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Avatar m tn Meaning your anxiety could be exacerbating your condition? Also GERD, can cause stomach, neck, throat, and chest pain. I found mine because when I sleep under 5 hrs I get chest pain from it. Also anxiety can cause you to grind or clinch you jaw at night. If you wake up feeling like your teeth and jaw hurt, then you could be clinching your jaw. I did it for years after my time in Iraq, no dreams just sore jaw.
Avatar f tn But a bit curios my stomach symptoms are differnt fron gallstone symptoms normally gallstone symptoms are pain in right under the ribcage which is never had that pain.. According to my bowel movement i dont have any problem the color of my stool are fine too.. I had a stool test for h pylori which is come negative for bacteria.. So i was bit confused..
1694901 tn?1317005964 31 year old female and I think I have pancreatic cancer For the last 2 weeks having upper right abdominal pain back pain and diarrhea I have had to do cat scans And I have came back normal Also blood work came back normal I'm just so scared have the symptoms of pancreatic cancer what do I do
Avatar m tn i have upper stomach pain that comes and goes. when i get it it lasts for a few hours then it goes away and feel nothing during that time.
Avatar f tn On December 7th I had unprotected sex with an ex coworker of mine. I was drunk and still grieving a recent breakup from my girlfriend of five years. The alcohol and loneliness clouded my judgement. We had sex three times that night and one other time about a week later (another night of drinking way too much). Everytime we had unprotexted sex I climaxed inside of her. We are both heterosexual, Caucasian, and in out late 20s.
Avatar n tn Could be anxiety I know anxiety gives me stomach pain also could be the meds I know before I was diagnosed with anxiety I went to the e.r. with stomach pain and the doc treated me for giardia (without a stool sample, boy was I stupid) Anyway the meds made me way worse on the stomach pain so you might want to check the side effects of what your taking.
Avatar f tn Help!! I am seeing what symptoms everyone has had with anxiety...I get chest pain all the time ...I get pain between my shoulder blades and into my left arm..I went to the doctor today and she does not seem too concerned about them...please some encouragement!!
Avatar f tn Is stomach pain and gurgling, especially at night, a symptom of any stds? It's been happening mostly on/off for several weeks. Had unprotected oral 12 weeks ago. Tested negative for everything at 10 week mark. Chlamydia, Gonorrhea was tested twice using urine samples (Naat) and still negative. So what is causing these pains?! Is in anxiety? Or did I get 2 false negatives? Please help.
Avatar m tn t know if this is a symptom or just my anxiety. The testicle pain also tends to come back for sometimes just minutes at a time. This also happens to be the one that sometimes I squeeze during sex to help me last longer (not smart I know) and I dont know if this has anything to do with it. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
Avatar m tn im 32 years old male for the past few years ive been getting strange sensations in my stomach and chest i get chest pain and also feeling of pressure and also a bloating nausea sensation in my stomach symptoms dont always be the same they change i cud have sum light chest pain and nothing else other days i cud have chest pressure dat cud last for a day im a regular drinker and smoker also i went 2 my gp he said its panic attacks and anxiety just like to know if anyone experience the same symptom
Avatar f tn t know the issues I was having was part of of depression as far as loss of interest, fatigue, neck pain, lower back pain and sadness. The stomach pain is completely new to me and It's scary! The pain is right under the breast on the left and move to the right side on and off through out the day. Doctor gave me Zantac for heartburn which is something I've never had but was told that maybe stress can cause an increase in stomach acid.
Avatar m tn Those are common symptoms of anxiety. And I know how it is,... you get even more worried and that *bad butterfly* feeling in your stomach... when you have those symptoms. The good thing is, is that anxiety is treatable! You can beat it! My symptoms included paranoid/worrying stomach, cramps, trembly legs, dizziness, loss of reality feeling, heart palpations... all very common. I tried all the meds... I was on lexapro 10mg for about 3 months or so... didn't do anything for me...
Avatar f tn ( foggy head, derealization, shaky, sweaty, floaters in my eye, shooting pain in my head,heart palpitations, shooting pains in my body everywhere, pain in my stomach both sides where your gallballder is but I had mine removed...appending doom almost always...this all started 3-4 weeks ago hoping it will go away when my husband returns from overseas....God bless everyone and we will fight it together!!
Avatar n tn however, i wake up and with the first deep breath i take i get a stabbing pain in my gut that really hurts. I had this pain while on HC for awhile, but it got better with a PPI. I am not taking any meds that should be hurting my stomach like this. it gets better after i have gotten up and eaten something, but i can't figure out what is causing it. does this have anything to do with low thyroid or low cortisol?--or am i having another unrelated problem that should be checked out?
Avatar n tn day 13 still rumbling sounds gas headache and PAIN under my ribs left hand side SPLEEN?? Day 14 still rumbling in stomach and pain in spleen. I have read that pain in the spleen is one of the signs of ARS, do any of my symptoms sound like ARS?? I dont think I had a fever.
Avatar n tn When you do visit your doctor please make sure to share your history of anxiety, food allergies, and any other symptoms. It would also be helpful to document your anxiety level on a numeric scale, along with the foods you ingested the next time you have an episode of vomiting. All of this information can help your doctor work with you to create a plan. Our guts are very much tied to our emotions. There is a lot of new and exciting research that is happening in this area of medicine.
Avatar f tn Hello, for years now I've suffered from debilitating symptoms in my abdominal region and I've seen different Doctors and so far nobody has been able to help me, very frustrated. :( Every morning without fail between 5am til 8am my stomach begins cramping extremely bad as though I need to have a bowel movement but then when I get up and sit on potty the feeling goes away and I can't go.
1778927 tn?1381878747 I have battled with anxiety for over 13 years now but I am curious to know how many people suffer with the other symptoms of anxiety besides a panic attack. My most common symptoms (at least I think the are anxiety related) are headache, nausea and upset stomach. What are your most common anxiety related symptoms?
1448936 tn?1363206346 In my opinion, an upset stomach is one of the most common symptoms when dealing with anxiety. There are several ways to confront your anxiety, however, for me the best was getting help through talk therapy. Have you had anxiety issues for a long time? Do you have access to a counselor?
915119 tn?1341948989 She has been on vacation for a week now and she continues with her stomach pain and the severe abdominal pain just occurred and she vomited and now feels better. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what other tests can be done? They have also done blood work and show that she's just slightly allergic to shrimp, which she doesn't even eat. Please help. I feel helpless and my daughter continues to have these symptoms.