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Avatar n tn He is eating the carbs appropriately, but is still hungry. What can he eat and still stay within the diet. Can he have more meat or vegetables???? Can he have a snack? And what about all this sugar free stuff - it still has carbs?? We're so confused! We're going to the doctor tomorrow and are going to the education classes as soon as we can, but I wanted to get some advice from some of you who have dealt with this for a while.
Avatar n tn The not eating sounds like a typical 2 year-old with control and independence issues, but how do you get a type-1 diabetic to eat more than a couple of bites of anything?
Avatar f tn is there anything i should do to maintain a good health? I know i should eat less carbs n sweets....any suggestions???
Avatar n tn A tasty treat I sometimes have (which will require a bolus if you eat more than 1 - but sadly anything tasty to a diabetic does ...) are Tastycake Sensables ... the Sugar Free Orange Finger Cakes. 1 cake is approx. 11 carbs. Strip out 4 carbs of fiber and 3 carbs sugar alcohols and you have a 4 carb cake. Before anyone points this out, they have 140 mg of sodium (take out the real sugar, you need something to bind it together).
Avatar n tn Wanted to know if you guys have any tips on snacks for diabetics as I am new at this. Plus I have a big sweet tooth. So good recipes would help! Thanks!
Avatar n tn As for the large peanut butter cookies, not much can be said. As a diabetic I strongly suggest if you are going to be out for a period of time with no access to healthy snacks, you carry your own. Your health, not your golf game, should be your priority. It will be hard to play golf if you have your legs amputated due to diabetic complications.
Avatar n tn Hi, My Mom (46yrs) was diagnosed a Brittle Diabetic. She has been taking Lantus at night and she dreads taking it because it causes her to scream from the burning in her arm. She uses the smallest needles available for the pen. Her diet is very limited and on a daily basis she usually eats about 2 bowls of cucumbers with vinegar and a bit of olive oil and some type of protein, such as chicken or salmon. Her sugar is never consistant.
Avatar f tn My friends and I will be staying at a hotel (with no kitchen) so we clearly have to dine out. Can anyone please give me any tips/ideas about what kind of food and snacks) to eat throughout the day while I'm there? I'm not big on sweets (i.e.-doughnuts, cookies, pies etc) and I don't really care for fast food (McDonalds) unless it is the absolutely ONLY place available if we're in the middle of nowhere or something.
Avatar f tn I am down to 100 pounds. My height is 5’ 2” and a small frame. I am also nursing my 7 month old still. How much weight can I loose without being worried? I get upset that people say things like …I am lucky. My second question is I have been struggling keeping my blood sugar high enough during the day. I will drop down sometimes to the 60’s. I even had a 59 the other day without any symptoms.
1666434 tn?1325265950 Nice recipe but for a t2 diabetic there a several ingredients that are a no-no. 1. White flour is a simple carb. Simple carbs are quickly digested and absorbed into the bloodstream as sugar. Whole wheat flour is a complex carb. It is a better choice. Use fine grind. 2. Read the vanilla extract ingredient label carefully. During process sometimes mfgs add sugar. 3. Also, careful with the Splenda. Do not use the "baking" Splenda as it contains sugar.
Avatar n tn Especially when combining spirits with mixers, this leads to a well-known bouncing effect where blood sugars shoot up, and then drop down again very quickly. This can be particularly dangerous and contributes to many diabetic complications. Eat a good carby meal before you drink that releases energy across a period of a few hours (pasta, jacket potatoes etc). And snack before sleeping!
410475 tn?1262945967 The basics of Diabetes is the same for every other non-diabetic. Try to maintain a healthy weight, watch what you eat, drink plenty of water and have a regular exercise program. If you want to indulge with a piece of chocolate cake, eat a very small amount. Enough to satisfy that chocolate craving without overindulging. Learn about carb counting so that you understand exchanges. If you eat more carbs at one time, eat less the next so it balances out in the end.
Avatar n tn I am not the parent of a type 1 diabetic, but am a type 1 diabetic myself. I was a child when diagnosed, and know the worry you are feeling, for I saw it in my own mother. I AM a mother, though, and know that getting a 4-year-old to eat an exact amount of food borders on impossible. I personally find that simple foods are the easiest to deal with when trying to balance food with insulin.
Avatar n tn Now, I carry a larger purse and always have protein bars, almonds, oatmeal bars, etc and a bottle of water. I now eat a Happy Meal with my nephews, not the Big Mack. I do this to keep from gaining weight since I eat so often. Again, eat slowly and you will fill full. Cheap is harder to do.
Avatar f tn What you have described sounds similiar to some of the things that my son was experiencing. The best thing you can do is get her glucose checked. If you know someone who has a meter, you can check the glucose yourself. I hope that her appointment is soon. Diabetes is not something to play around with. Good luck and I hope your daughter does not have diabetes.
Avatar m tn He has only recently been diagnosed with diabetic but since using insulin has started to loose weight dramatically. What is the best food to eat in order for him to gain weight? Also what snacks can he eat during the day while using alot of his energy with the building?
Avatar n tn Oh, one more symptom to watch out for... when hypoglycemic, you can be very forgetful. Can't remember lists of things, and can start out to do something and walk maybe 50 feet and realize that you lost that thought entirely and can't remember what it was you were heading out to do. You can read a page of notes or in a book and none of the words "take" at all.
Avatar f tn As a diabetic, a healthy diet and balanced diet is a must, otherwise you will have keytones all the time and starving yourself to lose weight is never the answer. #2: Skipping an insulin dosage (even 1!) will only cause your BG to increase. Even of you exercise right after eating. As soon as you put food in your mouth, enzymes and proteins begin the breakdown of food. When digestion begins, a healthy pancreas secretes insulin.
Avatar n tn I've had hypoglycemia symptoms for about 2-3 months unaware & when I found out I've had my sugar low for a long time I started checking my sugar & correcting it. But now from one day to another my sugar will NOT stabilize. I used to be between 70-90 now it goes from 47-198! I feel terrible all the time.
7058746 tn?1393439020 In my case, I'm required to eat a total of 180 carbs a day/30 carbs each feeding (eat up to 6x a day-breakfast, lunch, dinner with snacks after each). I have to check my sugar before my first meal and then every two hours after breakfast, lunch and dinner. I mainly drink water (all day) and milk (breakfast/lunch only). You can still eat what you like BUT it's definitely about portion control. For example, I can only indulge on 10 peanuts for my fats, lol.
Avatar n tn You may be developing Type II diabetes. You definitely do want to get a glucose meter and strips. Best way to keep Type II under control is to control your carb intake. You need to eat 5 meals a day and limit those meals to 15 grams of carbs or less. Check out the ADA's diet suggestions. The diets are really easy to follow.
Avatar f tn When it comes to your children, being cautious is best, and a parent's gut feelings can identify problems that a doctor doesn't see. You're right in being concerned, and you are doing the right thing by having her checked out. The hypoglycemia you see may be a sign of her pancreas starting to stall and having issues, and then when it comes back online so does she. That's another sign that diabetes is possible, in my opinion.
Avatar n tn This is going to have to be a life style change for you. You need to eat 5-6 small balanced meals a day. Stay away from things in a box except rice. Cook all your food from fresh ingrediants.
1663743 tn?1302920003 Diabetes is usually serious, and the blood work would show you to be a pre-diabetic years before you turn to a diabetic. so don't worry too much. Look at your HDL level and triglyceride level to see if they are normal in the lab results.
393685 tn?1425816122 Oh there is not an underlying issue on why i hate eating alone. I am a people person & to lazy to bother getting up to fix a decent meal for myself. I have to have the conversations when eating. When I am alone I clean & get lost in that (my family says I am a clean freak) world. I guess the underlying issue is really, I am too lazy if it is just me. I have always been this way. I am used to the crowd when eating (8 brothers/6 sisters).
Avatar f tn Let me break it down for you ladies. I am a type one diabetic, controlled blood sugars, and just started my third trimester today! I also got a call, about a job I applied for months ago. I will be starting next week, its only a cashier position, and the manager knows I'm pregnant. I'm just stressed that I won't have the energy, or that I'll lose control of my sugars, but my husband and I so desperately need this extra income!
Avatar n tn doctors want me to lose40 pounds before other medical treatment can be done they want me on 1600 calories a day diet I'm diabetic and have to watch crabs and sugars can only have 2000milg salt per day my liver is shot I have to be careful of to much protein and fat I'm on a list fore a new one plus other treatments exercise bike my only work out choice any normal diet plans
8369322 tn?1397830269 I still dont know what drugs your taking or what your eating... as I said carbs raise BG ALL carbs whole wheat will raise your BG almost as much as plane wheat. I dont know what diet your folowing other than "this site" Well I just looked up "Diabetic Recipes: Super Bowl snacks" this is diabetic freindly food? NUTRITION FACTS PER SERVING: Calories: 232, Total Fat: 3 g (1 g sat.