Skin rashes that itch on legs

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Avatar f tn I have been feeling better however after recieving the antibiotics beginning with amoxacillin, I have been getting red blochy rashes on my neck, chest,back, and biceps. My rash does not itch but does feel very hot. Most importantly my rash will appear for no longer then 10 minutes and then dissapear. Hours or so later it will come back in the same spot with minimal if any swelling. I was wondering if any of you guys/girls could help me out. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Have these rashes that appear on my skin. They come and go. Usually show up every couple of days, and then they disappear within four to five hours. These ashes usually itch and I try not to rub them. They first started showing up three months ago and I thought they would disappear but now they are starting to occur more frequently. Recently had an STD test and got a shot just in case, and the test came back negative.
Avatar f tn They're on my arms, legs, and mid section
2090601 tn?1334518662 I still have some itching, especially on my hands and legs and have to use clobetesol soln. on those spots at times. Once I got on the right dose of Hydroxyzine, the itching mostly stopped and the rash ebbed. I had several different types of bumps and patches. I had pinpoint and pinhead sized bumps that itched like crazy and spread around. I had hives, single hives and hives that ran together and piled on top of each other (and itched).
Avatar n tn I had rashes the first two months, then it cleared up, and now it's back again. Wonder if it has anything to do with allergy season? i get red dots on chest and back.
Avatar f tn I have noticed that the past few months I have developed a skin rash on parts of my body now I am constantly itching and I feel like its the stress of trying to quit Percocet.. Could it be a health condition due to taking too many perc? I take between 8-10... 5Mg, pills a day I am tapering off to 7 and then goinna go from there down?
Avatar f tn Within the past 2 years I notice then spreading all over my body, on my arms, back, all over my legs, just everywhere. They itch, burn, puss and bleed, it is starting to affect my daily living. I wish I knew what it was, I believe it may be MRSA, but I am not possitive, any suggestions would be much appriciated.
Avatar n tn Are skin rashes on the lower legs normal with Hashimoto's? I've suffered from them for around 10 months and they are so itchy and uncomfortable. Thyroxine has had no effect. Does anyone have any treatment suggestions? Also, I have occasional very severe hair loss - does this improve over time with thyroxine treatment?
1364874 tn?1277896073 Ever since than, i have this rashes problem for a year. It does not itch, but it will have red spots on my skin at my lower legs. I have seen a lot of doctors and they only give me antibodies to eat and steriod cream to apply. It doesn work until my General Practice doctor give me steriod to eat, 3 days and its gone,,,,,,,,,,, But after a few weeks my rashes on my legs came back again. Every month i will have to take steriod to control this problem, I HATE IT ......... if there any solution?
Avatar n tn Over the years, I have had a somewhat constant, somewhat itchy rash in my pubic area, and over my upper legs and pretty bad on my stomach. It looks basically like zits, but has never been worse than that first time. Sometimes b4 it appears, I feel tingles or numbness. I also have had testiculitis, have taken antibiotics, and it has largely gone away, but sometimes still get pain in my groin. (1) Any ideas on what this rash can be?
Avatar n tn For the past month, rashes have devloped on my arms, thighs, legs and lower back. The rashes are light red in color and it itches alot and the surprising thing is that the more I stratch my skin, the more itchy it becomes and more rashes would appear. I have been prescribed 3 different kinds of medication from a doctor but nothing seems to improve. First I was given kestine, then clarityne and lastly prednisolone. I was also given a steriod jab before the doctor prescribed prednisolone.
Avatar f tn I have had a inner itch on my legs it is not a rash but it itches very bad so bad that i scratch it till it bleeds.I have tried benedral and lotion but it is still there it has become painful due to me scatching it till it bleeds.A friend told me it was from stess i just want to know what you think.
Avatar n tn When I was 7 months pregnant I got a really bad rash on my lower stomach and then it continued down to my legs and on to my arms. It got so bad, that during the nights I was awake for hours just scratching away at my legs, stomach, and arms. After my baby was born, the rash on my stomach went away and the icthing on my arms did too. It's now been 4 months since my baby was born and the itch on my legs still continues. I tried all sorts of creams and ointments but nothing seems to work.
Avatar n tn At the same time I also have a different kind of rash (hive like) mostly on my back and stomach. This one is real itchy and the ones on my legs don't itch. I know this can be from cryo which I tested postive for prior to tx but am now undectable (which I've heard can be false). I cleared at week 11 for the HCV as well. I'm awaiting biopsy results but am very anxious. I've had this for 3 weeks now.
Avatar f tn Have you taken any new pills recently? I had a similar reaction on my legs. They have pigmented areas that remain that way after I had a very itchy rash only both legs and then my legs swelled up and the skin peeled off. It was an allergy to a topical steroid in my case. The doctor said it was contact dermatitis. I was given a different class of steroid to get rid of it and I finally did but still have the hyperpigmentation. I hope that it goes away.
Avatar n tn Hi Skin rashes that occur during pregnancy can be non-specific (such as due to allergies, medicines, insect bites, skin infections, viral infections, parasites, tumours) or rashes specific to pregnancy called as specific dermatoses (skin disorders) of pregnancy. The various examples of pregnancy rashes are PUPPP - (pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy), papular dermatitis of pregnancy, prurigo gestationis, herpes gestationis and rarely impetigo herpetiformis.
Avatar m tn i tested for hiv at 7, 8, 11 weeks it came back negetive.. but my rashes doesnt go... Aslo wanted to add that my skin is very sensitive... and also i am suffering with scalp psoriasis, for wich i m using clobetasol and salicylic ointment in morning and coal tar solution & salicylic acid in night which works only till its application is effective.. Kindly advice me... i am freaked out...
Avatar n tn And it will happen one day - at some point in the day each part of my body will itch and come up in a rash. Then I wont itch for perhaps 2 days. This has been happening on my hands, ankles, arms, back, neck, legs and its driving me crazy! Any ideas?
Avatar n tn ihave a rash i have had for 4 months ,i have been given steriods 6 different times and they don't help i itch in the evenings and at night terrbly so bad that i bruse my legs i seen a dermatoligest and he saysits dry skin i am keeping lotion on it but nothing helps can you help me ,could it be a food allergy
Avatar n tn For about three weeks now I've been getting these little red bumps on my hands,legs and sometime in back. They sometimes appear in small Cluster headaches and sometimes are single bumps here and there. They are itchy. It often looks like I've been attacked by a bugs. Now last two days i have a fever. It may be caused by BUG ? We have a bed bug problem in house. Generally the rashes disappearing two or three days.
Avatar m tn They are typically clusters of itchy bumps that puff into bigger bumps when I itch them, and are sometimes red and sometimes not. I originally got them on my inner thighs, but they appear also behind my knees, on my arms mostly by my elbow joints and armpit areas, and also up my biceps and triceps area. I also get them in the upper chest, and occasionally on the neck. I apply hydrocortisone, which takes the itching away, but the rashes can take up to three weeks to go away.
Avatar f tn ( it comes out in rashes sometimes even little lumps and it only appears on my lower legs i occasionally itch on my arms and back but nothing as bad as my legs, my legs are such a state that i gey a burnin feelin when i go in the bath or sometimes even touch it.
Avatar n tn I have no rashes or bumps that I can seem to find. It will suddenly go away for weeks or months and then come back. It is VERY uncomfortable and going to the GYN has been a waste of time. They have tested for STD's and nothing. I switched to Aveeno body wash and that has not helped. Could this have anything to do with using a waterproof vibrator in the shower? That is the only thing I can seem to correlate this with. What should I do??? Thank you for your help!
Avatar f tn did anyone get a rash on their legs & feet? It doesn't itch, it looks like little red freckles, I have tried to find this as one of the many side effects to the injections,but no luck.
Avatar m tn I have recurring rashes that appear in clumps/clusters every so often on my biceps and arms, the inside of my elbow joint, inner thighs near my scrotum and near pubic hair area, and sometimes on my neck and upper chest. They never appear on my back, face, actual genitals, and rarely occur on my lower legs. They are often slightly red unless they have been scratched, and are clustered granulated spots that are slightly raised.
Avatar m tn My wife suffers from a severe condition since she was a little child. Skin rashes that come and go, on her arm, legs, face, all over her body. They are red, ich a lot and and the skin peels off like it was dust. We have spent all the money possible (and impossible) to figure this out. We've been to all sorts of doctors, who have suggested many different causes such as food allergies (lactose, gluten, fruits and the list goes on...), psychological problems, stress, fungus...