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Avatar f tn I could give you a suggestion of what to adjust to but first find out by speaking to your psychiatrist what your full diagnosis is and whether you have anxiety disorder as well or whether you are getting medication side effects. As for information on mood disorders google "Depression Central" and here's a list of mood stabilizers that are approved medications but used off label as experimental mood stabilizers:
358304 tn?1409709492 Rapid Heart Rate A little bit of worry feeling in my gut, here and there, not bad. Shaky arms and sometimes legs. Hard time sleeping. Dry Mouth (anyone experience this?) No appetite (this is weird, b/c I will feel hungry at times, and when I am and it's time to decide what to eat... nothing looks good nor sounds good... So I havnt been eating well the past couple of days. Just been making myself eat fruit and stuff that goes down easy.) Are these just symptoms of anxiety?
10704465 tn?1412126823 Just a thought, anxiety may still be the cause of your symptoms. Anxiety has a strange way to morph and develop other symptoms. If I were you, I'd check with a physician in order to rule out the potential of something physically wrong with your heart. Your heart is kind of a big deal. Are you working with a therapist? If not, is it a consideration? For the record, I am damned glad I finally went to a therapist and kick myself all of the time for not going sooner.
Avatar f tn Physical activity and diet ( try looking for Green+ or SuperFoodRX to get the nutriments most of the people are lacking in their diet and consider multi-vitamins and minerals complex ) is critical in your fight against anxiety. I will list some food suggestion that are proven to reduce stress and anxiety.
20915713 tn?1640547709 I am also going to list my ongoing symptoms and limitations. What else should I be trying to get tested? Any suggestions? ANA, with reflex to titer - Positive with results of 1:160 Sedimentation rate - 32 C-Reactive Protein - 12.
620923 tn?1452915648 Please post which condition ur symptoms r, TC or Syrinx...thanks Link for Chiari symptoms- Link for Tethered cord symptoms- Link for Syringomyelia symptoms-
3082244 tn?1347999985 First, to answer your question, yes, anxiety can absolutely cause these symptoms, and often do. Anxiety can cause a whole array of very real physical symptoms, which is why it is so scary! While therapy is a very important component of anxiety and depression treatment, sometimes it's just not enough. Sometimes, a person needs medications to help control the symptoms a little bit better. My advice to you is two-fold.
Avatar m tn I have severe panic disorder and anxiety.
Avatar f tn s experience of the treatment is. What does the average symptoms seem to be?????? Just want to know if they are giving me that long list as worse case scenario, or if they are actually all going to hit me?????
6726276 tn?1421126668 Anyways sometimes when I have anxiety i just think... Nope! I have wasted to much of my life with this anxiety!! Everytime I have anxiety I end up being fine a little later so why waste my time right now with it? Sometimes it actually helps. Anyways. Late 2013 I finally found a great doctor and the right meds. best of luck to all of you.
Avatar m tn I have been dx with (gad) generalized anxiety disorder a few month back. 3 close family members have passed away during these last 3 months. I know I have had a issue with death since I lost my Mother at 16 due to cervical cancer. I am a 35 yr old male. I have never been seriously sick up till now. My symptoms are: pain in lower back that feels like arthritis, it actually radiates up my spine and sometime can feel it burning under both shoulders.
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Avatar f tn Chronic fatigue throughout days and weeks, all different times, depression is now trying to kick in (I am prone to mild) and anxiety (prone to that too.), I have mild digestion issues, IBS symptoms, some abdominal pain, thrush every single month, etc... I have such a responsible job with no possibility of going part time apparantly and I am so worried about what to do - dr just signed me off for a week to try re-coup, but cant even take the whole week off due to work.
12721897 tn?1427130145 m not the first person on this site (or other similar sites) to have these concerns, but how can anxiety be causing all of the physical symptoms that I feel all day, every day? I feel jittery and lightheaded and off-balance (like I'm swaying even (or especially) when I'm sitting or standing still) legs feel wobbly (even though no one can see them shaking)....I get tense muscles in my neck and shoulders and (not surprisingly) headaches....