How much pregnancy weight is baby

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Avatar f tn OMG my weight went from 146 to 149 in a couple days I seriously hope it is water weight. I am pretty bloated right now too. This pregnancy I am more watchful on my weight because of how much I gained last time. I don't want to gain to much this pregnancy and it just looks like it is inevitable.
Avatar f tn It is so hard to lose weight, especially if you.
1969424 tn?1353020641 I just a picture of my bump and I can't believe the scale is saying I have not gained weight...I look huge (but happy to be huge)! Laila is growing so that is a good thing, but I didn't realize how much my belly has grown. I still have 21 weeks to go, Oh boy!
Avatar f tn My pre pregnancy weight was 110 I'm 17 weeks and weight 106 I got down to 103 and just started gaining a little back. My dr is not concerned. As soon as your morning sickness passes and you get your appitite back you will start gaining slowly.
107860 tn?1302926740 This is a good question for your Dr. ONLY they can decide personally how much you should be gaining. Some women need to gain more than others, some are ok to gain less. I'm 37 weeks and have gained 15lbs and when I was 7 months I had only gained 5-7lbs and my Dr. was ok with that, but it's different for everyone, and your Dr. needs to tell you what's best!
Avatar f tn I am young so I am very scared about this but now that I know what the baby is I am a little bit more excited. I hope that with each day I get more excited especially seeing my belly grow. I worry about after I have the baby if I will loose the weight I gained during.Although I was terribly sick and lost alot alot of weight I still worry about it. I am now back to the weight before I got pregnant and almost half way done, not quite but by week 20. It will be interesting.
Avatar f tn My weight is normal and I'm 22 weeks I've gained 12 pounds. Your doctor will tell you how much you should gain. I'm suppose to gain 25-35 pounds.
3588173 tn?1357317184 Thanks. i hope they tell me how big my son is in my next appointment. im probably going to ask for one. Hehe.
1266083 tn?1358564062 The doctor said she only wanted me to gain no more than 15 lbs during my pregnancy. Is that normal? I mean, I know I'm overweight but only 15 lbs. She said it's good that I've been losing weight and eating healthier. She says that the foods I eat are coming to my body (even if I'm not eating a lot) and that my "fat stores" and nutrients are going to the baby. I asked her if I was getting any nutrients and she said "yes, some. But the baby gets it off of you.
Avatar f tn Hey there ladies I have a question would like it ti be in pounds please I was 63 kg and now im 86kg how much have I put on and has any one put that much on like me because I feel fat lol and im only 30 weeks
Avatar f tn so I'm only 11 weeks 2 days and so far I've lost 12 lbs due to morning sickness. my Dr doesn't seem too concerned but does mention that I'm still losing weight. when, if anyone knows, does it become an issue.? how much is too much to lose. I'm 5 foot and now I weight 123 if that makes a difference. I just feel like my baby is not getting the nutrients it needs.TIA.
Avatar f tn After delivery, how much weight is normally lost? My guess is 30lbs? With baby weight, placenta, blood, and water? Just curious...
1537569 tn?1334808262 now with this one I am already at 10 omg how much more am i going to gain? I dont want to be any bigger but I have 4m left I am going to be a fat old pregnant women this *****.......
953887 tn?1246379673 It is amazing how much the baby changes every week! Our baby is very active and is constantly moving every time.
Avatar f tn I just had a baby in July and I pretty much gained alot of weight with that pregnancy. I really want to lose my tummy and I'm just trying to figure what is going to be the best way to do that?
550546 tn?1249410039 Dropping out a baby sure does wonders for your waist line!
Avatar n tn If I weighed 150 before I was pregnant and I am now 26 weeks. How much weight gain is normal? I'm at 162 now.
1266083 tn?1358564062 Is it true that people start to gain the most weight at 14 or 15 weeks??? I kinda hope not. I am almost positive that if I start gaining weight now, on my 14th week or so, I will end up going over the 15 lb limit that my doctor has me on. It's not like I want to gain a whole mess of weight, because I'd actually like to be smaller once the baby is born than I was when I got pregnant...which right now I am..I guess because I've lost weight since I got pregnant. Wow...
Avatar f tn I am 22 weeks and I have always been skinny ( 53 kilos and 1,75 m ) but I have already gained 10 kilos on my pregnancy I wonder if this is normal of it is too much. How much weight did you gain during pregnancy?? Thank you!
7054389 tn?1402367346 Hello ladies... how much weight have yall gained am 24 weeks and i so far gained 13lbs..
602865 tn?1239906277 I am excited however about the baby. I will just have to try my best not to gain too much weight during this pregnancy and hopefully after the baby is born lose some of it !
Avatar n tn Drink half your body weight - in ounces
1349241 tn?1316004958 Well As far as I know the baby is doing ok. The last time i seen him ( hopefully it's a him) lol. He was doing great, moving all around and heart beat was strong. Recently my relative lost her baby. She was only 15 wks and went to a doc appointment and there was no heart beat. She had sum complications in the begining, bleeding around 6 wks. It kinda scared me :((( I cant imagine losing this baby, It would be to painful to deal with. I feel for anyone who has lost a baby or child.