Skin rashes that itch on legs

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1364874 tn?1277892473 Hi, i have done a very lousy waxing before and cause my skin to have bad rashes. Ever since than, i have this rashes problem for a year. It does not itch, but it will have red spots on my skin at my lower legs. I have seen a lot of doctors and they only give me antibodies to eat and steriod cream to apply. It doesn work until my General Practice doctor give me steriod to eat, 3 days and its gone,,,,,,,,,,, But after a few weeks my rashes on my legs came back again.
Avatar f tn I have noticed that the past few months I have developed a skin rash on parts of my body now I am constantly itching and I feel like its the stress of trying to quit Percocet.. Could it be a health condition due to taking too many perc? I take between 8-10... 5Mg, pills a day I am tapering off to 7 and then goinna go from there down?
Avatar f tn i have been having itching between my legs, not on my vagina, just the skin in area on each side , no rashes or bumps, it feel like its in my skin...any ideas?
Avatar f tn They're on my arms, legs, and mid section
11246063 tn?1420951832 Two days that I'm itching on my back, arms and legs. No rashes though. I took cetirizine thinking I'm having allergies but the itch did not lessen a bit. What do you think it is?
Avatar f tn I have had a inner itch on my legs it is not a rash but it itches very bad so bad that i scratch it till it bleeds.I have tried benedral and lotion but it is still there it has become painful due to me scatching it till it bleeds.A friend told me it was from stess i just want to know what you think.
Avatar m tn I have red rashes develop on my leg and it spreads lower leg only. Some times it will go and again comes. The color changes from red to brown and i feel its similar to capillaritis. 2-3months back I had applied 'Manexil(Minoxidil 5%)' on my skin and does it cause any prob like this? I feel a burning sensation and it increases in day time, especially hot time. Hope you can give advice in this case.
Avatar m tn neck, chest, butt, legs...armpits. i was told it could be bedbugs, but could it it be syphils on the skin? i have had sex in different ocasions but never encountered touching any type of rashes on anyone. i dont know why all of a sudden we are itching and after itching on them ill get a burning sensation, and more at nite. please help.
Avatar f tn It seems to be a different type than the kind on my legs. The kind on my legs were always streaky, and the patterns on my stomach are more swirly and often raised. They sometimes itch a little too. We were also told that it would lighten up into adulthood, and I'm just grateful that at least the areas on my legs have lightened up. I've always been curious as to the possibility of laser treatments reducing the appearance of the pigmentation.
Avatar f tn I have multiple bumps on my inner thighs and I do not know the cause. They appear about 2 or 3 days after I shave, not right away. I don't have them anywhere else on my legs, that is the only place. The bumps cause irritation and if I wear pants that hug my legs they constantly itch. I do not know if the issue is the shaving or if it's from wearing tight pants. I feel that it may be a combination of that and also my skin gets dry easily and is sensitive.
Avatar f tn In two cases, the red rashes turned into permanent scars under my skin which look like skin discoloration. Apart from that, I have reddish and brownish spots UNDER my skin on my right arm near the elbow which are permanent unlike the rashes which come and go, albeit very frequently. The red rashes worsen after I have a bath. I changed my moistureizer and soap to Sebamed and use Johnson's baby shampoo.
Avatar n tn But it will end up healing any rashes and itching problems, poison ivy or any of that stuff too. It will end up healing your skin problems. Just depends on how bad your problem is on how long it may take. You can also wash with it and just let it dry on your skin, then when you start to itch wet it and lather it up again.
Avatar n tn Hi There is a common skin condition called hives or urticaria, which causes red and sometimes itchy bumps on your skin. Hives can occur anywhere on the body such as the trunk, arms, and legs. Hives are usually allergic (food, medication, cosmetics and insect stings) but may also be due to infections and stress. Many a times no specific cause for them is ever found. Most cases are mild and resolve on their own. They usually go away on their own.
Avatar m tn About days ago, we just moved to Canada. And it was really cold, and my legs started to itch so much. I applied rubbing alcohol, and It haven't itched. The following day it was itchy again, so I took a warm bath on the tub, and I realized that there were tiny red bumps on my legs. I don't know if they were present the day before I noticed it. But when It started to become itchy, it was only red and irritated patches.
Avatar n tn For about three weeks now I've been getting these little red bumps on my hands,legs and sometime in back. They sometimes appear in small Cluster headaches and sometimes are single bumps here and there. They are itchy. It often looks like I've been attacked by a bugs. Now last two days i have a fever. It may be caused by BUG ? We have a bed bug problem in house. Generally the rashes disappearing two or three days.
1372757 tn?1305916571 Makes sense to me that the abdomen would be far more sensitive than the leg. My nurse wanted me to start on my stomach, I said no way, I'll just stick with the leg. It's not hard to notice that the skin on my stomach is more tender than that on my leg :-) For the rash, (well, its not really a "rash" in my case, since it doesn't itch), I just basically avoid rubbing it. Make certain not to disturb the area after injecting either.
Avatar n tn i have red bumps that look like blisters on my arms and feet and chest that itch so bad i have tryed everything i started getting it last summer but this summer in the sun in my pool and its getting worse what can i do help i tryed everything the dr said but its not working i dont know what else to do but where a coat or something to cover my body in the sun to stop it from getting worse.
Avatar n tn I had a hysterectomy 10 years ago, believe me my skin is not the same.
2090601 tn?1334515062 I still have some itching, especially on my hands and legs and have to use clobetesol soln. on those spots at times. Once I got on the right dose of Hydroxyzine, the itching mostly stopped and the rash ebbed. I had several different types of bumps and patches. I had pinpoint and pinhead sized bumps that itched like crazy and spread around. I had hives, single hives and hives that ran together and piled on top of each other (and itched).
Avatar f tn ve only heard of the rashes on the arms, hands, n legs. Can the accutane cAuse rashes on the face as well and will it go away post accutane?
Avatar f tn I actually had this aswell along with the body movements, the doctor told me it could have been scabies, but he could not find an, I went on the cream for the month, my rash is gone, but it took three months instead of the total month he said it would take, I also moved house, and found I had an allergy to dust mite. but my mother does not have that since she is a clean freak, I still get rashes,.. My rashes had turned into all over scabs, and my hands ankles legs and tummy area.
960785 tn?1248645096 Approximately 5 years ago, during a time of exreme stress I broke out in hives on my legs ( that is what the doc dianosed it as, I thought they were bug bites). When I finally got a physician to pay attention to it he sent me to a dermatolgist. He said that I had gotten to far into the scatch-itch cycle, prescribed meds that over came the problem 2-3 mos. Now these hives have returned Do I need tranquilizers?
Avatar f tn Peeling of skin is happening on my legs finger both the legs. I involved in sex 12 weeks back since day. But I never inserted my penis and moreover I used condom. I asked one of my physician he said due to socks wearing and swet. And 9 months back I involved with sex partner don't know the status but her 2 - 4 drops of breast milk entered into my mouth there also I did not inserted, I covered her body from ankle to hip with blanket for my self precaution.
Avatar n tn s only on my inner forearms, lower back and all over my legs. Never on my face hands, feet or chest. but it has recently migrated to my stretch marks on my stomach. It always starts out as a couple bumps but then a couple days later is everywhere. Also any time i get it wet and the water isn't scolding hot it makes it itch ten times worse. What is wrong with me?
Avatar n tn I have nothing to show on my legs except scabs from the scratching that never seem to heal entirely, the itch is on and off consistantly, and it is so frustrating.
9246787 tn?1404943147 Wtf! I'm Mexican and my legs don't itch! That doctor is racist or something. How is he gonna say that a symptom or condition exist because of race. Smh!
Avatar f tn Everytime I get an itch and I scratch, it burns terribly bad especially my legs and arms. Has anyone experienced this?
Avatar m tn Here is the reply from another site - I had the itching legs after removing my compression socks (brand name removed) I started wearing compression socks to prevent leg swelling on long flights while traveling for work. I noticed that sometimes my legs would have the impression of the sock weave on the skin surface and the itching would sometimes drive me mad.