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Avatar f tn I have my transfer on Friday 24th July, I was told by my Clinic to wait 2 weeks before taking a pregnancy test, but of course I could not wait I told one last Friday the 1st Aug and I got a very faint line, then I took one theree days later and that came up neg, I took one this morning and it also came up neg, I am due to take another in the morning which will be day 14 and I have to ring the clinic with my results then, has anyone tested on day 13 and got a neg and tested on day 14 and got a p
Avatar f tn hi can anyone help i had ivf and was told all my blood levels were tripled last week i am 5/6 weeks pregnant today had an early scan was told there was no sac have done a clear blue test and still saying positive and i do feel pregnant
Avatar f tn i just finished my ivf and did the pregrancy test but negative but i have not seen my period so can it still work out
Avatar f tn searcher put your question into a different forum. I see you're in the IVF forum. Anyway, this is the place to find people currently doing IVF.
Avatar f tn i am doing this so if i mc again i will still have a little baby in there. Gl to u. I will meet with my dr. about ivf next week. if u have any questions feel free to ask.
1188452 tn?1273093034 After transfer it typically takes up to 10 days for the embryos to implant and begin to produce HCG. Before that time a pregnancy test is not useful. I get lots of questions about how to find out whether someone is pregnant before the HCG is measureable, and as far as I know, there is no way. Difficult as it may be, you are going to have to wait. Good luck!
Avatar n tn There's no way the embryo had not attached already by 11 days after transfer...and certainly by the time you had your blood test. But congratulations!!!! That will be quite a story to tell one day! What did your RE say after your got the pregnancy confirmed?
Avatar n tn It is hard to wait to take the pregnancy tests, when they do IVF and are testing for pregnancy they go by quantified (by numbers on your blood work) to find out if you are pregnant or not, sometimes these number are low because is too early and they might come up on the second test. So don't feel discourage may be the second test will be positive have faith and good luck.
Avatar n tn I had 2 embryos transferred 1 week back and exactly on 10th day after ET I spotted bleeding and the flow became heavy Now the doubt is as I had 2 embryos transferred what is the status of those embryos?
Avatar f tn someone plz help me im worried my first ivf cycle aint working i had embryo transfer 2 days ago and really feel like my period is coming help :(
603838 tn?1238538575 Hi Babyseeker! My husband and I went to an IVF Clinic required by his HMO (in Illinois, HMOs are required to pay for 4 attempts--but we had to pay c for shipment of medications and embryo freezing.) By the time we went to this clinic, we had already done all diagnostic tests (semen analysis, ultrasounds, blood tests) via my gyne and husband's primary care doc. We had a conslutation with our IVF doc. He told us about the process, the odds of success, etc.
Avatar f tn With IVF how do you get an ectopic pregnancy? My doctor pushed the eggs in to the side of the uterus. How do they get to the fallopian tubes, or outside of the uterus? And do you have the same symptoms as a regular pregnancy?
Avatar n tn Hi I did had a IVF CYCLE and I am now 8 weeks pregnant. My pregnancy was confirmed and went for 6weeks u/s scan, where we could see the baby and the heartbeat but the doctor said it is too early for us to listen to the heart beat so rearrange a U/S SCAN in 2 weeks. we did go for a scan on 8W 2D and found that we did have the sac but with no baby.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know the waiting list for ivf at sheffield hospital? Also i have recieved my first appointment with Mr Skull, and was wondering if anyone knows what that will entail.Ive had my tests and it came back that i have blocked fallopian tubes, so the only thing they can offer is ivf.
901431 tn?1242069634 ( The IVF didnt take so looks like I will do it again in July. I was depressed all day.
1806721 tn?1554337007 I'm also feeling very nauseous very early on with this pregnancy. I usually don't start morning sickness until 7th or 8th week, but I definitely am feeling the nausea coming on and getting worse especially every night. I keep reminding myself that feeling sick is reassuring that the baby is growing okay. But I've also heard that nausea can be a symptom of ectopic pregnancy. My back pain and pelvic pain have been persisting on and off for 5 days now.
Avatar f tn With two early miscarriage and one failed IVF. At 8 weeks my featus meadured 8.3mm compared to 12mm as expected. Now in my 9th week I am having bouts of diarrhoea. I thought may be due to cheesecake that I had but whenever I eat something I have to rush to loo. I am afraid and dont want to loose this baby.
1657499 tn?1302275581 my partner trys his best to understand but bless him he doesnt seem to feel the extreme emotions as myself (possibly due to the ammount of hormones he doesnt have!) im 28 and im on day 2 of my 2 ww! its our 1st attempt at ivf and we had day 5 blastacyst implanted and all i want to do is cry! after 10 long years of assuming i would never be a mum, then to suddenly be given this wonderful opportunity, my emmotions are all over the place!
Avatar f tn I was always told by my dr. that if you get 1-2 embryos frozen from an IVF cycle, you should consider yourself lucky. I was incredibly fortunate in that way b/c I was left with 4 frozen embryos, but I know it's not unusual at all not to have any. My clinic only freezes the absolute best quality ones that make it to day 6.
534553 tn?1281994913 The wait has been the longest, it seems like the hrs even at work are passing by so slow. I like what you said about it being in God's hands, he has control over everything and no matter what I will put him above all. I pray that all of us get our prayers answered. I'm thinking of giving in and doing a HPT tomorrow at day 13 post transfer. Keep us updated and many prayers your way.
870180 tn?1269819419 Hi all!! I went in today for 8 week US and they discovered another fetal pole in the sac!!! This is very rare that two fetal poles share the same sac... only one has a hb that is low for 8 weeks and they are both measuring 2 weeks behind at 6w1d...Anyone have any similiar experience or comments all are welcome...the doc told me to prepare for a DNC but I am not going to do that just yet until I have a second and third opinion.
Avatar f tn Hello. I had my first IUI today. Starting the two week wait. Anyone else in their two week wait? Just looking for buddies to talk with during this "long" wait.
Avatar n tn When my friend had IVF done, the dr. had her come back in a week to do the test. I don't believe implantation happens in 24 hours, so your hcg wouldn't be strong enough for a HPT to detect it yet.
Avatar f tn This is our second round of IVF. The first time was just really awful with the clinic almost joking and laughing telling us that our embryos seem to of deteriorated since they last looked at them. Leaving is completely deflated with a define sense of it not working straight from the beginning. This time at a different clinic they were so much nicer and seemed more confident. Leaving me almost convinced it had worked before we had even left the hospital.
1257629 tn?1269489511 NEVER let them tell you that, you will lay in bed never moving, just worrying about whats going to happen, its an emotional nightmare.. almost a week later, i began to bleed slightly, had no labor symptoms, was referred to providence prenatal specialists in beaverton, or.. big mistake.. they were very impersonal, explaining things like i came in for a common cold..
Avatar f tn My Husband and I just went thru our first cycle of IVF and have been TTC x 3 yrs. I had my ER on 4/13 on ET on 4/16. We are not scheduled for our beta unti 4/28 and I am freaking out!!!! I have been a wreck this entire time, now worse tonight where I cannot seem to stop crying. I just want to know soooo bad and I have no control over this. My worry is that I do not have any symptoms. I have had no spotting/bleeding. Is this normal?