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Avatar n tn My experience has been that Wellbutrin makes a good addition to Prozac. Paxil made me really, really tired. But that is just me,ymmv...
Avatar n tn Like Paxil, Prozac is a Serotonin Specific Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI), and is not structurally or chemically related to Wellbutrin. You can start Prozac the next day after your last dose of Paxil.
Avatar n tn I just tried Wellbutrin because I read that it had fewer side effects than others and may help lose weight (and I had just tried Cymbalta and Effexor and didn't like the side effects)...I was a little hesitant to try Wellbutrin since I had success with Prozac in the past, which works on Serotonin (like Zoloft) and Wellbutrin works on Dopamine (a completely different drug)...
Avatar n tn Wellbutrin is not an SSRI (Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) like Paxil, Lexapro, Prozac, Zoloft, Celexa, and a few others. Wellbutrin is an NDRI (Norepinephrine and dopamine reuptake inhibitor) which may not be what your body needs. There are different TYPES that work differently with the brain chemistry. After thorough testing from a mental health profession, such as a psychiatrist, they should be able to tell you what type of medication would be the best fit for you.
Avatar f tn Change in my living situation seemed to do more for me than Paxil ever did. I would suggest Wellbutrin or Prozac if you really need something. (I had tried Wellbutrin...helped me stop smoking, but made me combative...or maybe that was just deciding not to let people walk on me anymore!!) Good luck!
Avatar m tn I took Wellbutrin for almost a year. It made me a MAD woman! I hated everyone, everything and myself. If you are having any problems on this, you need to call your Dr, and have them place you on something else. I was changed to Cymbalta. It is in a different class of Antidepressant and is sooooooooooooo much better. It even gives me more energy. I take 120 mg and it sure has helped with the MS fatigue. Best wishes to you.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Wellbutrin for the past 2.5 weeks. The first seven days I was taking 100mg. The next seven days I was taking 150mg. Since this past Friday, I've been taking it twice a day (150mg at breakfast and 150mg at lunch). Last Monday, I experienced a migraine like headache and this past Friday and Sunday I experienced the same type of headache. I am very frustrated by this because the Wellbutrin has made me feel better, but it scares me that I'm getting these headaches.
Avatar n tn Your research is correct that enough studies have not been done to list antidepressants as completely safe. They are all more "compare pros vs cons" with respect to pregnancy. My dr prescribed wellbutrin for me after my first trimester, during which he said he wouldn't have given me anything.
459689 tn?1276573743 I do have one concern, Zoloft is supposedly better for anxiety than Prozac, and I have even heard that Prozac can make anxiety worse. I am confused and dont want to become addicted to having to have a sleep aid, but I start back at my evil (did not used to feel that way) corporation this Monday. I just want to sleep and not stink and not yell at my wife and be sooo agitiated, is that so wrong? I would appreciaite any feedback from the community. This forum has been a life saver for me.
Avatar n tn I was put on 150mgs of Wellbutrin XL roughly a month ago. In addition to Wellbutrin XL, I was also taking .5mgs of ativan 2x daily prn, 150mgs Straterra, and 100mgs Lamictal before bedtime. Shortly after taking the Wellbutrin, I began to feel very irritable and angry towards others.
Avatar n tn While it may be prescribed for bulimia I know quite a few people who have gained weight on Prozac, it is much cheaper than Wellbutrin and is one reason why it is prescribed more often. I am not sure if you are in any type of therapy at all but, it has done a lot for me and my self image. Weight gain is something that has always concerned me because I was overweight as a child and if Prozac id supposed to help depression the side affect of weight gain depletes the purpose.
Avatar m tn Yesterday morning I popped my first Wellbutrin XL. Wellbutrin for those neuro pharmacologically healthy is an AD (antidepressant). First time with ADs, and as mentioned in a previous thread, it's not so much I feel *depressed* as feeling a lack of motivation to get back to what is left of my former life.
Avatar n tn I have a friend that took wellbutrin and it killed his sex drive. Don't know if that matters to you, but maybe that's a side affect?
Avatar n tn For depression with hypersomnia (oversleep), an AD like prozac or wellbutrin might be a good first choice. Most ADs cause weight gain. Wellbutrin usually does not. But, wellbutrin can exacerbate anxiety. Effexor affects people differently. It makes some people tired, makes others more energetic. You can decide for yourself whether your depression is caused by environmental factors, or whether it is "endogenous" or coming from within.
370801 tn?1264408618 Thankfully, with coming to terms of acknowledging my depression - I can start to see that maybe life is not as dreadfully doom and gloom as I always feared. I went off of Wellbutrin a few weeks ago after being on it for 6 months, and I was okay for the first week or so... but then I slipped.. as I told you things came up that triggered dreadful feelings for me.
822153 tn?1333066595 Hi tomskat, I just posted on the depression forum that I noticed a difference in Prozac and the generic form (fluxientine sp?) Prozac worked wonderfully for me were the generic form didn't do me any good. I spoke with my doctor (not the one who perscribed either med to me) about this and she agreed and said the generic Prozac is not as effective. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn I am going to suggest that you talk to your doctor about Wellbutrin. It has the least amount of sexual side affects. I am on 300 mg XR of Wellbutrin and have no sexual side affects whatsoever. I did when I took prozac. It is not an SSRI but rather it alters other brain chemicals other than serotonin. I take it for anxiety and it works very well for me. Just a thought.
Avatar n tn I would suggest getting off the paxil while you have a chance. I've been on paxil for 5 months, 25 mg. & decided to switch to wellbutrin & the side effects are killing me. I'm missing work, my family is beside themselves with my mood swings & sickness. I've been reading the internet on paxil withdrawls & it's not a pretty story, infact, there's a class action suite against GSK the manufacturers of paxil for not revealing the severe withdrawls.
Avatar m tn However, if you are on an anti-depressant (SSRI) like paxil or prozac, it can cause sexual disfunction. I am on klonopin, however, I use only as needed which is once every couple of weeks (also on buspar and paxil daily). I do not know if there are less side effects than xanax. I do know, however, that xanax is only supposed to be prescribed for short term use and as needed. Klonopin is for long-term daily use. I am sure someone will post here to help you.
Avatar n tn The thoughts disappeared after sleep and stopping the zoloft. I started prozac then went off to try wellbutrin. Now I discovered the reason I have snycope is due to my low blood pressure a tilt table test showed. The vomitting and pain is due to lazy gallbladder. I feel good emotionally and feel all this was the gallbladder and blood pressure. I want to go off wellbutrin after surgery but they suggest anti depressants for 4-9 months. I feel great though just since I dont vomit.
337492 tn?1212462436 I spent the weekend with my folks and my mother and I got into a discussion about natural suppliments to help depression or BP. She has depression and supplements her Prozac with Vitamin D, especially during winter because of lack of sunlight. I started with Vit. D myself this weekend. Anyhow, I then got to thinking, where is the largest concentration of people with Bipolar disorder?
Avatar n tn 2) Am I better off with Paxil/Zoloft + Wellbutrin or Buspar, or is my non-reaction to Wellbutrin a sign that it wouldn't do much in combination w/ Paxil? 3) Any other drug/combo better for my condition and side effects experience?
Avatar n tn People get so bent out of shape about drinking with hcv, yet most of us had the virus for decades without knowing. Therefore, we were probably drinking (unless we never drank at all) with hcv. I've never been much of a drinker - got drunk a couple-three times in college and hated it.