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Avatar n tn In general good snacks would be things like cheese, cold cuts, nuts, peanut butter (on celery, or just by spoon) vegies of any kind which have little or no carbs. If you are concerned about his blood sugar going low at night you might want to have something that does have some carbs such as peanut butter and (sugar free) jam on crackers and some milk. When his basal dose is set correctly, though (his longacting insulin) he should not go low overnight.
Avatar n tn Hi, Good snacks are low carb snacks. Cheese, eggs, cold meats, vegetable sticks with cream based dips, nuts (best are macadamias and other high fat nuts - peanuts and cashews are best limited as they are high carb). You may get used to not having such sweetened foods over time. You may get more ideas by looking at low carb / keto / paleo recipes.
1666434 tn?1325265950 mustard, fresh lettuce • Or, turkey pastrami sandwich, or make a chicken/turkey salad sandwich • Or, fresh garden lettuce topped with chicken/turkey salad mix • 1 small fruit of choice • Sugar free peanut butter sandwich with sugar free jelly/jam/preserve • Tea or water or Hemp milk Dinner • Broiled/baked chicken with lemon juice, basil and oregano sprinkled on top • Or, 8oz lean meat, or turkey, or pork • Cooked brown rice [not the sweet type] • 1/2 cup steamed vegetables, or stir fried • 1
Avatar n tn Hi I am new here and i hope i am not breaking any rules but my question ia about what effects smoking pot (marijuana) will have on my son (20yrs old) who is diabetic. I am not 100% sure that he is doing this but am sure he has tried it at least once and i want to be able to give him all the correct information about the dangers he is putting himself in before i speak with him about this.
Avatar n tn hypoglycemic since I was a kid. I'm non-diabetic and they are unsure of the true cause of my hypoglycemia... though they think that it has to do with several genetic factors. I'm here because I'm hoping someone can answer some questions for me because my hypoglycemia has been really severe this year... I can't say a day has passed without me feeling some sort of major hypoglycemic symptom- to the point where I keep missing classes because I'm simply too sick to go!
Avatar m tn Nuts are a great food -- one of the best snacks you can possibly have. The only down side is they can be loaded with calories. Almonds are among the best and healthiest. Stay away from peanuts. http://www.yeastinfectionadvisor.com/foodscauseyeast.html People with glucose issues also tend to get more yeast infections and that's not good for your immunity and digestion. Peanuts seem to feed yeast, as the above link explains.
Avatar n tn Lunch and dinner for me are typically some sort of fatty meat and plenty of non-starchy vegetables. My snacks are nuts, cheese, vegetables. Hope this is helpful for you.
Avatar f tn Hypoglycemia~Subject:Hypoglycemic or diabetic symptoms in my 4 yr old daughter? After several work ups I am back.Spells do seem to be hypo.We now have a glucometer.The lowest so far was 35,the highest being 250 but very random/sporadic at best!Her endo saw a spell 5 mins after lab work was drawn on her.She fell out first time ever.BG *determined by lab results*at the time the blood was drawn was 66.Fell lower causing spell?
Avatar m tn All nuts are classified as fatty foods, but most have a small amount of carbohydarates and protein in them too. This chart tells you how many grams of carbohydrates and fat are in different types of foods and are grouped by type of food. Go down to the Nuts and Seeds area and you will find the carbohydrates, protein and calorie amounts for the different types of nuts: http://whatscookingamerica.net/NutritionalChart.
Avatar f tn I just got diagnosed with Gestational diabetes and I was wondering what are some easy snacks and meals to prepare? I work 12 hour shifts at a vet clinic, so im definitely going to have to start meal and snack preps.
Avatar f tn Since he is type 1 diabetic, it is a benefit to him if he gets his protein from his foods. The protein helps slow down the digestion of carbohydrates that he may be eating for that meal. It is okay he does not eat meat. Eggs, all dairy products (milk, cheeses, yogurt), nuts (if not allergic) with bread/crackers or in salads, or rice and beans are all good protein sources. Suggest giving him a protein source for all meals and snacks so he will get the protein he needs without protein pills.
Avatar f tn So if your pregnancy is fine so far and Dr isn't worried then just take it easy and just eat healthy snacks like nuts or fruit and vegis and your vitamins. Baby its gonna grow either way. That may be the weight loss baby taking away from your nutrients and such. So just make sure your still getting some Nutrients for yourself.
Avatar n tn My friend who had a baby in December was borderline gestational diabetic, like barely failed, and they put her on the diabetic diet for the duration of her pregnancy. I am thinking they'll likely do the same to you - sorry to say. She basically ate sugar-free stuff and had to check her blood sugar throughout the day. Lovely, huh?
Avatar f tn ) but go for a walk or exercise after. The main thing is not eat too much. Protein helps alot so you stay fuller longer. And protein doesn't break down into sugars later.
Avatar m tn what snacks can replace fruit and veggies? i'm trying to keep variety in the equasion so my husband and i don't fall off the wagon. i'm type 2 diabetic - so i have to be careful.
Avatar f tn The calorie intake for a growing 8 year old is approximately 2000 calories a day that are eaten as three meals and snacks between meals. Limit high sugar drinks/snacks, and try replacing with milk/yogurt or fruit/popcorn/low-fat cheese.
Avatar f tn My son's bloodwork came back with high triglycerides, very high bad cholesterol and very high insulin. He is apparently pre-diabetic, definitely insulin-resistant. I visited pre-diabetes.com and discovered that what I always though was psoriasis on his elbows and palm is probably acanthosis nigricans. His dad has Type II diabetes so my son is predisposed to it. We've immediately changed his diet and increased his exercise regimen.
Avatar f tn Eat regular small sized meals / snacks (every 3 - 4 hours). Snacks/meals should always contain protein and healthy fats - carbs mostly from vegetables, nuts, unsweetened dairy. Thisdm should help keep your blood sugar stable. Are you on any medications? Have you had any testing by your Dr? Do you monitor blood sugar after eating? When are you seeing these lower numbers?
Avatar f tn Hi. If you are diabetic and trying to manage it by controlling your diet, you are going to need to monitor your carbs (how much), and see the impact on your blood sugar - using the blood sugar meter, to make sure you are at or below your targets. Some dieticians will recommend a huge amount of carbs. When I was first diagnosed with diabetes in pregnancy, the dietician told me I should be eating about 250 g of carbs per day, split between 3 meals and 2 snacks.
Avatar n tn If you're diabetic, for example, and your husband isn't, you obviously have very different dietary guidelines to follow. If you're ill in some way and your husband isn't, you either have to agree to eat as you have to eat or to not eat together, which isn't a terrible or uncommon thing.
8369322 tn?1397830269 I still dont know what drugs your taking or what your eating... as I said carbs raise BG ALL carbs whole wheat will raise your BG almost as much as plane wheat. I dont know what diet your folowing other than "this site" Well I just looked up "Diabetic Recipes: Super Bowl snacks" http://www.medhelp.org/diabetes/articles/Diabetic-Recipes-Super-Bowl-Snacks/332 this is diabetic freindly food? NUTRITION FACTS PER SERVING: Calories: 232, Total Fat: 3 g (1 g sat.
Avatar m tn I am not sure why and would like opinions if anyone has any. Here are the facts. I have been diabetic since I was 6 years old and am now 24. I am in good control of my diabetes, A1C is at 7 and I have a diabetic pump. My blood sugars do fluctuate, but not usually severely. About 6 months ago I began to be more hungry than usual. I though it was just that I needed more energy since I've been a bit busier. However, it's been months and I'm still so hungry all of the time.
Avatar n tn And not eating make the liver produce excess glucose. He should be eating snacks that are low carb, nuts or cheese, or celery and cream cheese. Chips sweets and hihg starch can cause high BS numbers. I hope he start feeling better, get that thyroid function balanced and he will.
Avatar n tn vegetables, nuts, fruit, egg, (if you eat bananas only eat a small one). Having a healthy diet will not only help with your sugar control, but will also help you to lose weight and also may help with regard to any inflammation that you have with your arthritis. Although losing weight will not cure any damaged bones, losing weight will help by relieving the stress on the weight bearing joints (hips, knees, feet).
Avatar f tn I don't have gestational. I've been diabetic for 20 years. All the numbers and info is the same. They want your numbers under 125 2 hr after meals. If you're low (under 70) you may feel clammy/sweaty, shaking, heart racing. If your sugar is high (200 and up usually) you may feel nauseous, extreme thirst, frequent urination. If your numbers are high you need to call your doctor. Mine says 200 is the cutoff to call.
Avatar f tn Choose good fats (olive oil, avocado, grass fed butter, linseed oil, chia seeds), protein (fish, eggs, canned/dried beans, nuts, seeds, chicken, red meat, some cheese) and veg (anything, just choose more veg than fruit) over carbs. And when eating carbs make sure they're wholegrain. That's what I focus my meal plans around. That way any extra snacks or indulgences full of sugar or white flour don't throw my diet into carb overload.
Avatar n tn As an insulin dependent Type 11 diabetic who had shoulder surgery last September and went highly adverse effects rom anesthesia, I can say encouragement goes a long way. My A1C went through the roof almost to the levels when I was diagnosed. I ended up in full DKA and in ICU. With hemoglobin levels at over 11 I totally had to change my life and insulin plan. Now finally my levels have stabilized and I am on the right track again. This is my small success story. If I can do it any one can.
Avatar f tn Our FBS will fluctuate constantly throughout the day due to the filling/empting of the stomach and food. To find out if you are diabetic you need to have a Glucose tolerance test taken which is a 3hour test. You are underweight for your height. Recommend a Heart Healthy diet which is a moderate fat diet to help you stay healthy and gain weight. You need approximately 1800-2000 calories per day which is spread across 3-5 meals a day with snacks between meals.
Avatar n tn I drink coffee all during the day and evening. Since becoming diabetic after a bad case of pneumonia almost 3 years ago it seems I stay hungry so I drink coffee (with Splanda and sugar-free creamer) constantly to help curve the desire to eat. Will only coffee affect my glucose reading if that's ALL I have to eat or drink during the 2 hours before I test at night? Once again thanks.