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1714226 tn?1308628705 hi, I am a 1 1/2 year post liver transplant patient. My advice is to see a GI specialist who focuses on liver disease. There are a series of diagnostic procedures they would recommend if warranted. If liver disease is confirmed then they should request blood labs to determine a MELD score. In a nutshell, this can become very overwhelming but I am trying to reassure you that there many steps to take before determining the worst case.
1714226 tn?1308628705 Hi, my name is Patty and I am 29 years old. To say that liver disease runs in my family would be a huge understatement, for my grandmother, aunt, and my father have all died of cirrhosis of the liver. Neither of the 3 were alcoholics either. Since the age of 18, I have had routine checkups and blood work, keeping a close eye on my liver function and health. In January of 2010, I was diagnosed with gallbladder disease and had surgery to remove it.
Avatar n tn The problem is that there is a warning on about possible liver damage, and to use caution if you have liver disease. Am I'm still considered to have liver disease as an SVR, should I be concerned about taking Trazodone? Thanks for your help.
Avatar n tn My TSH levels were done it was in the lab normal range. My question is whether tiny raised skin rashes and swellings are side effects of b12 injections and bralix tabs. I have never taken these medications in life prior to this.
Avatar m tn As you have stated in your post you have other conditions and diseases other then hep C and liver disease. I can only comment on your hepatitis C and liver disease. Most of the symptoms you mention are NOT symptoms from your liver disease. So you need good doctors to manage all of your health issues.
Avatar f tn Liver disease? Whether or not you have liver disease depends on how long your liver has been injured. An ALT of 124 (maximum range is 38); AST of 265 (maximum range is 40) and my Alkaline Phosphates were 139 (maximum range is 126) indicates liver injury when you had the test taken. " My question is can I have a liver issue going on and have a normal ultrasound? " Yes. An ultrasound can only see when liver disease is advanced and you develop cirrhosis or liver lesions.
Avatar n tn Someone told me that the total protein loss could be from liver/kidney damage. Can you see any association with the Grover's disease diagnosis and the rest of the information that I gave to you to be indicative of something that you have seen in the past? If so, what tests might you suggest having done. The dermatologist told me that he has seen only one other lady with Grover's disease in his life and he is about 75 yrs old. I would appreciate any information that you have.
Avatar n tn My anxiety went through the roof, all of the lymph nodes in my body (neck, arms, armpits, groin) were painful and sweating, night sweats, severe muscle pain/stiffness, eyes ached, rashes, little red pin dots on my skin, and just a feeling of terrible mallice. I thought I had a serious STD, but at 5 months out everything came back negative. I was complaining a lot about my lymph node pain and so the doc ordered lupus, mono and lyme disease blood tests, all came back neg.
Avatar m tn I am 30 year male,facing generalised itching problem on my body since last 6 months,After scratching the surface,itching seems incrasing and then the skin rashes red spots in patches appear on the skin. .This itching can appear anytime during the day or night(while going on bed),This problem is more experienced after bath and in the evenning. Itching is experienced on almost any part of the body and if touched more itching is needed followed by red rashes in the affected area.
1714226 tn?1308628705 Hi, my name is Patty and I am 29 years old. To say that liver disease runs in my family would be a huge understatement, for my grandmother, aunt, and my father have all died of cirrhosis of the liver. Neither of the 3 were alcoholics either. Since the age of 18, I have had routine checkups and blood work, keeping a close eye on my liver function and health. In January of 2010, I was diagnosed with gallbladder disease and had surgery to remove it.
Avatar n tn Hello, Itchy skin that isn't accompanied by other obvious skin changes, such as a rash, is most often caused by dry skin (xerosis). Other conditions cause itchy skin as well. Skin conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis and hives, internal diseases like liver and kidney disorders, diabetes, iron deficiency anemia, irritation and allergic reactions to chemicals, wool, soaps, cosmetics and certain foods can cause itchy skin. You can apply an anti-itch cream or lotion to the affected area.
Avatar m tn I know now not to even call it a liver disease. It doesn't pass from liver to liver. It passes from blood to blood. If we could just seperate the blood disease from the stigma of being somehow 'dirty', maybe then we would see some real research. Like AIDS was considered a 'life style' disease and so much time was wasted on 'life style' issues instead of the AIDS virus. Now AIDS is a pandemic disease that is mostly sexually transmitted in Africa.
Avatar n tn Yellowness of urine can be due to concentrated urine for which I would suggest you to drink more water and if the symptoms persist then consult a physician for any liver disease. Hope it helps .Take care and please do keep us posted in case you have any additional queries. Kind regards.
Avatar m tn I get bad itches with no signs of skin irrritation or rashes. These itches usually last about 10 to 30 minutes before subsiding scratching usually doesnt help. These itches happen on the top of my feet and ankles, tops of my hands, wrists and forearms, and scrotum the most and usually one area at a time not everywhere when these ithches come on. These itches are the worst in the morning and early evening usually not bad when I am sleeping.
Avatar n tn dry mouth, folliculitis, pains in mouth/apthous ulcers, pain under right rib, odd skin burning (like dry skin, red - transient on arms and thighs), scalp pimples, lost some weight but gained it back, light diarreha, odd node pain in arms and groin ... massive anxiety. From July 06 to present - I have had multiple HIV 1&2 EIA and PCR, Urine, HSV I&II, Hep, Syph, Chlamid, Ghon and CBC Blood work/liver work every month. All negative, normal.
1290681 tn?1272076630 Hi, I have been suffering from an unknown skin rash condition. The rash started appearing on my right breast/lower arm pit (when I was 30) and it spread to my lower abdominal, then behind my thighs, knees...neck, upper arm, lower arm, collar bone over the last 3-year time. I never had these rashes on my face, but they started appearing over the past 2 months above the neck. I have seek various doctors' opinions, but this rash remains a mystery and no doctor can provide a firm diagnostic.
Avatar f tn You certainly could have HCV from transfusions and that can cause skin rashes. Continute collecting information. Don't panic yet! DTD PS Rheumatologists treat autoimmune diseases!
Avatar n tn Hi - I was wondering if anyone else experiences skin problems. I have terrible itching from time and time and sores that break out on my upper arms and at my wrists. Very frustrating. FYI, I have Hep C, geno 1, grade 3 liver damage. Tried Peg-interferon (wish I wouldn't have) and am now on Dr. Zhang's (out of New York) herbal regime. I have had Hep C about 30 years and feel very good overall. The primary side effect for my is fatigue, but not to a dysfunctional degree.
Avatar f tn Hi all. I'm trying to find out what's causing all of my symptoms. I have chest pain, eye pain & burning, skin rashes (sometimes painful), fatigue, sinus pain, headache, left ear ache, shortness of breath, occasional sore hands and feet, loss of appetite, and weight loss (no complaints with this sign). I have a history of asthma, allergies, IgA deficiency, mild chronic sinusitis, high lipoprotein (a), and mild tricuspid regurgitation.
Avatar m tn The lesions, sores, and skin rashes created by Morgellons disease are reported not to heal well, therefore leaving large discolored marks and blemishes on your skin. The fact that doctors and medical pathologist refuse to recognize Morgellons and ignore reports of the disease is making life unbearable for many, simply because they are not getting any meaningful treatment for this disease.
Avatar f tn Is your skin or whites of your eyes yellow? There is a condition called autoimmune hepatitis. It is defined by (1) liver disease consistent with chronic active hepatitis; (2) absence of evidence for active hepatisis virus A, B, or C infectio; and (3) a positive ANA or other autoantibodies associated with the syndrome. Even using these criteria, only 10% of patients with antoimmune hepatitis fulfilled the American College of Rhematolgy criteria for lupus.
Avatar f tn joint pain would return. *December 2013- January 2014 -No more fever -Skin rashes come and go mainly on upper thighs, butt, lower back sometimes light or mildly on hands, rashes last from a few hours to a day & reappear either everyday on upper thighs, butt, & lower back. Sometimes rash feels itchy on butt for 10min after working out but overall rash is not itchy. Mild rash around wrist and top of hand.
Avatar n tn Symptoms of the ankylosis spondylitis ..……………………………….23 14. Are there any physical signs of liver disease from alcohol? Also, can liver disease cause any coordination problems?.....................................25 15. What structures are likely to be damaged by a stub wound ill the region of the porta hepatic?........................................................................25 16. Jaundice……………………………………………………………………….25 17. What causes liver disease and how to prevent it? ……………………26 18.
Avatar n tn If an internal disease is found, whether it's kidney disease, iron deficiency or a thyroid problem, treating that disease often relieves the itch.Lastly,Phototherapy can also be tried. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional queries.Kind regards.
Avatar f tn Please I would like some advise on how to control my weight. I have Hashimoto Disease a thyroid disorder. I seemed to grow regularly taking it off is something else. At 54 it isn't getting easier ..*smile*.. Four days a week my husband and I do the basic Pilate stretching exercise for 40 minutes. We also just started walking around the reservoir 4 times a week about a 2 to 2.5 walk. When not able to walk around the reservoir I walk on my walker for 20 minutes a good pace.
Avatar f tn Hi All - I have been experiencing yellowing skin and eyes, the eyes are barely noticeable, but the skin is definitely not in its normal skin tone. I recently got result from my gastro and they were normal ok for the AST and ALT, however bilirubin total was at 1.5 which was high. Did a CAT scan and my liver appears normal with no inflammation present. There is however after the CAT scan they noticed a thickness in my stomach lining, which upon getting an endoscopy, gastritis was found. Had H.
Avatar f tn No, I haven't got any other organ involvement thank goodness. Occassional joint pain and some skin rashes. The tiredness gets to me but since been on the steroids been feeling fab. It is all really confusing at times. Have noticed a lot of members seem to know exactly what all their blood results are. Did you get copies of these from rhuematoligist. Hope you get on ok and speak to you soon.
1815939 tn?1377995399 My skin remained dry and I had lingering rash issues, especially psoriasis type rashes. (I did not have rashes prior to treatment, but I had major problems with all sorts of rashes during treatment.) The peripheral Neuropathy seemed improved after treatment but then gradually worsened again. Since I know that Hepatitis C can cause autoimmune disorders, I was very concerned that Hepatitis C had left me with an autoimmune disorder. So, I consulted a Rheumatologist at the University.
Avatar n tn I have extemely itchy skin but NO rashes. It started on my arms behind my knees and my inter legs. What can I do to stop the itching. My girls are also having this problem now.
Avatar m tn To anyone experiencing elevated liver enzymes and itchy skin, have any of you been sleeping on a memory foam mattress? We purchased a memory foam mattress about 11 months ago, within a couple of weeks I had itchy spots on my scalp. I tried changing shampoo but no difference, Dr prescribed cortisone cream without much effect, itchy spots started to appear on my torso, forearms, thighs, ankles and backs of hands. Bright red pin prick rashes appear on inner thighs.