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463897 tn?1468013750 Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 http://www.medhelp.
10947 tn?1281404252 Hello All, We'll soon be introducing a new feature for our expecting moms. The Pregnancy, Week-by-Week application will allow you to read all about what's happening to your body and to your baby during any given week. It'll track where in your pregnancy you are and send you emails to let you know when you've started a new week as a reminder to read the new information for that week.
Avatar f tn Not really sure if I am pregnant or not but been having a little bit of fatigue lately nd major headaches. Breast have been excruciating sore nd tender this past week. Also been feeling a bit bloated as well...
1643514 tn?1314387784 nauseau pretty much gone well the vomiting pretty much done and just a little back pains but i got a book of exercises for pregnant women to help me out with the week by week pregnancy pains so we shall see if it works!
Avatar n tn Feeling dizzy and a little lightheaded but have been an anxiety sufferer for 15 years, Im not sure if its caused by not being on the meds or if its the pregnancy..Im not sick at all I guess thats a plus..Ive also been having some headaches in the am..not too bad just a bit annoying and I feel more tension then pain..but it is bearable..
Avatar f tn Is Anybody Elses Week By Week Videos Acting Weird Lately ? Im In The 36 Weeks Stage ..
Avatar n tn Should be able to test positive by the end of the week.
Avatar f tn I have suffered with headaches all throu my pregnancy... i got them alot before i got pregnant too....
8489354 tn?1405627762 I make my poor husband rub my neck every night before bed because it gives me temporary relief so I can fall asleep. He really is not a fan, but he does it anyway haha. I'm thankful my blood pressure hasn't jumped much, only 134/86. They're watching it closely though. I'm hoping the headaches will ease up soon, if not it'll be a long remainder of the pregnancy.
Avatar n tn My first pregnancy was textbook. In my 2nd pregnancy I developed excruciating headaches around the 5th week. In my 12th week I went for a sonagram (Army will not do it earlier) & they found no heartbeat - later discovered the gestational sac had not developed beyond 6 weeks. My hormone levels continued to climb & my pregnancy looked like I was 3 months. Eventually had to have a D&C. I am pregnant again. I am 5 weeks 3 days pregnant & today the headaches have started.
1913232 tn?1361454089 a lot of bloody goop and severe headaches.
Avatar f tn Been on 125mcg for a week and a half now and my depression and tiredness symptoms are stabilizing. Still have constant headaches, and immune system is week....not sure if this is thyroid related or pregnancy.
Avatar f tn com/pregnancy-calendar-and-calculator-week-by-week
Avatar n tn Chronic headaches past week. May be from H1N1 vaccine.
Avatar f tn t forget the sleepiness I get too. I will write every week about my journey thru my 3rd pregnancy. I hope this is a cake walk but you know it won't be. I just love telling myself that.
Avatar f tn Starting to feel more comfertable and relaxed about my pregnancy because the stress of telling every one is over its such a relife x
1432741 tn?1300198763 INTRODUCTION This week your baby is undergoing some extraordinary changes and developments. The head, heart, spinal cord, and some of the larger blood vessels begin to form. As these blood vessels form, the heart begins to pump fluid through them, and your baby's first red blood cells are created. Your baby is about 7 - 9 mm or 0.27 - 0.35 inches in length, (approximately the size of a grain of rice), and weighs about 1/30 of an ounce - less than a breath mint.
630344 tn?1280104983 I am on the second week of knowing that I am pregnant and I am off all of my meds, but I cannot seem to kick these headaches and it is starting to get really old. If there is miracle cure I sure hope to find it out, because I do not think that I can handle another 9 months of headaches all day and week long.
Avatar n tn I just found out I'm pregnant on October 29,2012 and my expected due date is July 1,2013 this is my first pregnancy I am excited kind of nervous (:
Avatar f tn Today was a awful day, have had them all day. been inside for a week with no relief.
Avatar f tn Im 7 weeks today. And my back hurts,, and some headaches but when I take my fish pills I get nausea...
1647478 tn?1352025853 oh my oh my feels like ive had a headache everyday this week... not fun. My day off today and Im taking my son to the movies so i hope it gets better by this afternoon. hows everyone feeling out there? TWW ... bring it on! :) Keep telling myself to be positive this might just be our month!!!
709222 tn?1229152836 The headaches I've had for a few days are sinus headaches, related to a cold I've had for a week.
1913232 tn?1361454089 friday been 6 days sat 1st day big fever hot flashes big headaches, 5 hrs after injection week as been ok tired in afternoon have a sinus infection? bloody mucus.
Avatar f tn Dr appt - urine pregnancy test positive result, 4/9 by lmp, 4/18 by ovulation, sono at 7 week (8/30)