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Avatar n tn I have some very small white bumps on my face next to my mouth. they dont itch at all and they do not hurt. would not had known they were there if i didnt see them. What can these be? i shave that area alot. but i also touch my face alot with my hands.
Avatar n tn Their is a huge dry thing on my side.
Avatar n tn May be pityriasis rosea or viral rash.
Avatar n tn I am having this skin rashes around my lips and around my eyes. It looks white in coulour to me i had it for past 3 months. Actually i neglected it and like a month ago it went away but now it came back i dont know why it gets really really itchy and its spreading under my eyes and lips very fast.
Avatar n tn what you are experiencing right now is not rashes or white rashes its a disease cause by a fungus virus that makes the white spots you just need to buy wart cream to remove it okey thanx
Avatar m tn Hello all, I have had skin issues all my life; sensitivity, widespread fungal rashes, acne...but not for many years no. Until the past few months, I had a couple sugar triggered fungal rashes after consuming high amounts of concentrated nuts mixed with smaller amounts of sugar. I have stupidly engaged in risky sexual behaviour with more than one partner within the past 6 months, I was not thinking... About 3 weeks ago I developed the most aggressive groin rash I've ever had.
Avatar f tn Non itchy red patch appear randomly around whole body, large cluster red bump or small patch behind thigh and around body randomly sometime itchy sometime not, single skin colour or red bumps far apart from each bumps around forearm, arms, thigh and leg, and small itchy bumps on index finger.
Avatar f tn I've been itching for a couple of weeks now, and there are no rashes anywhere, but my whole body's itchy along with my scalp, and I have a couple of bumps in a few places. (legs, hips, and lower back.) when I itch the area that's itchy it turns red and gets puffy and gets white welt type things that itch that are puffy, but it all goes away after a half hour, but gets itchy again later. It's the worst at night and it's the worst on my back, neck, and arms.
Avatar f tn m slightly cold so my skin is flushed a bit red and these pimple-like bumps show up as WHITE against the pink skin. Most are small... less than half a cm... many have little heads on them that if you scratch a clear fluid comes out. They itch slightly but not anything I'd put any medication on at this point. And there are hundreds of them all over my buttocks, arms and legs. There are a few on my back and as I said above, none above my neck or on my stomach or chest.
Avatar m tn Dr. Rockoff, Sometime in June I had oral sex with this guy. About a month later I started getting theses white bumps on the bottom of my lip. The bumps are very obvious. I don't know if it's an STD, but I have doubts about that because the bumps don't hurt nor are they inflammed or anything like that. When I do try to pierce te bumps, there is no pus or liquid, and they just come bacl. I just want these things to go away, but first I need to know what they are.
Avatar n tn I had sex with one friend of mine in past 2months and i used condom all the time beside this one time and about a week after I noticed little bumps, rashes around my penis head and its creating some sort of white layer everyday which I clean everyday, it dont itch,hurt or anything in performance there is nothing unusual but every time I clean it it kills my desire of having sex, what kind of allergy or problem is this? and what type of doctor/specialist should I see if I have to?
Avatar f tn oh yeah and i had white bumps inside my mouth on my bottom lip and i also have bumps on my vulva but not like herpes bumps its bumps under the skin like pimples....i don't have fevers or flu symptoms i have hot flashes somtimes i have head aches sometimes but not all the time like every once in a while i don't have any weight lose i'm eating regularly no dry cough no fatigue no swollen glands no memory loss or anything like that.....
Avatar m tn Just the very itchy rash around my inner thighs, coming up to my waist at some points and then just a few bumps on my ankles and legs. The bumps are red in color (I have white skin), and do not appear to look like blisters. Just bumps that will start itching on and off.
Avatar n tn And there are white uneven bumps surrounding it. These bumps are ā€˜3Dā€™ like. And it sorta looks like rashes. I dont know how to explain this hut the bumps scared me so much and it gets worse if i stretched my labia. It seems like the whole labia is covered by this fungi like whitish bumps. Im so afraid. I cant go to the doctor as it will raises suspicion towards my parents because i had unprotected sex. Was so stupid i regretted it.
Avatar n tn let me fill you i on my skin history ive never had acne or spots to the extent of it been a problem but about 1yr ago i started getting what i thought was insect bites itchy white bumps that had a small head on and on scratching becmae enlarged and red now my cheeks jaw and fore head is covered with them only tiny but wheni itch they bleed but the itch is terrible i have woke to deep scratch marks on my face so i must be itching in my sleep. my hairline is really flakey?
Avatar n tn Now a days i see some red rashes on the tip of the penis and some bad smelling white fluid deposited inside skin of the penis.Now a days no new bumps appear but all small white bumps are still these period(6 years) i had two penis discharge,i have back pain but no fever.I never seen a doctor. so i want to know this is herpes or other std? please tell me i am very much worry.
Avatar f tn I have small, white, blister-like bumps on my palms right now. They're not itchy at all. I was just wondering what these are, because I also had them twice, before. The first instance was when I was taking Tylenol3 last year, and the second one was around Christmas, when I had a few drinks. This week it happened again, right after I had my rashes from drinking something alcoholic. Can anyone tell me what this is?