How much pregnancy weight is baby

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Avatar f tn After delivery, how much weight is normally lost? My guess is 30lbs? With baby weight, placenta, blood, and water? Just curious...
Avatar f tn My weight is normal and I'm 22 weeks I've gained 12 pounds. Your doctor will tell you how much you should gain. I'm suppose to gain 25-35 pounds.
7054389 tn?1402370946 Hello ladies... how much weight have yall gained am 24 weeks and i so far gained 13lbs..
4459975 tn?1360118139 How much was your pre-pregnancy weight & total weight gain with your 1st baby.?
Avatar f tn How much weight did you gain throughout your pregnancy and how much did your baby weigh at birth? With my first born I only gained 23 pounds. She was born at 6 pounds. This is my second pregnancy and I've gained 38 pounds. I'm curious I've gained more weight does that mean I'm going to have a super big baby? My husband weighed 10lbs 13oz at birth. I was 6lbs 1oz. For being so tiny I'm scared to have a big baby. I'm 5 foot 1 inch and weighed 105 before I got pregnant.
Avatar n tn If I weighed 150 before I was pregnant and I am now 26 weeks. How much weight gain is normal? I'm at 162 now.
Avatar f tn My pre pregnancy weight was 110 I'm 17 weeks and weight 106 I got down to 103 and just started gaining a little back. My dr is not concerned. As soon as your morning sickness passes and you get your appitite back you will start gaining slowly.
107860 tn?1302930340 This is a good question for your Dr. ONLY they can decide personally how much you should be gaining. Some women need to gain more than others, some are ok to gain less. I'm 37 weeks and have gained 15lbs and when I was 7 months I had only gained 5-7lbs and my Dr. was ok with that, but it's different for everyone, and your Dr. needs to tell you what's best!
138725 tn?1278063590 ) BUT I am overweight to start with so I don't really count, The amount of weight gain during pregnancy depends on your weight b4 pregnancy, because I am considered obease I am only to gain 10-15 lbs. as to underweight people are supposed to gain like 40-45. The average woman is to gain 25-30. BUT who cares just stay as healthy as you can. I have lost weight because I have been eating much healthier cuz you know it's not just for me anymore!
980608 tn?1309543851 I will be 24 weeks on thursday and my dr has told me the target weight gain was 24 pounds by your 24th week but I too have only gained about 18 pounds and I get told by everyone how tiny my belly is. This is my second pregnancy and with my son I had gained 50 pounds by the time I was at 9 months so part of me is happy I have not gained so much weight this time around.
3588173 tn?1357320784 Thanks. i hope they tell me how big my son is in my next appointment. im probably going to ask for one. Hehe.
Avatar f tn Hey there ladies I have a question would like it ti be in pounds please I was 63 kg and now im 86kg how much have I put on and has any one put that much on like me because I feel fat lol and im only 30 weeks
Avatar f tn I'm 13+2 and I've gained around 20lbs but i was anorexic and when i fpund out i was pregnant that's all it took for me to stop being concerned about how much i weigh but the kiddo is healthy and now so am i this kid saved my life <3 I'm glad to be a mommy :D
Avatar f tn The baby is fine. There is a lot between him and the baby. I had the same concern when I first started to develop my bump. But I can assure you the baby isn't getting hurt. You can keep doing missionary. Try folding a pillow in half and putting it under your butt to prop your pelvic up. It helped me a lot. And I'm 29+2 with a pretty decent bump. Your child has the best air bag surrounding it, so don't stress.
Avatar n tn Weight does not matter so long as you eat healthy and the baby is growing at the right rate. Your body will supply what the baby need you just have to look after yourself. Eat a healthy balanced diet and have an occasional treat if you feel like it and everything should be just fine.
Avatar f tn 38+5 weeks and have only gained 8 lbs. This is my second pregnancy. With my first I only gained 7. It doesnt matter how much I eat, I cant seem to gain weight but my midwife is not concerned just like last time because everything is measuring accordingly.
Avatar f tn So I keep reading posts on how the doctor tells everyone how much their baby weighs... and I'm curious as to when my doctor should of started to tell me how much baby is weighing?
Avatar f tn yea well that's wat I thought too idk y they want me to gain that weight but my first babys weight was perfect I honestly just don't think I'm the type of person to be able to gain that amount of weight as long as my baby is healthy and good weight that's all that should matter but I'm a ask if there's a medical reason to y I need to gain that much cz I cannot eat 5xs a day
Avatar f tn I gained 18 pounds in the first two weeks of my pregnancy? Is that a bad sign? Should I be concerned?
965641 tn?1274537920 25lbs ( He is now 4 months and I have 10 to lose) Normal weight gain during pregnancy (if your pre- pregnancy weight was normal) is between 25- 35 lbs. For underweight people they say to gain more, with obese people they say gain less). Don't stress though, with both pregnancies I gained the majority of my weight by 20 weeks then gained hardly anything the last half.
4105678 tn?1356548871 Hey mommies wats ur baby gender & how much does ur baby weigh? Also how much weight have u put on? I'm 20wk+6 with a boy I was 195 pre pregnancy I'm 219 now & Braylen weighed a 1/2 pd at my last appt on jan she said he is bigger but I didn't get a sono so I'm not exactly sure...
Avatar f tn I was 168 now I'm 211 and 35weeks1day
Avatar f tn I am 25wks but before pregnancy I was 147 I got really sick my 1st trimester but still didn't lose much I lost about 5 to 6 lbs now I'm 152 so I haven't gained much weight like that either . My baby is measuring and gaining her weight fine thank The Lord lol but my doctor says the healthiest to gain during your whole pregnancy is 30 lbs so I still got a whole 106 days left of my pregnancy to gain 25 more lbs lol ... Positive thoughts, Positive results!!
Avatar f tn I was wondering for people who are already mothers, what was your pre pregnancy weight ? how much weight did all of you gain during pregnancy? How much of it did you lose after the baby ?
Avatar f tn How many months are you and how much weight have you gained?
Avatar f tn Dont worry, I have been small my entire pregnancy. My girl is about 6 pounds and I'm 38 weeks now.