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Avatar f tn They told me not to scare you threatened miscarriage but from my research it's more common then people think and can be re absorbed into your body by week 20. I am now 21 week and had my u/s last week and it's practically gone and showing a very active healthy baby boy. Go to your dr and request and u/s. No cramping can be a good sign!
Avatar n tn Mother and Baby, I adopted a 2 year old who was born to a Chronic Hep C mother. He tested + for the Hep C antibody but has continued to test - for the actual Virus (HCV-PVR) They say that some children have spontaneus remission and that is what they say happened to my son because he is almost three and never shown any sign of the disease. They also said that children tend to fight it off easier than adults so maybe your little one will.
Avatar n tn I never truly understood what wood cause her so much pain and anger.I became a mother 4 days before she died,with the chemical imbalancment of pregnancy i started behaving like her. I thought to myself no i would not be like her, but no matter how hard i tried all her behavior was in me like a demon.And then and only then did i start on the road to forgiving her. You see my daughter was 9 and had suffered the same effects of this hellish illness.
349463 tn?1333575176 I found a great book that was mainly pre-pregnancy information. It's called The Mother of all Pregnancy Books, by Ann Douglas the paperback is $15.99. Like I said the majority of the book was on pre-conception tips and advice. Best of luck to all of you who are trying this month.
Avatar f tn Hi! This is so silly and I confused So I took a pregnancy test on the 26th as I was 4 days late (im known to be irregular by 1-3 days a cycle) and I saw an instant negative thinking I wasn't. So I went about my business and about 30-1H i remembered that I hadn't disposed of the test. I went to grab it and noticed there was a noticeable line in the test Window. I panicked and tried to self diagnose and I feel I'm either pregnant or it was an evaporation line.
Avatar n tn And Hill- I found out I was pregnant by taking two home pregnancy tests. I know what blood work you are talking about though, they have to wait until after you ovulate to make sure your testosterone levels, etc...are all normal. We've been trying for over a year, now, so I'm hopeful but not too hopeful. I'll let you know how it goes...
Avatar f tn I have had several miscarriages so have just been taking this week by week hoping and praying. But to see my baby moving was...I can't even describe it. Now I feel lke this is really going to happen. I didn't realize that the little peanuts were so active at this time. I am so happy I can't even describe it.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm a first time mother and I am curious to know how much weight you gained by 19 weeks?? At my last appointment we talked a lot about healthy eating. The midwife made me feel like I am not eating healthy enough. I eat eggs and those aren't good now apparently. I hardly eat out or eat sweets etc. I've gained 14 lbs.
Avatar n tn Hey-- I am going on the two week wait thing also! It is soo frusterating! I just wish I new already. I am due the 12 of Oct. I really don't like this waiting part, cause I just want to know. I think I am just because I feel different, I don't know how to explain it! I have had frequent headaches and gotten sick a few times and lots of discharge but I don't know if you would have signs this soon. I bled a few days around the 3rd either from stopping the birth control pills or from implanting.
Avatar f tn I just hope I can make it through these next couple months. I want so badly to be pregnant by my old due date, but that is looking grimmer and grimmer each passing day. And this month it seems my body is completely screwed up. Since I went off BC a year ago my periods have been 3-7 days and currently I am on day 8 of AF. AHHHHH!!!!!!
Avatar f tn Hey ladies for the one's that had thier babies How was the first week? did you get fusyrated from all the people around you? I'm gna be a ftm and i just keep thinking I'ma be overwhelmed by all the people.
Avatar n tn Sorry if its to personnal a question just curious. By the way congrats on the pregnancy, im sure that was a ball of emotions thinking you weren't having a baby and then finding out in fact you were!
1936698 tn?1333918793 Firs off, I was over due by 5 days when I went to my doctor and I wanted to have the baby so bad. I was showing signs of preclampsia so she ordered tests and what do ya know, the doctor came over and said "time to induce you!". I was 1 cdentimeter and they gave me a pill to softne my cervix and make it thinner. Everything started off good. I started having contractions after the first pill and I was barely 3 dilated. So they gave me another pill and the contractions got worse.
Avatar f tn I know several states allow abortion at any point for any reason during a pregnancy and others have some restrictions. so, you need to see what the laws are where you live. Once you know for sure, you are in a better position to think about what works best for you. Abortion is something that many women do find to be the best option for them. And it is our right as women to choose this so think about what is good about termination for your situation and what is bad.
1257629 tn?1269489511 NEVER let them tell you that, you will lay in bed never moving, just worrying about whats going to happen, its an emotional nightmare.. almost a week later, i began to bleed slightly, had no labor symptoms, was referred to providence prenatal specialists in beaverton, or.. big mistake.. they were very impersonal, explaining things like i came in for a common cold..
540911 tn?1263194614 ya, 8DPO is really early to test, lol. my last pregnancy was + at 8DPO, but that assumes implantation around 6-7DPO. actually, it can implant around 12DPO...which then you probably wouldn't get that + at 14DPO...if you're lucky. auntDD could still be's not as common but sometimes it takes a while to show on a test. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!
Avatar f tn Last week was my expected period on the avg 38 day cycle. I got brown spotting for two days last week. (I wear a tampon pretty much around the time my period is expected) it was VERY light spotting. That Saturday I got the BFP and took another Sunday morning and got another BFP. I've been having back pain since the day of my expected period until now and have been having period like cramps.
Avatar f tn 42 y/o mother today... yes!....Jacob was born last week - c -section. Jacob is 10 pounds, 23 L. He is very healthy baby boy and of course gorgeous!....Every doctor ad nurse were"awww" of how gorgeous he is. I thank god for all the blessings , my husband , my whole family and friends are extremelly happy..about me?...i still crying everytime i see him..i had love him since the day i start TTC. This baby was very wanted and now is very loved by all of us...
Avatar n tn I am exactly one week late today. I have taken numerous pregnancy tests, actually, more than I want to mention. Some are showing up a faint positive (within 5 minutes) and others are absolutely negative. These tests that I am taking are supposed to be extremely sensitive (supposed to detect levels of 20). I've heard that you really shouldn't test until you are a week late. I called my doc and he said to come in for a blood test if I haven't started in one more week.
7157499 tn?1411824985 Hi and congrats!!! I am 5mnths with my secound pregnancy:) Each is different as is every woman so u may not experience the same symptoms ive had or am having.At 16 weeks i had alot more energy,morning sickness was at its end,i dont get sick much at all,There was no movement until about 17 w and 4 d that i started to feel quickening which is babies movements.Now he's always moving and kicking lol getting stronger by the week.
Avatar f tn Well I'm 18 years old I'm only 1 a month and a week and it was a one nite thing I don't know much about the guy ' we hanged out a couple of times and that's all well he already has a kid on it's way with another girl and his currently in jail ... ive been think about abortion just for the fact that his not ready for his first kid so that means his not ready for his 2nd and I don't want my baby to suffer in this world :( HELP! !!!!!!????
Avatar f tn I am 21 & pregnant for the first time. I went ot the doctor 3 weeks ago to confirm my pregnancy thrrew a urine test, they put me on prenatals & sent me on my way. I than set up an appt for a dr, which turned out to be a mid wife..
Avatar f tn On the other hand, my mother is like bipolar or something. Ok, all this started a week ago. I have been going home and staying there by my father's request. My father is really excited and it seems he has to tell my mother to get baby clothes or to help with what I need. My mother... she asks for the money back or some sort of payment back.I don't need their help. I could get it on my own I mean as their daughter I do what I can at their house. She dislikes my husband.
Avatar n tn I had a misacarriage at 7 weeks in August and knew it was coming. But this pregnancy I have felt great! They tell me that the fetus made it to the 11 weeks but stopped sometime during this week. No one can tell me why! I have to go tomorrow to have it removed. I am stressing wondering if it was because I slept on my stomach and on my back. I have read so much that now I blame myself! Is there something that I could have done??? I am afraid to try again.
Avatar f tn My mother also gets a little crazy. With my 1st pregnancy I lived close to her and she made me go to L&D for every little thing. Even now she tries telling me what to do and what not to do. That I'm not being responsible because I don't rush to doctor for every little discomfort. Drives me crazy but her craziness saved me from premature labor in my 1st because what I was sure I was normal BH and normal pressure turned out to be the start of premature labor. Good Luck!
Avatar f tn My question is how common is it for Mother and Daughter to have MS. My daughter has been having numbness and tingling in her arms and hands. It has gotten to the point that she is now dropping things. I will get her to a Neuro as soon as possible of course. But wanted to know if anyone knew how the odds of us both having MS. Thanks in advance for any info.
Avatar n tn My OB says you can determine the sex around week 16. My appt. was just set for yesterday, closer to week 19. I found out before then because I work at a college where they have a Diagostic Medical Sonography program. The students have to do homework where they have to do sonograms (ultrasounds) and take the pictures for homework. I got a release from my OB and I can get ultrasounds whenever here at work for free. It is really nice, however I dont do it that often.
Avatar f tn Same thing happened to me with my first pregnancy. I let mother nature do its course and eventually miscarried at 8 weeks. But don't give up hope. I know it's tough!