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Avatar n tn My opthamalogist has stated that my eyes are extremely healthy and show no sign of diabetic complications. I also have a great deal of lower back pain due to sitting and being overweight and sedentary. Does the problem I am having with the tingling in my foot, and the burning on the top of one toe, sound as though it may be pre-diabetic related? Thank you.
Avatar f tn I've modified my diet, and that hasn't helped any either. Now I am swelling up around my eyes pretty drastically now too. my eyes hurt. They actually feel swollen. Is there a direction you can point me in as to what might be going on with me? What type of doctor/test need to be done to help figure out what is wrong with me. I've had my kidneys tested and they are working normally. I am miserable. Any ideas? Could have the c-section started all of this?
Avatar f tn Am I the only one who has been fighting peripheral Neuropathy in my feet and no can seem to find the cause, I have had I think every test there is to have to try to figure out whats going on, I am a 39 year old mother of 2 who seem to have to many medical thing going on for my age, I'v been fighting peripheral neuropathy in my feet now for 10+ yrs, I get burning, tingling, acking, in my feet, and the heat is crazy when iver I put any shoes on my feet it feels like the oxigen is being cut off in
Avatar f tn In patients with generalized neuropathy (most common cause is diabetes, but there are many others) or a specific neuropathy of the autonomic nervous system (such as pure autonomic failure) the nerve supply to the gut can be disturbed. A gastric emptying study will be helpful in determining if you have slow transit (likely due to decreased nerve supply). If this is the case, then promotility agents such as reglan or erthyromicin.
Avatar m tn My mother is real sick with neuropathy but thats another story all eyes are on her right now because she cant do anything with out some one helping her. I have lost most of my jobs through out the years and always end up working for my dad. But he is self employed so I have no insurance and just find my self destroying my life away I feel guild as hell because I have to beautiful kids witch I love the most and I just cant break my habits. Someone plz help me.
Avatar n tn Patients on amlodipine on the other hand, sometimes report abnormal sensation in the legs but mostly associated with “swelling”, and not associated with neuropathy. ACE inhibitors are widely used, specially in diabetic patients who usually have a higher prevalence of peripheral neuropathy, and worsening of neuropathy on patients caused by these medications is not common. The fact that the side effect is not common does not mean that what you feel is not related to the medication.
Avatar n tn Hi Dear, The tingling sensations can be either due to some nerve compression like disc compression around neck, cervical disc. It can be due to spinal arthritis or due to diabetic neuropathy. Treatment involves neurotin and vitamin b complexes.
Avatar f tn Neuropathy is neuropathy, and it makes no difference where it came from, altho if a medication or chemotherapy or an injury has caused this, once you remove the issue, the neuropathy will usually go away. The way to go with this is THERE ARE treatments for this, including the nerve pain medicine Lyrica, I take it and have peripheral neuropathy in my hands and feet, but despite feeling more comfortable, I still have numbness and some swelling.
Avatar f tn His mother has insulin dependent diabetes as well as his oldest sister, who has suffered retinal neuropathy and lost her eye. My daughter is of healthy weight and eats fairly well for a child her age. We take vitamins and minerals, fish oil and probiotics for healthy digestion. Lately she has been complaining of her hands hurting when she wakes up in the mornings. I ask her if it is numb kind of hurt or just an ache (growing pains possibly)She also has been complaining of headaches.
Avatar f tn Floaters/Flashes in front of eyes, black spot in front of eyes. Pressure sensations on skin. Pressure sensations on head. Trouble swallowing food. Twitching etc... worse when I am tense. Can you damage your peripheral autonomic nerves with Anxiety/Panic Disorder. This has all started in relation to anxiety.
Avatar m tn I have chemo-induced neuropathy in my feet, resulting in the same peripheral neuropathy just like you, and I have your same indescribable symptoms. I used to have it in both my hands and feet, and talk about a burning pain, hurt SO much to use my hands or walk on my feet, and they were swollen, discolored, and kind of numbish.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with Diabetic Neuropathy it is the last disease you get when you have unstable sugar levels, It is one of the most horriblest pain I have ever had.I have lots my senses for telling between hot and cold , when I want a coffee i get someone to check if I can drink it.I was wanting to know what other treatments then narricotes I am on morphine then my DR Stupid takes me off well you all know what happens yes i went nuts from the pain.
Avatar n tn He said I have poly neuropathy, which generally means I have neuropathy all over my body, but her refused to do anymore tests. I have been told to see an infectious disease specialist and/or a rare disease specialist. I am in so much pain, mine is not just burning, it is pins and needles, stininging, tingling and then followed by itching. I have forgotten what it feels like to feel normal. I cry a lot, it is my only help, other than when I can get to sleep. This is no way to live.
Avatar n tn It depends on the cause of the peripheral neuropathy Peripheral neuropathy can cause denervation of joints, which over a long period of time can lead to joint destruction from repeated trauma (charcot joint), this process is usually painless though The same disease process could also cause muscle pain, or painful involvement of nerves higher up in the leg or arm, for example in the setting of diabetes or alcohol excess.
Avatar n tn Acetyl L-Carnitine (3 grams; 2 divided doses) Evening Primrose Oil (3 grams grams; 2 divided doses) and Alpha Lipoic Acid (600 mg; 2 divided doses). Now, I do have to tell you it didn't produce magical results overnight. It took a good three months or so to really make a difference. But the difference is indeed significant. I still have some occassional low-level numbness and tingling, but it is nothing more than a mild nuisance at this point.
251991 tn?1239299630 How many of you out there have Neuropathy problems along with Thyroid? If you do give a breif description of the problems and what type of thyroid problem you have. If enough of us out there suffer from this then maybe the Endo's would relate to it, as we can print this out and take it to the Doctor with us. Thanks for participating.
362692 tn?1248642793 I am always thirsty and drink tons of water, but I have been that way since childhood. Mother was diabetic, but I am not.
Avatar n tn After all my experimentation it was marijuana that actually helped reduce pain in my lower extremities in my legs and pressure behind my eyes. I don't suffer from neuropathy but the potential is always there. When i was younger i did stuff for fun, now it's more for pain and stress relief. Most people come home after work and have a drink, which is very very bad for diabetics. Sure smoking weed isn't the best thing either but their are upsides to the actual THC, just wikipedia THC.
Avatar f tn Does anyone have these issues more in cold weather? I have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. No one has been able to tell me what the underlying cause might be. I don't have diabetes though I have strong family history of both type 1 and 2. I did have a high A1c result (6.1) which my neurologist thought was high for someone without diabetes, but I did pass the Glucose Tolerance Test.
Avatar m tn _______________________________________________________ David, I do know that 600 mg daily of Alpha Lipoic Acid (thiotic acid) is prescribed both for prevention and reversal of diabetic neuropathy. thebody.com may still have a good ALA data posted--it's been a while since I looked. I hope this contributes in some way to your speedy recovery from these effects. All best!
Avatar f tn I am a Type 1 Diabetic, with serious vision problems, but healthy eyes. Just had an intake with a new optometrist this morning - no signs of optic neuritis, or macular degeration, healthy retina, vessels all look good. Need a prescription adjustment, different rimless frames to help improve my peripheral vision (which is poor) and a pinkish tint to help with the difficulty I'm having reading and watching tv/computer use.
Avatar n tn This occurred acutely 7 weeks ago and was preceded by neck pain of about 10 days duration.
Avatar n tn Other medications that may be helpful include clonazepam (which may enhance the tricyclic effect but also cause some sedation) and carbamazepine. Mexiletine is occasionaly used in diabetic neuropathy. Discuss these options with your doctor. If ever you are interested in getting an evaluation at CCF, call 1-800-CCF-CARE. Good Luck. I sympathize with your pain.
Avatar m tn She is on bloog sugar medications like Metformin, Glimipride and Telmisartan, Amlodipine tablets for high bp Daily. Now, she has many complications of Diabetes including Diabetes Neuropathy, eyes issues like cataracts, osteoarthritis etc. she also has complications in her back/spine. Now, her doctor has not recommend any special multivitamin apart from diabetic die,t.
Avatar n tn Pain is so severe that it feels as if the back of the eyes are tearing apart and I get a bad headache. Doctor said that I may have neuropathy in the eyes and I should see a neurologist. Can this be the case? I know I have neuropathy problems as I have pain in my right heel, my left hand on bottom of finger is semi numb and I have pain in my right wrist, kind of like carpal tunnel.
463897 tn?1468017350 Also, he is hypertensive Hypertensive heart disease and a diabetic Diabetes foot care Diabetic blood circulation in foot Diabetic emergency supplies Diabetic hyperglycemic hyperosmolar coma Diabetic ketoacidosis Diabetic nephropathy Diabetic neuropathy Diabetic retinopathy Hba1c Infant of diabetic mother Necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum - abdomen . At present he is 60% blind and cannot see a distant object. Please help with your opinions on the following concerns:_ 1.
Avatar f tn Are you posting this here because you have diabetes, or suspect diabetes is causing the problem. Diabetic neuropathy could be the cause of your symptoms (but so could other things). Usually diabetic neuropathy occurs after long periods of time with high blood sugar.
Avatar f tn What are his blood sugars? For sure his symptoms could be due to diabetic neuropathy. The best and most effective treatment is to get his blood sugar tested and if he is diabetic to get it well treated with diet, medications and exercise. However, his symptoms could be due to other causes and most important will be for him to see his doctor and to be properly evaluated and appropriately treated.
Avatar f tn Parathesia on various areas of the body, including the face can be a sign of diabetic neuropathy. Your drooping eyelid is called ptosis and this can come from various causes with diabetic neuropathy among them. Mine came about because of my thyroid problems. I have had both conditions. Get your diabetes under control and you will be less likely to develop these conditions (and so will I).