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Avatar f tn They are age groups?!? Lol. I don't know why I thought they were for weeks during pregnancy....I'm such an idoit! Serious pregnant brain I guess.
Avatar n tn This is going to sound dumb, but I don't have a pregnancy wheel calculator on me at the moment. I will try to get my hands on one and do your calculation. In the meantime you could call your doctor's nurse or your hospital's labor and delivery. All they need to do is put your due date on the wheel and go backwards. (They will know how to do this). You can also guestimate by subtracting 11 weeks from today's date. Sorry not to be more helpful--I'll try to get back to you!
Avatar n tn i am 18 years old and i had a positive pregnancy test less than 2 weeks ago.. i went to the doctor and talked to them they brought out the wheel and said i was almost 7 weeks already. well this morning 11-14 when i woke up i went to the bathroom and there was a brown color along with some bright red blood.. i really dont know what to do i have an ultrasound on 11-21 but should i wait till then or go get it checked out??
Avatar f tn The way doctors count pregnancy, a month pregnant means about two weeks since conception. If the ultrasound tech or doctor said you were x weeks x days "pregnant", that count begins on the first day of the last period you had before getting pregnant. The count is done this way because the period is a big, obvious signal, not because the doctor thinks you are pregnant when you are on day 1 of bleeding. (He knows you weren't pregnant then, you were having a period!
323702 tn?1217779573 Pregnancy dreams are the weirdest!! With my first DD I had a dream that we kept her in a gerbil cage after she was born! Complete with the shredded bedding, wheel and everything. My neice had a dream with her first DS that she had him and went into a room to see him after he was born. They had him completely covered up with a blanket and when she removed it her son was the WB dancing frog and he started dancing and singing "Hello my baby." Turtles, gerbil cages, and frogs! Oh my!!
Avatar f tn Then on the 5th of may only 5 days after, i took a pregnancy test and it says im 2-3 weeks pregnant. i know this sounds very silly im just very worried and because my periods are not very accurate either, so i dont know when i ovulated. im usually a week or 2 late anyway. anyone help me!?!?! is it more likely my boyfriends or the random guy?!?!
Avatar f tn So I went and the whole time they had the monitor on my stomach he was kickin it, bottom line is he had me worried I'm 19 and this is my first pregnancy I'm 28 weeks and if I keep going thru this ima go crazy o_o I don't wunna worry cause then I wont sleep, what should I do???
Avatar n tn Need some advice on pregnancy symptoms. I have always had a normal af, on time each month as usual. Anyway i have usual breast tenderness and get tired. Needless to say I haven't had a af in aroun 35 days, Not normal. Need some advice. I am staying hot and have been moody, have mild cramping and breasts are sore and heavy...
Avatar n tn u arent even recommended to drive behind stearing wheel of car or bike ride, chance of car accident and steering wheel hurting baby, or falling off a bike and landing on tummy first. keep active though lots of walks, swimming and sex.
Avatar f tn I'm 20 years old on my third pregnancy with my baby boy being 18 months . I don't think that 21 is a young age at all. my husband and I planned our baby boy even though we weren't married we both knew we wanted a big family and be young enough to enjoy all of our children . my son saved me from myself I live for him and my baby in the oven .
Avatar f tn I hold my phone to my ear for a short convo and they tingle and go numb. I put my hand high on the steering wheel and same thing. Anyone else experience such quick numbness and tingling?
Avatar f tn A lot of places are not going to let you ride if you're pregnant they wouldn't let me ride a ferris wheel pregnant with my son.
Avatar f tn I know how you feel I'm still learning how to drive and I know I get really scared too behind the wheel my husband has not patience in teaching me if I do something wrong he just tells me to stop and just get out and let him drive ... There's no way I will learn if he doesn't have patience like seriously this men need to stop with that attitude..
Avatar f tn Yes i forget alot lol my doctor said the placenta makes you forget i took my daughter to her doctors appointment and ended up at my doctors office lol both doctors are in the same building though but i couldnt believe i did that
Avatar n tn I am six weeks along in my pregnancy and I suffer from severe lower back pain. I have been taking Lortab to releive the pain, but I am worried about continuing the medication. My doctor says it is okay, but that still has not put me at ease. I am worried that the medication will affect my baby, but I am in a great deal of pain without it. Any advice on my situation would be great...
892007 tn?1241381646 Absolutely mention this to your doctor at your next appointment - if you cant wait that long, make an appointment sooner. This may or may-not be pregnancy-induced but it needs to be investigated due to the extreme amount of pain you are in and measures taken to help you manage this.
1167212 tn?1264186347 My best answer to your question is that all of the dates you are given, by all of the methods available, are ESTIMATES. Different women have cycles of different lengths, so the pregnancy wheel, or computer calculators are only based on the average cycle. Ultrasound is user dependent. Twisting the transducer by a millimeter or two can change the due date by a day or two, even in a very early scan--much more so in later scans.
Avatar n tn I had my tubes tied 11 years ago. I have had symptoms of pregnancy for about a week and a half. Bloating, constipation, throwing up, tender breasts, etc. I had a blood test done two days ago that came back negative, but my period isn't due for another 5 days. My last period came two weeks early and wasn't very heavy. How often do tubes come untied? And could I be pregnant even though the blood test came back negative?
Avatar n tn Just wondering if anyone has experienced something similiar and still had a normal pregnancy?
549681 tn?1229728099 I went for my pre-RAI Dr. appt. yesterday. They said the serum pregnancy test is routine and mandatory. They called first thing this morning to tell me it is POSITIVE! This is like being hit by a bus. I'm 51, post menopause for 18 months, one tube surgically removed, the other cut and tied, haven't used birth control for 18 years! I went to the clinic for a repeat test. The results won't be back until tomorrow. So I requested a quickie urine test. It is NEGATIVE. I needed to know now.
Avatar f tn i have this wheel, it the like the wheel from wheel of fortune, it has 4 arrows the 1st arrow will dictate the answer of the 3 arrows. the 1st one is placing it on ur 1st day of your last menstrual period, then 2nd arrow will indicate the probable day of conception, and your due date and the day your test will show up positive. so the day it should show positive will be this sunday 05/23/2010. WISH ME THAT BFP.
5035877 tn?1366782988 This is my second pregnancy. With the first one I did not know I had Chiari. So i had a very rough pregnancy. I was sick the whole time, I couldnt eat, and I was leaking amniotic fluid. (sorry I can t spell.) They had to induce my labor and it was awful. But I had a healthy baby boy. I had my son naturaly and after he was born I got worse. Now that I am pregnant again I am haveing a lot of issues and my family is not being very support of, well atleast my mother and stepdad.
Avatar f tn My placenta is still growing, so I have all the signs and symptoms of pregnancy. I feel completely crushed by grief. We scheduled a D&C for next week, giving my body some time to expel but not waiting too long. I cannot express the sorrow I feel every time I feel my belly and realize that my little one is still in there...... This baby was conceived after over 3 years of infertility treatments.
Avatar f tn Remember keep both hands on the wheel. And just take your time. Since you already been through it once you should know what to do this time around. And i've heard every instructor is different. So Good luck to you. Let me know how u did!
Avatar f tn Thanks for telling me (: Now I will know what to expect.
Avatar f tn I'm just over 6 weeks pregnant (4th pregnancy, only 1 birth)and went for a sono yest. nothing was seen by sono in the uterus other than a cyst on left ovary. MD office rechecked my hcg yesterday after sono, hcg has risen since it was last checked 3 days ago (just under 2000 at that time) and I continue to have pregnancy symptoms including nausea, fatigue, breast tenderness (although the symptoms do seem much milder at different times of the day)...I am NOT having any bleeding...
Avatar n tn The Dr confirmed it was probably an ectopic or chemical pregnancy, and to wait for a miscarriage. When I should have been 12 weeks, I went to an ob/gyn because I still wasn't getting my period and hadn't had a miscarriage. She did an exam and told me she measured my uterus at 5 weeks and to get an u/s to confirm so she could do a d&c.
906115 tn?1344204109 sorry typed wrong the third one is not getting one and do not think it should be mandatory
Avatar m tn Like I said, a woman can have appendicitis and have a surgery to remove the appendix all unknowing she is in the early stages of pregnancy, and this doesn't disturb the pregnancy. Your girlfriend's surgery does not sound like they did anything to her uterus at all, or they would not have gone in from the outside but would have gone upwards into the cervix. But why would they have done that, since they knew the problem was a bleeding ovary? They would not.
Avatar f tn I had a surgury 1 1/2 years they didn't think I was going to ever walk again now with a wheel chair or cane I cab allitlle we would like to have a baby sand and find out what kind of risks there will be if you can please call me at 951-282-2778 thank you Jennifer Anderson