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Avatar f tn I work for an airline and sometimes lift 50lbs bags at check in. I've heard lifting heavy weight can be bad and lead to miscarriages. However I've also heard that because I have done this job for the past 2 years I should be fine because my body has adapted to it. I told management and they said the only thing they could do is congratulate me...
Avatar f tn Trying to take protein shakes but The only good thing is it's my typical bulking season so pregnancy is find gaining weight and I can cheat more then usual.
550943 tn?1330731180 Does anyone know of a good source of information i can get a hold of for continuing weight training during the first trimester of pregnancy? I know there are benefits and want to do it properly. Background: I want to TTC again after my miscarriage and I am currently walking five days a week and weight training three days a week.
Avatar f tn alight. ill try and eat better to then..
Avatar f tn I'm overweight and have been working hard to lose weight (down 30# thus far). I just found out that I'm pregnant again. I am thrilled but terrified by how this will effect my weight loss goals. I don't want to sacrifice my baby's development for my desire to lose weight so I'm going to keep working out but want to do so safely. Are there any strict guidelines for working out during pregnancy? I keep finding contradictory information. Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn Well my thing is I want to lose maybe 5,7,or 10lbs from my pr-pregnancy weight which was about 140lb. I guess more or less just lose my tummy or make it tone and slim my waist. I have seen amazing before and after pictures from breastfeeding alone. I have always planned on breastfeeding my baby just because it is healthy for her, but I also read that exercise release toxins into the produced milk. How will that affect my baby and should I just not exercise?
429615 tn?1204508080 So I basically stuck to Yoga, Pilates and light weight lifting. I was 13 weeks and hadn't gained a single pound. I think the exercise helped and just try and remember to eat healthy...your baby is being fed everything you put in your body so try to think about that and reward yourself every so often so you're not shoving bad foods in your face. But Yoga and Pilates are safe and great for your body and mind. Good Luck and Congrats!
Avatar n tn I have stopped my weight gain by drastically changing my eating habits and lifting light weights while doing aerobic type exercises, but I still haven't lost the weight I had already put on. Now that I have been exercising regularly for a couple of months and trying to eat light snacks 7 or 8 times a day, I am not craving sweets or carbs the way I was before. For me, it seems more important to build some muscle in the arms, shoulders, abdomen and legs, than to spend hours a day walking.
Avatar n tn and adding light weight lifting..and even then I mostly stay even or lose a bit and I mean a BIT at a time.. Good luck..sure seems like the short end of the genetic straw to me!
Avatar n tn I would say that it is a 50/50 chance whether you would lose weight in the long run as the product wasn't designed as a weight loss product. (but I'm not a doctor so your dr. might be able to tell you what to expect).
Avatar n tn I have digenerative disc disease and my neirologist just prescribed topamax, he said it would help with the pain and tingling but could result in weight loss. I am wondering if prescribing topamax for ddd is common among neurologists? I can't seem to find any other information related to topamax as a pain med, only information I have is that it's a powerful drug with lots of side effects, most not so good. The weight loss aspect is the only plus...
Avatar n tn side was indeed shedding its lining and that the baby side had a very active fetus (YAY!). This is my second pregnancy and I never had any bleeding through out the first (my son is 4). This baby is on the other side than my son was though. I knew I was pregnant about a week before AF came because I was SUPER tired and my girls were REALLY sore. but every woman is different! I had a positive test the day before AF was supposed to come. Plus I got pregnant 2 weeks after I got off the pill.
Avatar n tn To update everyone-I had another ob apt. last week. I am about 8 weeks along & had a 2nd brief ultra sound. The tec reported again the baby has attached "where it is supposed to be." The heart beat was 175 bpm (nice & strong). It's amazing & I am still in shock! The dr. said I should see a specialist which they advise anyone over 35 who is pregnant or who had an ablation. She also told me to see her in a month. If I make it another month I will be in my 2nd trimester.
Avatar f tn Just to add on my comment on May 23, 2008. I had my fibroid surgery 2 years ago and trying to get preg after got better from the surgery but no luck. I think HSG played a big role on positive preg test result. Just an opinion...Who knows!
Avatar n tn This is my second pregnancy, during my 1st I stopped working out and regretted it. I am currently doing 3 cardio and 2 weight classes a week.
Avatar n tn I'll be 46 at the end of this month & just moved to a new state so I don't have the luxury of knowing any doctors. In the last 1-2 months I suddenly gained 40 + lbs & look pregnant. That seems to be where the weight all is. A urinalysis proved negative for pregnancy on Monday & with my 3 grown kids I did not gain this much weight &/or so fast. I just look pregnant & feel "full - heavy - tired & short of breath" most of the time.
Avatar n tn I conquered an extra 30 pounds about 4 years ago and was really proud that I had a fit pregnancy and only gained about 33 pounds. I thought my weight issues were behind me but no such luck. I am comforted by the fact that my daughter and I are both happy and healthy. Good luck to all!
Avatar f tn The doctors told me that Im fine and healthy and that the abdominal pain is normal for alot of women. Before pregnancy I used to exercise about 2-3 times a week. I feel awful now. Im always tired and I get out of breath. I take my dog for a walk for an hour a day but it just feels like its not enough. Im really scared of misscarrying the baby if I do my normal exercise. I took up a prenatal yoga class but it doesnt seem to help. I feel lazy and tired and out of shape.
6346533 tn?1441302647 Hello and welcome to our encouraging and supportive community. First, let me congratulate you. My pregnancy was 18 years ago but it was just yesterday. I did not know about my Chiari then, and I had a pretty easy healthy pregnancy. The birth (vaginal) was definitely a defining moment in my life - not like anything I had ever experienced before. Do not let anyone scare you with war stories; some people really love to talk about suffering.
Avatar n tn I went today for my first week weight check and my second weight loss for my first week is 9.5 pounds!!!! Anyone else using Phentermine and B12? I would love to hear how other people have done on these meds. Good Luck to everyone trying...I want to hear your story!
93210 tn?1287457826 I then miscarried a child and during that pregnancy I lost 20 pounds from nausea and I lost so much weight. I got to a size 2. In my late twenties I went up to a size 8 and stayed there until I got to my mid thirties and blew up to a size 12. At 37 I got pregnant. My second pregnancy in my entire life and gave birth at 38. Now 39 and my daugther will be 2 in October. I am between a size 14-16. I feel so fat. I hate being the weight that I am. I don't know how to lose it.
Avatar n tn I am 25 married only for a year and not really mentally prepared for a pregnancy, but my period is a week late and I just did a pregnancy test which can out negative.I have no other symptoms like nausea ets. but dono what to expect!! Its the holiday season and all labs are closed and I dont kwno how to handle this curosity!! Thanks for the usefull comments as they make me feel there are more people out there in my situation.
Avatar n tn Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions or comments? This is my third pregnancy and I am 38. My last child was born almost eight years ago and this one was unplanned. I was taking Orthotricyclen when I got pregnant and took it daily up until I found out I was pregnant, basically at 5 1/2 weeks.
Avatar n tn So, it is also possible you could be receiving a positive result due to the Ovidrel shot, not due to pregnancy. Wishing you the best of luck.......I am rooting for you!!!
Avatar f tn Does anyone do pregnancy workouts? I try to do them every other day!
Avatar n tn I have been hypothryroidal for about 5 years now, and currently take .075 mg. of Levoxyl daily. I just had my thyroid tested last week, with a Free T-4 of 1.3, and a TSH of 2.04. Ever since menopause, about 2 years ago, I've developed severe allergies and I also have been steadily gaining weight. I've always weighed between 112 & 118 lbs., and am now 143 lbs. I exercise daily by taking a very vigorous 3 mile walk/run and also do yoga & a bit of weight lifting for 1/2 hr. daily.
Avatar f tn ) if your not used to heavy lifting then avoid lifting anything over 60 pounds or anything akward to lift like moving a bed or couch that would cause strain to ur body
802547 tn?1237850517 Gaining muscle and bone strength through weight-lifting type exercise may help a woman in her 40’s reduce the risk of muscle and bone loss that typically affected women of her mother’s generation. Dr. Michael Dansinger, Lifestyle Medicine Physician/Researcher, Tufts Medical Center, Boston. Nutrition and fitness advisor to NBC’s Biggest Loser.
Avatar n tn Is this true should I had been on bed rest longer???? Was told pregnancy test will be done 14 days after transfer. I cheated did a home test 10 days after- mid morning (not 1st urine) came back negative-is this a false negative did I jump too soon could i still be pregnant 3days from now???????
Avatar n tn so I would suggest to just do your cardio, at a lower rate then you normally would, and when you see your dr to confirm your pregnancy, talk to him about what he suggests. I've seen pregnant women do weight lifting but they have to be very careful so I would say hold off until you talk to a dr and maybe use a personal trainer.