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354373 tn?1299188126 Anyone out there testing next week and hoping for a BFP????? Or even a TSP (Tiny Skinny Positive!
Avatar f tn (the only thing that was truly different was that the first period after I got pregnant I got extremely bad cramps and every period I had got after kept coming late I skipped one week and the I skipped a week right after on my most recent) why did all 4 hpt show up negative but one pregnancy at my doctors appointment with practically no urine(i emptied my bladder before i left) show positive. Ps.
Avatar f tn I had really bad headaches from 12 weeks to 16 weeks my doctor told me to take Tylenol every night before bed I think this was week 14 so I did and by week 16 they were gone! I hate having headaches. But Tylenol really did help.
Avatar m tn At my 8-week appt I mentioned to my OB that I was getting more frequent headaches than normal (I'm not normally prone to them at all--probably I have a handful a year and they always respond quickly to advil or tylenol). He said it was hormones. Since then they've become even more frequent, and as I said I've had one that has been nearly continuous since Thanksgiving. I'm drinking lots of water and didn't drink caffeine before pregnancy so that's not it.
3055148 tn?1368215400 I suffer from migraines and they get worse with pregnancy. I was told by my doctor that many people get headaches because of the estrogen we produce while pregnant! Last week I went to the E.R. twice because I couldnt break my migraine for 7 days straight. If it gets bad they will give you pain medication but try to cut some stuff out of your diet... Chocolate, soda and salt!
Avatar f tn I had migraines before pregnancy so up until my 13 week i had them everyday, once i added some caffine back into my diet (1-2 sodas a day for me) my headaches went away.
Avatar n tn ) LOL I've had headaches off and on from about week 9 and I'm having a girl. Tylenol does seem to help me though. Good Luck!!!
1109547 tn?1300238866 I did suffer from headaches more during pregnancy and still at 35 week have them regularly.
511778 tn?1222826885 I have never heard of headaches being a sign of miscarriage. They are however well known to be a symptom of pregnancy, they are caused by hormones and so some people call them "hormone headaches." I never had headaches with either of my miscarriages, dont worry about it.
Avatar f tn Hi, this is my first time on this site im 37 weeks at 2 days having a little boy but ive been having really bad headaches is this normal first time mom and this has been going on for 4 days?
Avatar f tn Im 15+4 nd this week everyday ive been gettibg headaches nd the paracetamol aint doin **** either....
167 tn?1374177417 I have been having headaches and vomiting from week 11 to week 13. I don't know what part of the country you are in, but if you're smack dab somewhere in the middle like me you know that we have been having blizzards. The stress associated with the blizzards definitely made the situation worse. My family has a history of migraines. It sounds like that might be what you are going through too. I think that as pregnant women the only thing we can take is Tylenol.
Avatar n tn I am just in my 6th week and I am feeling awful. I am tired all day and nauseated after I eat no matter what I eat but my concern are the headaches and the lightheadedness I am feeling. Are any of you feeling this also??? I guess it could be from not eating much. I am eating, just not a whole lot because I hate the way I feel afterwards. Any suggestions on this would be helpful. Thanks!!!!!
Avatar f tn I get weekly adjustments for mine by a chiro that specializes in pregnancy. It helps so i didn't have to take the meds. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Hey ladies is anyone else out there experiencing really bad headaches I'm 6 - 7 weeks and this is my third but don't remember anything like this with my other 2... I'm not really into panadol but will use if gets too much is there any natural remedies that people may no of???
2075737 tn?1379451282 with my first pregnancy i had bad headaches after and im sure it had something to do with my BP which had went higher after i had my daughter... so its always a good thing to get checked out for sure!
Avatar f tn I got awful headaches till i was about 25weeks! About 3 or 4 a week, you can take paracetamol but i dont take them so i just used to drink alot of water and sleep! Mine did go away though, i hope yours do too!
Avatar f tn Has anyone else been having headaches with their pregnancy? I am 17wks pg and have been having headaches for about 3 wks now. They almost feel like sinus headaches, since it hurts to touch my face around my eyes, but Sudafed nor Tylenol seem to help. My doc thinks that they are hormone related. Anyone have any suggestions?
Avatar f tn a wise friend of mine told me to drink more water and eat at regular times to control headaches. I was getting bad headaches every day and i started taking her advice and i am all better.. SOOO make sure you are drinking close to or more than 64 oz of water and eating at regular intervals.. even if you arent hungry.. Good luck at your appointment!! i get to know the sex in 3 weeks i am too excited!!!!!
8489354 tn?1405631362 I make my poor husband rub my neck every night before bed because it gives me temporary relief so I can fall asleep. He really is not a fan, but he does it anyway haha. I'm thankful my blood pressure hasn't jumped much, only 134/86. They're watching it closely though. I'm hoping the headaches will ease up soon, if not it'll be a long remainder of the pregnancy.
Avatar f tn So I'm a week late for my period. I'm still not ready to test and I'm going bonkers. I've been cramping on and off since 3/29 followed by backaches. On 4/3 the day my cycle was to start I had a brown mucus discharge. On 4/5 too a test and it was negative. Now I'm extremely Moody and emotional and on and off headaches and constipated and gassy. Pressures here and there in my abdomine. So anxious to test but want to wait. I already have a 6 month old that I had via c-section.
Avatar f tn Hi! This is so silly and I confused So I took a pregnancy test on the 26th as I was 4 days late (im known to be irregular by 1-3 days a cycle) and I saw an instant negative thinking I wasn't. So I went about my business and about 30-1H i remembered that I hadn't disposed of the test. I went to grab it and noticed there was a noticeable line in the test Window. I panicked and tried to self diagnose and I feel I'm either pregnant or it was an evaporation line.
5691681 tn?1375738948 Im 28 weeks nd i haven't been having symptoms really some days i dont feel like eating then some days im starving nd my son has been lazy this whole pregnancy not moving much no hard kicks are anything untill a week ago i think he heard when the doctor said they were going to monitor him so every since then he's been really active everyday
Avatar n tn Hey-- I am going on the two week wait thing also! It is soo frusterating! I just wish I new already. I am due the 12 of Oct. I really don't like this waiting part, cause I just want to know. I think I am just because I feel different, I don't know how to explain it! I have had frequent headaches and gotten sick a few times and lots of discharge but I don't know if you would have signs this soon. I bled a few days around the 3rd either from stopping the birth control pills or from implanting.
Avatar n tn I had brown discharge my 5th week of pregnancy and I bled fairly heavy my 6th week. Everything was ok though. It was implantation bleeding. I'm 13 1/2 weeks now and everything is perfect. I know it's scary to see brown/pink/red discharge because it could be a sign that something is wrong, but try not to worry unless you start getting severe cramping. If it helps to ease your mind, call your Dr. to see if you can get an earlier appt. I wish you a happy and healthy 9 months!
137922 tn?1348347636 I'm very very nervous, my period should be on by Friday (I'll give it Saturday of this week-15 June) last week (Thursday I believe) had normal light pink discharge and cramping---all normal during the week before my period. Oddly though I've had NO breast tenderness (and here it is a few days before the start of my period). This is VERY odd for me bc I ALWAYS have tender/swollen breast.
724798 tn?1230965180 I had cramps for a while it lasted a couple days and went away. I have been experiencing headaches that seem to come and go. I am also a pretty regular person in the bathroom and I have recorded 2 days where I didn't have any BM. I have been feeling bloated and my nipples are soar, my gums have been bleeding a little when I brush, I have not been able to sleep well at night, having to get up to pee a lot.
540911 tn?1263194614 ya, 8DPO is really early to test, lol. my last pregnancy was + at 8DPO, but that assumes implantation around 6-7DPO. actually, it can implant around 12DPO...which then you probably wouldn't get that + at 14DPO...if you're lucky. auntDD could still be's not as common but sometimes it takes a while to show on a test. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!
Avatar f tn Hence to confirm the status of pregnancy, I suggest you to test for pregnancy by a highly sensitive pregnancy test 10 days post ovulation with a sensitive ( 20 - 25 mIU ) pregnancy test. Also then I would suggest you to get your serum HCG levels estimated since this is more specific than urine for pregnancy tests. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar f tn Yes. I always got headaches as an early sign of pregnancy. Within the first week or 10 days after conceiving the headaches started! You might want to ask your doctor about taking meds. Mine said to start with Tylenol and if that didn't work I could even take Excedrin if I had to. But I'd definitely ask him/her about it :) Congrats on the pregnancy!!