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Avatar m tn I have been getting skin rashes from my early childhood. These Rashes tend to come mostly during the Summer months of the year. They usually seem like a mosquito bite. They first occurs behind the ear, then around the neck, head scalp and spread to the back. Finally i get them even in my face. They are very itchy . They usually seem to have a cycle like 24 hours. They start by afternoon and get intense by evening and disappear while i sleep. The body gets heated up so much during that time.
Avatar m tn There are certain other non-pharmacological measures which are equally important in treating atopic dermatitis.
Avatar f tn I know how that is!
Avatar f tn s mostly my head that is itchy but so is my body. I have no hives or rashes or scaly skin. Dermatologist gave me a medicated shampoo and said it could be dermatitis. It doesn't help at all. Already went through 2 bottles of it. I am beside myself. Can I have something wrong with me internally? Can stress cause this itching? I take benedry, but it doesn't help. I have cortizone cream but doesn't help. Don't know what to do. Any answers out there???
Avatar m tn This happened to me on the same day when I have GERD. Is it normal to have this skin rashes after GERD or this could be Shingles? Please help.
Avatar n tn And after a day the problem of her skin rashes just disappeared. So it all seems it was the new detergent that was causing the problem! Thanks a lot for the help.
Avatar m tn hi..... I have odd type skin rashes or swelling..... I live in cold county(canada). I get rashes only in the hands(from fingers to wrist only) that too only if go out only. Inside the house,I'm pretty normal. but once I go out(where the temperature will be in minus) I get rashes only in hands which is not covered, rest of my body will be covered with jackets and winter shoes. so which made me to think. whether this rash is because of the climatic change (this sounds really weird).
Avatar f tn I was on the hospital yesterday.
Avatar n tn After the 8 weeks from the exposure brown and black skin rash developed in my back side, neck, and arm-phits. Some time some rashes in red. No itching. I have also white coated tongue. But no flue like sympthem.
Avatar n tn my son is 12yr old he is having white rashes spot on near the eyes and near mustache. applying lotion like hydrocortisom 1%wm but no difference pls advise This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/239889'>Rashes on face?</a>.
Avatar f tn For two years I have suffered from a skin rash which mimics scabies. I have had various tests including biopsies. The rash now covers my entire body and itches a lot. For many years Ihave been on thyroid medication for nodules on my thyroid. Could the rash be related to my thyroid? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Skin rashes</a>.
Avatar m tn I and other volunteers see a lot of posts regarding symptoms after an exposure. Some are minor such as a rash or a swollen node to "HIV like" such as a cluster of fever, sore throat, sores and body aches. Keep this in mind that as humans we are covered or exposed to germs, common viruses, and fungus which we all carry. This is called the "the biome" which is the invisible part of our environment.
Avatar f tn I was on the hospital yesterday.
4950316 tn?1394184585 Only 5 days in on triple tx, with Incivo (incideous I call it), and I'm getting rashes inside my arms etc. As my nurse says it's too early for the Incivo rash, is this a Ribo rash? If so, do they last the length of the treatment, or come and go? And when may I expect the Incivo rash to come a knocking (IF it is!)? Also, you talk about Tylenol, which here is Australia it is Paracetamol, is this without codeine?
Avatar n tn Its prob. stress or your skin is very dry from all the water! And your stomach probs. You might just have a week stomach and can't handly spicy and oily foods! When my dad turned 40 he had to change everythng about his diet! If it keeps bothering you then I would go see a doctor! Good Luck and God Bless!