even though you state that symptom is more or less resolved, I think it will help you have some peace of mind at just how many symptoms can be caused by anxiety.
Avatar n tn I think what happened is that the anxiety gradually decreased and I stopped scanning my body constantly for physical symptoms. Give it some time and remember that anxiety is uncomfortable but also manageable! by the way - check out this link about symptom shifting:
Avatar f tn / , is this anxiety attack ?
671285 tn?1292663761 Indeed anxiety can cause all imaginable symptoms like the ones you describe. The stomach problems you describe might be caused by Irritable Bowel Syndrome ( IBS ) which can also be activated by stress and anxiety. It is very common for people with high level of stress and anxiety to have stomach problems and constipation or diarrhea. You can look around this website or forums for anxiety symptoms and trust me they can manifests as everything you can imagine of.
Avatar m tn After christmas i got what the ER doctor called Gastroenteritis (Stomach pain, vomiting, and nausea) Ever since then i have felt like crap, i feel dizzy, headaches, muscle twitching, nausea, vision problems, and just over all like crap. I am wondering if maybe this could all be associated with anxiety??? my doctor gave me Anxiety meds and told me not to worry that everything was fine, but i dont feel fine...
Avatar m tn My symptoms include shortness of breath(just plain feeling like I never have enough air), a weird pulse(either feels extremely hard or weak), 2 panic attacks(one put me in the emergency room and all the tests they did came back negative), stomach pain, diarrhea, weakness/tiredness, tingling type feeling in feet and hands, feeling like theirs a lump of mucus in my throat and probably other things I am forgetting. I have been to a cardiologist and everything was fine with my heart.
Avatar f tn it presents as heartburn, and a sour taste in the mouth, and even coughing (from aspiration of the reflux material), MOST often occuring when a person lies down, usually at night. Obviously, if the anxiety came first, followed by the stomach symptoms, then your treatment would be more focused on the anxiety, and vice versa. SM made a good recommendation though, to treat your GI issues symptomatically, which, if you notice some relief, will help to improve the anxiety symptoms.