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Avatar n tn bumps that become red when constantly itched on her legs and arms. Are skin rashes associated with this disease? I know dry skin is a symptom? Help...shes miserable.
Avatar n tn Are skin rashes on the lower legs normal with Hashimoto's? I've suffered from them for around 10 months and they are so itchy and uncomfortable. Thyroxine has had no effect. Does anyone have any treatment suggestions? Also, I have occasional very severe hair loss - does this improve over time with thyroxine treatment?
Avatar f tn I have severe dry skin on my upper arms back head stomach neck and face the skin flakes off like I'm shedding like a lizzard also I have red races over my body as well. Whenever I get wet my skin becomes extremely dry like its being pulled back on myseelf. It started as a red rash on my neck and has progressed to this. I've been to the doctors and dermatologist none of them know anything they put me a anti fungal cream which seem not to be working any ideas of what I may have?
Avatar n tn After the recent loss of my wife's mother she has suffered from what first seemed an allergy but has carried on during contact with animals & swimming. Doctors have prescribed numerous creams which have not worked. Always face & neck. Firstly her skin starts to itch & stings- swelling then takes place-then the skin appears red & flakey. My wife is allergic to certain animals but has never reacted to animals or swimming pools in this way.
Avatar f tn Yes, people with Hashimoto's Thyroid disease can get rashes, flushing, raised skin, dry, itchy skin. Here is a good article about auto-immune disease and rashes. http://www.urticaria.thunderworksinc.com/pages/whatis.
Avatar f tn Omg what should I do I peeled my skin and I hurts I wish I never had put toothpaste on my skin what should I do
1756621 tn?1312588753 Hello, It can be due to insect bite or some form of itchy skin rash which has got infected due to scratching. For these rashes, do not use any cosmetic products at the sites. You can apply some calamine lotion at the rash as it will help in soothing the skin. Also take some antihistaminic like Benadryl. If the symptoms persist then get an evaluation done from a dermatologist.
Avatar f tn I can tell when it's starting because my face becomes hot in those areas and turns red. My face feels like I have a sun burn. After a few days my skin in those areas will actually peal. The occurrence's are becoming more frequent and more severe. I have tried many over the counter creams and many prescription steroids, topical and oral. Please help. PJ This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/239889'>Rashes on face?</a>.
Avatar n tn Hello, Without examination,it is very difficult to confirm a diagnosis,but it can be due to tinea barbae,folliculitis or dermatitis. Tinea barbae is a superficial dermatophyte(fungal) infection that is limited to the bearded areas of the face and neck and includes inflammatory, deep, kerionlike plaques and noninflammatory superficial patches resembling tinea corporis or bacterial folliculitis. Folliculitis is the inflammation of one or more hair follicles.
Avatar n tn My facial rashes started as a little round skin redness on my left cheek then it gradually spread to the rest of my face. Sometimes they itch and when I wash my face even without soap, my face gets so sore. My primary physician prescribed an ointment called mometasone furoate but it didn't help. The rashes continue to spread. Sometimes when I wake up, the rashes are so dry and itchy and there are scales or something like dead skin peeling off.
Avatar f tn com/arthritis/ss/slideshow-lyme-disease WebMD Mar 5, 2014 - WebMD's Lyme Disease Slideshow provides up-close pictures of Lyme disease rashes and the ticks that can carry the disease, along with ... Lyme Disease Symptoms and Treatment - WebMD www.webmd.com/rheumatoid-arthritis/arthritis-lyme-disease WebMD Picture of Lyme Disease Several of the patients reported having a peculiar skin rash just before developing arthritis symptoms, and many also recalled being ...
Avatar n tn She's had no symptoms up to this point and her liver biopsy showed no signs of cirrhosis or cancer. She has had a facial skin rash on the sides of her face, neck and around her mouth for a year and a half. The dermatologist is perplexed and doesn't know what it is. Ofcourse she wasn't aware she had Hep. C at the time. Is this facial rash a symptom of having Hep. C? She says it feels like it's coming from undrneath her skin or from within. Not so much on the surface.
Avatar m tn I'm a 19 near old Caucasian male living in the UK that has problems with my facial skin. This will be quite extensive. Ever since till about age 17, my skin has changed for the worse. I used to have oily skin that looked very nice and was easy to maintain with cleansing the skin twice a day. Even doing so did not require a moisturizer at all. About one year ago my skin turned from oily to dry in a month.
Avatar m tn I keep getting these flesh colored oval shaped skin rashes on my face between the cheek and side of nose. they seem to be mirror images on each side and they look raised and irritated. when i try to treat them with washes and lotion like cetaphil it just ends up looking like blotches and i lose pigment in that area on my skin. then they crust over and the cycle repeats. was just looking for any advice to treat this condition.
318975 tn?1193830080 no pimple scars no rashes,,,i mean I look always blooming, but when I saw little rashes, I didn't stop until now, funding a solution to cure it. I don't know if I am allergic to something, but I just couldn't believe that I have it at my age. Aside from that, most of my pimples appear at my back and chest. How will i get the remedy for this. I am hoping that you can help me, because I am really so conscious about it. Thanks and waiting for your soonest reply.
332929 tn?1210079468 hi,l have had a face full of rashes and l have been to a skin dr and got some tetracycline medicine.now tha l have stopped taking them,since l am planning to get pregnant and the medicine might cause some defaults,l have had an intense rash on my face and some on my neck too. l have tryied lots of soaps and beauty products and nothing seems to work,l am 28 years old and my face looks like that of a teenager. what is happening to me?any advice would be highly appreciated.
Avatar m tn Hi, i'm an 11 Year old boy, and have noticed over the past 6 monthes or so, i've gotten a Non Itching Facial Rash, it is ONLY on my cheeks, my nose is normal, around my eyes is normal, but only my cheeks have it. Also, when i first noticed it, it was on my legs, in fall, and my parents took no action! I also have non raised, non itching red dots on my upper arm, around the palm of my hand, on the top of my hand, on the sides and top of my feet, and on my legs.
Avatar f tn He gave me prednisone and told me to contact my dermatologist. The prednisone was like a miracle drug. The rashes disappeared after a few days and my skin was clear and normal again. But they came back after the pills were gone. This time I went to my regular dr. She gave me prednisone too and said to call my dermatologist. I was going around in circles.
Avatar n tn also adviced me not to apply any make-up because the protective layer of skin is gone, and I may become infected by something. My skin is also more open to germs and disease and I would hate to have a disease growing from my face!!! Please help me!!!