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Avatar n tn You need to get back to the doctor who prescribed this med and discuss your symptoms with her/him. If the symptoms you describe began after you started the BC pills, they could be side effects, but after 7 weeks your body should have adjusted to them. That you stopped them three weeks ago and these symptoms are continuing to worsen makes me urge you even more adamantly to see your doctor as soon as possible. You can post your question on our Birth Control Forum and see what they can tell you.
700966 tn?1228665531 However everyones anxiety symptoms are different and what you have are common symptoms of anxiety. If you wan't just browse the posts, this reassures you and hopefully it will help you calm down. Take care.
Avatar m tn I have been dealing with anxiety for many years and from what I read in your post sounds like your anxiety is giving you physical symptoms which it can do. When you start getting anxious try taking deap breaths through your nose and out your mouth while changing your thoughts to I am fine, I am not in danger, I will calm down. Or any POSITIVE self talk.
11013830 tn?1414561463 Like you said, we are sharing pretty much the same symptoms and for the past two weeks I've been dead set on thinking it was something bigger than it probably was/is (IBS). Despite what the doctors said, I would stay in my little anxiety hole and look up symptoms of every possible thing I could have. Anxiety itself is just making me feel this way. Try being around people more, talking to people helps, so try being around friends even more?
Avatar m tn I am a 31 year old male who has just started to suffer from anxiety. The symptoms to me are severe. It started 7 weeks ago after a night out drinking. I was stupid and drank way too much. My symptoms include a constant state of panic and head pressure, including slight dizziness and eye pressure. I have had a few episodes where I wake up and I feel very distant from myself. Extremely panicked and unable to keep my thoughts controlled. Very scary.
398624 tn?1266273049 Does anybody think that anxiety could present itself with same symptoms as Meniere's Disease? Doctor diagnosed me with Meniere's, but after I had normal ENG, he now knows it's not Menieres.
Avatar f tn Here's where it gets interesting, when I went back on Lexapro, within 6 hours of taking it I was in the ER with severe anxiety symptoms. It was like someone opened a faucet in my neck and poured hot lava down my back and arms. Throw in some serious tingling, racing thoughts and I was a mess. This came and went for days and I was miserable. I ended up in the hospital and was switched from Lexapro to another SSRI. That didn't help nor did the next one.
Avatar f tn We have been together 2yrs and our method is birth control pills only ..... he has had zero symptoms i have not had any symptoms, but have been going crazy with anxiety because of what i read on the internet , in your opinion should i have any concern ???
Avatar m tn i've got trough a lot of illness,same as many posted here. For almost 12 years....anxiety is the most difficult to deal with..i been taking rivotril the day started the symptoms now some of the symptoms are gone,but the problem is how to stop taking that kind of medicine i know i been addicted....if anyone who can give an advice how to stop or at least minimize in the taking such of now 0.5mg. a day my daily dossage......
Avatar n tn and scared to death about everything Went to Dr. sh said stress and empty nest syndrome. Are all this anxiety symptoms? never went through this before and and need some reassuring words thank you.
Avatar f tn This may be more of a mental health question than pregnancy, but I have extreme anxiety every time I go for a dr appointment. In March 2010 I almost had a heartattack from diet meds my dr prescribed for me (severe tachycardia an I had to be rushed to the ER with the paramedics having to take drastic measures to keep me from having a heartattack). Needless to say, it was traumatic.
Avatar m tn I didn't know what was going on asked my doctor he said he wanted to give me lexapro i tried it for a week i was even sicker.I stopped those pills and he found out my vitamin d was low so i stared taking D3.And my stomach cleared up but the weird feeling in my legs and check haven't bona away.
Avatar m tn i have to say i had unprotected sex one time more then one month ago but looking through the list of acute symptoms of HIV i have no rash, very little fever that went away after taking paracetamol pills, got one swallen gland for less then 24 hours but i cannot explain the all over body itching, anyone can advise ? .
992677 tn?1537672503 One of the symptoms that was very bad at times before the surgery .... it was gone. I felt almost normal, well except for still being totally exhausted physically, up until a few days ago. Some things happened, that really didn't amount to much really, but for whatever reason the anxiety just went haywire. Everything was bugging me, even when I had the munchies so I ate the last few pretzels. Then I started worring about the fact that my wife may have wanted some and here they were in my gut.
Avatar n tn Sounds like anxiety symptoms to me. Floor moving, walking on a boat, feeling like being pushed from behind, floor dropping an inch suddenly.. I've had all this, I didn't believe the doctors either. I went on Celexa, after a month symptoms were gone, however, you have to also fix yourself mentally. I bet you think about it all day ? Think about " when I get up, I bet I'll feel dizzy ?", if so these thoughts need to be put aside. I'm about 98% sure, you don't have a terminal illness :).
Avatar f tn Since failing my glucose test and waiting to hear Results on the 3hr one my anxiety has sky rocketed. I changed my eating habits drastically. Hardly any breads.. pastas.. aka carbs... and sugars. I'm eating more baked and grilled chicken.. salads.. vegetables and pretty much cut out fruit. Last 3 days my stools have been very very loose. Is this normal? I struggle with symptoms that most ppl don't even notice. I have a form of hypochondria I believe.
Avatar f tn Yes these symptoms do sound like they can be anxiety. It sounds like you have sought medical advice and someone suggested it was anxiety. You can't rule out something else causing you these problems also. Anxiety is something everyone gets and this makes it all the more difficult to diagnose an anxiety disorder. Thus my usual suggestion .... seek psychiatric help and take it from there. I'm confident you can get help for your symptoms.
Avatar f tn The reason I was prescribed antidepressants was due to the fact I had very bad premenstrual symptoms. I started with proazac (from 10 mg to a high of 20 mg) for 15 years then changed doctors because I moved to a different city.
Avatar n tn 1)Why didn't the symptoms go away after returning to the lower Synthroid dose? 2)Could this all symptoms be caused by anxiety? How could they be? 3)I've always had stress and been anxious, why didn't I ever have these symptoms for this long period of time. 4)Does it sound like MS is to you? If no, what are your thoughts as to why not? Thank you for you time in answering this question.
Avatar n tn they may recommend you fix that with a diet that includes foods high in iron --- ie/ red meat, red kidney beans -- or they may suggest you supplement with iron pills, no higher than 18mg, or you may also have low blood sugar levels.
Avatar n tn Certain antidepressants treat anxiety. You don't necessarily need pain pills. I still am not convinced it's anxiety. Doctors love to give people this diagnosis when they don't know what it wrong. First off, I say get a new doctor. I don't think your doctor is all that knowledgeable as he or she doesn't realize there are non-addicting medications to treat anxiety. I would get an appt. with an internal medicine specialist for a full work-up.
Avatar m tn Im not sure,i have just recently had the same problem,i begain to show real signs of anxiety symptoms that mimic heart attacks etc very scary,i was put on beta blockers and that feeling of constant fear subsided,the heart pulpatations or flutters have been ever constant throughout,ive just come off the pills..not sure yet but i feel much better than b4 i was on them!i think you should raise your concerns with your doctor because u dont want the worry to go too far!
Avatar n tn However, I would seek psychiatric counseling to find out if the other symptoms are anxiety related. I suffer from anxiety and depression in the same boot. I have found through extreme counseling that depression causes a lot of medical problems; as well as anxiety causing several other problems. Only the proper diagnosis can find out what is going on with your body. I found a lot of relief with Respirdal, Celexa and klonipin. Please have your doctor refer you to a psychiatrist.
Avatar f tn The palpitations scare you which in turn creates worse palpitations, which then raises your's a vicious cycle. Anxiety feeds off our fears and worry, creating the symptoms you describe. When we get anxious our heart rate automatically rises, so try not to let the palpitations worry you since you have had all the tests, and see if you can calm yourself down. You're not alone, and I think we all try to beat anxiety on our own before realizing that we need help.
Avatar f tn I hope you guys are right. I'm starting to wonder if this is the way I really am off of pills, lol! It can't be, I think i've been fooling myself thinking "oh, i only did pills for a few months, it shouldn't be too hard to get through this..." Well, that's a total lie!!! Maybe it was cause I was snorting it, makes it worse. Excuses! This can't be me, but I kinda can't even remember.
Avatar m tn I don't want to get hooked on strong anxiety meds and was wondering if there is something I could do that doesn't involve me popping pills for the rest of my life! Also are there pills out there that aren't as addictive that could help... something that won't get in the way everyday activities such as working out.
Avatar n tn Right. Well, I'm 14 years old and recently I've been having these.. "anxiety symptoms". I've been experiencing dramatic changes in body temperature (e.g. when it's hot I feel really cold and start shivering and my teeth begin to chatter), a pain/stiffness in the back of my neck, a lack of appetite, mood swings (I'll often feel really fed up in the mornings and slightly better in the evenings) and most of all this feeling inside my head. It's kind of like a gripping, cold feeling.
Avatar n tn She saw no signs of allergic reaction or anything so she gave me some vitamins and sleeping pills to help with stress. That sensation went away with in a few days. After we left the South of France we traveled up to Paris. There, I felt tightness in my stress and I felt as though I was suffocating and I was constantly checking my pulse and listening to my lungs.