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10947 tn?1281404252 Hello All, We'll soon be introducing a new feature for our expecting moms. The Pregnancy, Week-by-Week application will allow you to read all about what's happening to your body and to your baby during any given week. It'll track where in your pregnancy you are and send you emails to let you know when you've started a new week as a reminder to read the new information for that week.
Avatar f tn s normal, because every woman and every pregnancy is different. I had two pregnancies before I did my IVF that both ended in a miscarriage, but I had more pregnancy symptoms in those cycles than I did after my IVF. My breasts were just barely tender in my IVF cycle (not even as tender as in a normal non-pregnancy cycle), yet this ended up being my successful pregnancy! So I wouldn't worry too much about the soreness. Fingers crossed!!!
Avatar n tn I had an u/s yesterday, I thought I was 6 weeks 4 days tech said I was not even 6 weeks. I conceived through IVF so I felt pretty confident on the date, anyway they found yolk sac but no fetal pole. Should I be concerned?
1770914 tn?1318614668 hey No none of FET was positive but I have been succesfull in 2007 and 2009 where I got pregnant from a full IVF cycle. I didn't really have any pregnancy symptoms before around 1 week or so after my Beta. I did have cramping both times and was convinced AF was coming but not sure if that was from being pregnant or just the normal cramping you get from retrivals and all the hormones etc. How are you feeling?
Avatar f tn Is Anybody Elses Week By Week Videos Acting Weird Lately ? Im In The 36 Weeks Stage ..
Avatar m tn Did IVF and pregnancy confirmed first blood test level 545 second a couple of days later 1450 went for scan at 6 weeks one day said measured at 5 weeks 4 days they couldnt determine if blood flow was mine or the baby's doctor said very early scan and didn't seem overly concerned going back in 5 days. Was 99% sure he saw sac and embryo.
Avatar f tn After 6 weeks you start feeling pregnant and getting less bloated and more sick. Oh the joys of pregnancy.
1657499 tn?1302271981 my partner trys his best to understand but bless him he doesnt seem to feel the extreme emotions as myself (possibly due to the ammount of hormones he doesnt have!) im 28 and im on day 2 of my 2 ww! its our 1st attempt at ivf and we had day 5 blastacyst implanted and all i want to do is cry! after 10 long years of assuming i would never be a mum, then to suddenly be given this wonderful opportunity, my emmotions are all over the place!
Avatar f tn I had terrible diarrhea with my first and it turned out to be my prenatal vitamin. It was high in vitamin b and I already had enough vitamin b in my diet sobit had to go somewhere, lol. I had diarrhea a little bit with this one but usually accompanied by morning sickness. I've heard its pretty common in early pregnancy. It's not usually a symptom of miscarriage and there could be a simple reason behind it so I wouldn't worry too much. Good luck and congratulations!
Avatar f tn I have my transfer on Friday 24th July, I was told by my Clinic to wait 2 weeks before taking a pregnancy test, but of course I could not wait I told one last Friday the 1st Aug and I got a very faint line, then I took one theree days later and that came up neg, I took one this morning and it also came up neg, I am due to take another in the morning which will be day 14 and I have to ring the clinic with my results then, has anyone tested on day 13 and got a neg and tested on day 14 and got a p
Avatar f tn hello everyone - we just had our 12 week ultrasound - it was wonderful!! baby was moving and we saw one of it's hands and all the fingers - i'm starting to believe it's really happening :) now we are finally starting to think about the birth! we have two hospitals to go visit before we decide. I'd love to hear about your 12 week Ultrasounds as they happen - has anyone reached that point yet? how did it go?
Avatar f tn I was always told by my dr. that if you get 1-2 embryos frozen from an IVF cycle, you should consider yourself lucky. I was incredibly fortunate in that way b/c I was left with 4 frozen embryos, but I know it's not unusual at all not to have any. My clinic only freezes the absolute best quality ones that make it to day 6.
Avatar f tn Good luck to you! I am also your age and did IVF for the first time in July. I am now 9 weeks along, so there is hope! The progesterone is awful, I agree...I am counting down the days that I won't have to take that stuff anymore like a prison sentence. The 2WW is the worst...hang in there!
870180 tn?1269815819 I had an US at 6w6d and I was able to see the yolk sac, the fetal pole and the heartbeat at 120 bmp!!! My question is that the fetal pole was measuring 5w6d (one week behind) should I be concerned with this?
Avatar n tn Hi we've just had our first ivf cycle & i've got a couple of questions, i'm not sure when my period date should be my 1st day of my last period was 15th Aug and my cycle is 26 days but i'm not sure if the same applies once i've had ivf. I had two embryos transfered on 4th sept so i am 1 wk in with 1 wk to go til i test & i'm on a knife edge, nipples are painful like weights hanging off of them. One embryo was 6 cells and 1 was 7 cells is this good ?
Avatar f tn I am going to be doing my test in the morning this is my 3rd attempt at IVF but this time its frozen embryos, I had some period pains every now and then but not bleeding, last two times I was bleeding, I dont want to get all excited, and I am scared to do it, dont want bad news. Has anyone had the same and had success?
534553 tn?1281991313 Congrats! Now it's the waiting time. I had my 3 day transfer of 2 embries on the 13th and I have my first beta on Tues. The wait has been the longest, it seems like the hrs even at work are passing by so slow. I like what you said about it being in God's hands, he has control over everything and no matter what I will put him above all. I pray that all of us get our prayers answered. I'm thinking of giving in and doing a HPT tomorrow at day 13 post transfer.
Avatar f tn I'm so confused to how pregnancy even works. Don't get me wrong it's a Beautiful, life changing experience. But I hear and learn all these different things and can't help but to wonder... I am and lls FTM I'm currently 25 weeks today. However, technically I'm measuring at 26 weeks. How does this determine my due date if I'm told one day but I measure a whole week ahead? I'm due in May. May 30th if I'm 25 weeks. And May 23rd if I'm 26 weeks.
Avatar f tn hi Lily..goodluck to ur ivf...
Avatar f tn With my last pregnancy at age 37, I had a 6 week ultrasound also which showed ONLY an empty sac. No yolk, no fetal pole. no baby. Same boat as you.I spent two weeks in agony not knowing what to expect. But at 8 weeks, everything was there, and that "non-existant" baby is now a darling, healthy, happy 17 month old boy. One thing I was told that made so much sense is that---just as babies and children differ in growth rates--so can a fetus and/or embryo.
Avatar f tn i am 27 years old on my second attempt at ivf . 1st time round it failed on day 12 after 3 day transfer. i am now on my second attempt and today is day 13 after a 3 day transfer. i need to take test on friday 1st april i am getting so nervous now .
Avatar f tn My Husband and I just went thru our first cycle of IVF and have been TTC x 3 yrs. I had my ER on 4/13 on ET on 4/16. We are not scheduled for our beta unti 4/28 and I am freaking out!!!! I have been a wreck this entire time, now worse tonight where I cannot seem to stop crying. I just want to know soooo bad and I have no control over this. My worry is that I do not have any symptoms. I have had no spotting/bleeding. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn I was on Menopur and Gonal-F for 10 days. We did IVF with ICSI due to my husbands missing the vas deferens. We are very excited and feel so blessed. Goodluck to all you ladies! Lots of baby dust to everyone!