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Avatar n tn There really is nothing that needs being done about it. It's no secret that SNRI drugs such as Effexor, Pristiq, and Cymbalta do have a higher risk of what is called Discontinuation Syndrome. SSRI's can also be nasty buggers to discontinue. Paxil being one of many. I hear a lot of people complain about antidepressant Discontinuation Syndrome, but I never hear then speak of the flip side. I used to take Effexor XR at 300Mgs a day for about 4 years.
Avatar f tn Not working again anaway!
Avatar f tn I am in the process of changing from 75 mg. Effexor to Lexapro after 4 months on effexor. My Dr. said for one week to cut down effexor to 37.5 and take half a 10 mg. Lexapro. Then second week to take half the 37.5 and 3/4 pill of Lexapro, then stop effexor completely and take the full 10 mg. of Lexapro. I also take 1 mg. Klonopin three times a day and 50 mg. Tenormin for the MVP/anxiety. For the first 10 days I felt great. Very relaxed, sleeping great and no anxiety at all.
Avatar n tn My husband will be going on antidepessants and I would like comments on Lexapro and Lexapro vs Effexor Xr. All comments are heplful. Thank you!
Avatar n tn Never rush coming of psych. meds. I'm on Effexor, as Citalopram didn't help.Am on it for life, as I've relapsed several times, only to end up in Psych. Hospital. Consultant insisted that it is in my best interest to remain on Effexor 150 mg as a 'maint. dose. Along with 3.75 mg. of Zopiclone (sleeping tablet) Since I've not quitted Effexor I can't answer your question. Take longer than you are tempted to before you quit.
Avatar f tn I was on that for 12 years and loved it, it pooped out on me last year and I am just starting it again!! I have also heard Effexor XR is good for anxiety and panic!!
Avatar m tn If you want to know why it this works, a big part of it is the half-life of the medicine (Effexor is 3 hours vs. Prozac 70 hours....short half life means far worse withdrawal). Second is the receptors that Prozac hits vs Effexor which ends up reversing the withdrawal effect. Then when you finally get off Prozac it just slowly fades away over a 7 day period out of your body without any withdrawal.
Avatar f tn memory pproblems, trouble focusing, brain fog, brain zaps, muscle twitches all over my body, balance issues, mood swings, and bone crushing exhaustion and body aches. I am just now thinking that all of this started within two months of coming off Effexor XR, I;ve been off for 9-10 months and it;s not getting better. Blood work was normal except low Vit D. Lyme test came back clear.
Avatar m tn But they wanted to see what had the best effect so they even tried me on Effexor XR, I just switched overnight and actually was okay except for a few minor side-effects. I then had the crazy idea, after five years I decided maybe I should quit this stuff all-toghether? I had been on the Effexor for several months at this point, and felt okay for the most part but didn't want to be dependant on this type of stuff for the rest of my life. I was worried about what the long term effects might be.
Avatar f tn Have suffered with Anxiety and Depression for the last 4 years, in that time I have been on Lexapro,Effexor and Cymbalta. About 8weeks ago Idecided to taper off Cymbalta as have felt that the medication seems to worsen my symptoms as well as making me extremely tired - I could sleep up to 16hrs a day which is not good with 2 young children.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have been on Effexor XR for 3 years and I have gained about 40-50pounds, most when my dose was increased to 225, now I am on 75mg b/c I'm getting ready to wean off the medicine in a couple of weeks,and I haven't lost anything yet. My eating habits have not changed and I exercise. I have always been underweight and I could eat whatever I wanted...I'm only 26 years old...I know my metabolism has changed some, but not enough to pack on 40 pounds.
Avatar m tn I have taken in the past Zoloft, Paxil, Effexor XR, BuSpar, Ativan, Xanax, Wellbutrin. I hate SSRI and SSNRI's they make you lose yourself and lose emotion. Like a robot. I won't take them, no matter how much a doctor tries to downplay the side effects. i'm 23 years old, and have had drug problems in the past.
Avatar m tn it was very good for my social phobia but I had panic on it, don't know why... The PDoc put me on several antidepressant meds... Effexor-Xr, Cymbalta, Pristiq, older TCA's (Imipramine, Nortriptyline, Despiramine... I react very badly to all of them...). We try also the Prozac, Remeron and a lot of them that I don't even remember the name... The xanax became a big problem and I had too much memories problems as well as muscles cramps and pain all over my body...
Avatar n tn I take 150mg of Effexor XR everyday. I ran out of a script and couldn't get in touch with my doctor. Since it was a Thursday night, I decided to get off the meds by using the weekend to battle any withdrawal symptoms. I had been taking Effexor for six months and thought it had done its job. Although my doctor warned me to NEVER discontinue without tapering under her supervision, I ignored her advice. I figured I might feel some fatigue, perhaps a bit depressed. But I could handle it.
Avatar n tn the weight gain with effexor and then even more so with lexapro. I was on effexor for approx a year+, then on lexapro for only 3months...I started to gain weight and it's taken me 7 months after not taking any of the meds to lose 7 pounds. I've always been obsessive with excercise and dieting, yet none of this has helped....soooo frustrating. I just got back on prozac and the weight is starting to drop...
Avatar n tn My doctor just added Wellbutrin to my medication regimen: Effexor XR and Klonopin. I was given the general version, Budeprion XL 150 mg. Is the generic as good as the brand name? Thanks.
Avatar m tn Probably people have died of heart attacks from Effexor at 3 am and no one knows it. In the past, I have refused drugs like Prozac, Zoloft and Paxil. Both my parents committed suicide. I did not want to take any addictive drug, or a drug likely to cause suicide. I do not take any illegal drugs, or cigarettes or alcohol. My doctor assured me that Effexor was non-addictive, and posed no suicide risk. Now I am reading that Effexor has been linked to addiction and suicide!
Avatar f tn //www.*************.com/anxiety/c/question/69804/36013 I emailed my doctor to swap me over to the Brand Name Effexor no matter what it costs and I'm hoping he is okay doing so. I will let everyone know how this all turns out! The sad fact now is that after all these turn of events, my fiancé is content with just one baby.
Avatar n tn I am supposed to switch from celexa to effexor xr I have no sex drive and have gained 65 very unwanted lbs this last year since quiting crystal meth and two major surgeries after four months smoke free I started again. I took effexor on the past and it worked for me I did have flu like symptoms when I ct from it. Did I read the tread wrong are ADs addictive?
Avatar n tn He changed me to Effexor XR. It worked okay for the depression part but I continued with mild panic attacks. I was sent to a psychiatrist. He added xanax to help with anxiety. I then however started to have short term memory loss. So the Doc. put me on Zoloft. It worked great for my depression and anxiety however I packed on 25-30 lbs in a month. I was constantly starving on it. So he decided to try me on Celexa which I have been taking for the last 3 months.
737515 tn?1252556023 Probably Prozac or Lexapro. But you answered your own question -- everyone is different. Prozac does seem to have the least chance of the ssris for weight gain. With the tricyclics weight gain is rarer, though it can happen, but then there are other side effects such as dry mouth and constipation. Look, these meds are affecting your brain, they're all going to have some side effects. The question is whether they do more for you than against you.
Avatar n tn These certain Anti-Depressants, which work in wonderful Synergism with Ativan for controlling this Disorder are EFFEXOR XR and PAMELOR. Thanx for this forum, I hope to hear from some of you all, soon.
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Avatar n tn Now she's suggesting Effexor, Prozac, or Zoloft which aren't given to treat ADD. What is my doctor thinking? I guess I have a lot of questions for my next appointment. I have made one decision; I'm not taking Effexor, Prozac or Zoloft. I plan to ask for a higher dose of Wellbutrin but, I'd like to know how long it takes to start working before I do this. My doctor seems to think it should start working fairly early after you start taking the drug, but I don't trust her.
724811 tn?1291434386 I would have said that my Effexor XR (several years) has not had that effect on me. But possibly, I no longer can judge objectively. It sounds like you're doing quite well now and I hope that continues for you. I too left my spouse amidst depression and know that both guilt and confidence can accompany such a decision. Be well. Now I'll look up Pristiq. It's remarkable anyone can wean themselves off Effexor.
Avatar f tn I am right there with you. I take Effexor XR and feel like it's not working but I also know I am mourning the loss of my drug. I am a lost little soul right now just plugging along. Like Vickie said it takes 2-4 weeks to kick in. I would say if it doesn't seem to help at all either try to increase back to 40 mg or go back and try something else. I do know a lot about antidepressants from personal experience as well as being a psychiatric nurse for 20 years.
Avatar f tn As I'm also on Abilify, Lamictal, and Effexor XR and have a very hard time losing any of the weight I really need to lose, I talked to her about it, and she ended up giving me a script for Metflorpen. It's a med that's technically for pre-diabetics, but is often given to people dealing with *severe* weight gain from side effects. It changes how the body uses the calories that we eat. I would definitely as your doc about the weight gain, and ask what they would recommend.
Avatar f tn I had a very bad reaction of mania with anorexia with the Effexor-XR and same thing happen with the Pristiq and the Cymbalta... Also, my autonomic nervous system tend to be overstimulated easily by all the meds who touch the NE receptors... Maybe that's why I have a problem taking the Paxil cause it's the only one SSRI who affect the NE (noradrenaline)?... But anyway, I try the Celexa again in january and even at 1 mg I had a very fast pulse rate...
20003388 tn?1515169640 Provigil is the only stimulant type medication that keeps me awake and doesn't cause anxiety and or panic attacks. I do also take Prozac and Cymbalta but the Prozac and Cymbalta are blunting the effect of each other due to liver enzyme competition. I am tapering off the Cymbalta and will be asking for a dose increase of my Prozac tomorrow since I'm only on 20 mg.