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Avatar m tn Prozac stays in the body a long time, whereas Paxil leaves the body very quickly. That means Prozac is much less likely to have withdrawal effects than Paxil, but then, so do most meds! If you're treating depression, they are theoretically interchangeable, but the reality is, everyone is different. Paxil seems to be stronger than other ssris, possibly because of its larger effect on choline receptors, which accounts for some its difficulties.
Avatar n tn how long must I be off Paxil before taking Prozac? Can I take Paxil on a Tuesday, then switch to Prozac on Wednesday? I'm a fearful pill taker and would appreciate any advice!
Avatar n tn Said that it is not as addicting and will help me through the paxil withdrawl. ??? He said give it a month and then stop taking prozac and getting off prozac is much easier because it stays in your system longer. I am soo sick of taking pills. I went there for help and I left with more pills. Whatever..
390848 tn?1215807661 when i became an adult i learned that all ssri's made me feel depressed, and out of control, also lost my sex drive on them, but when i was prescribed them as a teen i was just to young to make the connection i also know a ton of people who take prozac and it really helps them, prozac is like the fisrt defense when it comes to treating mental illness, shrinks usually start with an ssri and if that doesnt work they add a mood stabilizer, then move onto anti-p's i know for me, when i take ssri's
Avatar f tn My doc was willing to let me try Paxil so I left with a script for Paxil. I wonder if I should've tried the Prozac. I had a doc tell me once that Paxil causes significant weight gain. Should I have tried Prozac? I don't want to gain a bunch of weight or stay tired all day long. However, I can't take anything that is too stimulating, because it'll make me too jittery.
Avatar n tn I suffer from severe depression. I have currently been on Paxil for 2 and a half months now (For the last 6-7 weeks I was boosted up to 40mg a day of Paxil that I take early in the morning) and my side effects are getting worse.
337923 tn?1423328772 It's not to hard to get into character. I just switched from Paxil to Prozac because of the bloated Zombie effect that I was clearly being typecast for. Anyone have a favorite AD?? I feel so crummy its hard to tell if they are working. Take good care of yourself, Connie.
Avatar n tn I remember when I read the initial instructions, for Zoloft, there was 52 weeks time limit. No elaboration on what if you use it longer, when you get weaned is there any withdrawal symptom, or relapse of condition. I'm 68, suffered stress-depression for a long time. The 1st medicine was Doxoepen, then Prozac & Paxil before Zoloft.
Avatar n tn However, I was forced to take Prozac for about a year, and it made me overly hyper, so I was switched to Paxil. I took Paxil for about two years. I quit taking it almost cold turkey during winter break in eighth grade because I did not like the effects it had on me. I was completely unaware of the dangers of this action, because my doctors had told me that Paxil is safe, has no side effects, is not addictive, and has no withdrawal complications.
459689 tn?1276573743 That brings me to last November I could no longer handle the depression and anxiety and doc put me on Prozac. I had NO feeling at all for about the first week and a half, then I started to feel much much better. My anger and obsessions subsided and I was a new man, my co-workers even started to comment on how much I had changed. I had an all is right with the world feeling.
Avatar n tn For depression with hypersomnia (oversleep), an AD like prozac or wellbutrin might be a good first choice. Most ADs cause weight gain. Wellbutrin usually does not. But, wellbutrin can exacerbate anxiety. Effexor affects people differently. It makes some people tired, makes others more energetic. You can decide for yourself whether your depression is caused by environmental factors, or whether it is "endogenous" or coming from within.
301302 tn?1197381128 Prozac is probably talked about more in the depression forum vs the anxiety forum since it is an anti-depressant. Prozac is now sold as a generic drug since the patent ran out in the 90s. Just my opinion, but I would not say anything is specifically wrong with Prozac or that a newer anti-depressant is better or worse. It depends so much in the individual and how they react to a drug, what their symptoms are, etc. I would imagine your body (brain chemistry) just go too used to Prozac.
Avatar n tn Looking back it was not that bad, but at the same time I was diagnosed with depression. After trying difernent meds including Prozac, my doctor settled on Paxil. It was pretty new at the time. I battled with my parents and doctor over the idea of being on meds for the rest of my life. But I excepted the fact that I was a different person on Paxil. I continued to gain weight during high school which fed my depression. I thought that just how I was to be.
Avatar m tn The panic attacks are worse than they were before I went on Paxil, and I never had such a morbid depression, ever. These are new things without any trigger other than following discontinuation from Paxil. I know I'm probably an extreme case, or at least I hope so for others' sakes.
416625 tn?1203292598 I have struggeled on and off with depression/anxiety..but I am trying exercise/diet and suppliments. I have tried prozac YEARS ago...and Paxil....paxil made me a I am trying everything else before the celexa....the psychiatrist said....I don't think SamE will work for you (I asked) and I really should try celexa.......I feel like they really push AD. anyway..
1128643 tn?1262487249 Prozac, Zoloft, Effexor, amitryptiline, Paxil, trazadone, Serzone...all but MAOIs. They either had no effect or the averse effects outweighed the positive (zoloft kept me afloat by making me numb to all feelings altogether). Finally, in 2003, I was in a study for treatment resistant depression and Lexapro quite literally saved my life. I was later switched to Celexa for financial reasons. I had no problems transitioning and have taken it for the past six years.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed (by a very respected psychiatrist) Ativan for my anxiety disorder, and Paxil for my depression. The first two weeks or so I felt better enough to actually get out of bed and get a job (I think it was only due to the Ativan, not the paxil the ativan lets me calm down enough to do interviews, etc).... But then I had a freak out at my job, and just couldn't get out of bed the next day (depression).
341953 tn?1209485491 I have been on Paxil and Prozac. I gained 60 pounds. SSRIs, in my opinion, make you fat. Benzos, I did not find very addictive at all. My addiction is to opiates. I prefer benzos for anxiety. Ativan levels out my social anxiety and a small dose of Xanax lets me stop thinking at night so I can fall asleep. SSRIs did not help me one bit. Bad thoughts were just pushed away a little, but always there. Benzos banished them so I could function.
Avatar n tn I just tried Wellbutrin because I read that it had fewer side effects than others and may help lose weight (and I had just tried Cymbalta and Effexor and didn't like the side effects)...I was a little hesitant to try Wellbutrin since I had success with Prozac in the past, which works on Serotonin (like Zoloft) and Wellbutrin works on Dopamine (a completely different drug)...
Avatar n tn My doctor prescribed 300mg of Wellbutrin with the Paxil. It has worked for me - no panice attacks and no depression. I tried to get off of Paxil because I don't want to be dependant on 2 types of drugs, but after 3 months of weaning myself off Paxil, I began to get panic attacks and felt horrible, so I'm back on 40mg of Paxil w/ the Wellbutrin. Works great!
Avatar m tn However, if you are on an anti-depressant (SSRI) like paxil or prozac, it can cause sexual disfunction. I am on klonopin, however, I use only as needed which is once every couple of weeks (also on buspar and paxil daily). I do not know if there are less side effects than xanax. I do know, however, that xanax is only supposed to be prescribed for short term use and as needed. Klonopin is for long-term daily use. I am sure someone will post here to help you.
Avatar f tn He said I could try Paxil or Prozac but Paxil is known to cause a lot of weight gain and they both can have interactions with other drugs and not so good on the liver. What do you think? If I can't get Lexapro covered what would your adice be? He is letting me decide.