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10947 tn?1281404252 Hello All, We'll soon be introducing a new feature for our expecting moms. The Pregnancy, Week-by-Week application will allow you to read all about what's happening to your body and to your baby during any given week. It'll track where in your pregnancy you are and send you emails to let you know when you've started a new week as a reminder to read the new information for that week.
Avatar f tn Is Anybody Elses Week By Week Videos Acting Weird Lately ? Im In The 36 Weeks Stage ..
Avatar f tn My husband wants her to be in room but I prefer my mother, daughter, husband and I. With my first pregnancy (different father) I didn't invite his mother and he was fine with that. I'm not trying to upset anyone but I feel like this is my choice. Am I in the wrong? Should she be involved in finding out the gender at the ultrasound?
Avatar f tn s more common then people think and can be re absorbed into your body by week 20. I am now 21 week and had my u/s last week and it's practically gone and showing a very active healthy baby boy. Go to your dr and request and u/s. No cramping can be a good sign!
Avatar f tn My legs and arms just feel so weak. I have to sit down every 5 minutes or my legs give out. This is my second pregnancy and I never experienced this with my first. Had anybody else felt this and is it normal? Thank you in advance!
Avatar f tn Im 38+ 3 and i get induced this coming Tuesday....this week is going by so slowly and now both my husband and my 2 year old daughter have the stomach flu thanks to my disrespectful mother in law Wii apparently doesn't care to use her brain ever! What can i do to help my family get better, and not get sick myself??
Avatar f tn If you do not use ANYTHING starting now, nothing will show up in meconium. Read my blog on pregnancy and addiction by clicking on my name in blue and than "blogs". It is one of the last ones.
Avatar f tn I'm 36 weeks .. Ahhhhh not long left now .. Any one one the 36th week ..
Avatar f tn When I put my LMP in it says I would be in the first week of pregnancy. Now I know this is extremely early, but I really think I might be pregnant. Did anyone else have any symptoms like these, and this early? My pregnancy test said negative, but I know it's too early for it to pick up the hormones anyways. Please give me feed back! Thanks!
Avatar f tn Hi Ladies, I had an ultrasound yesterday 11 weeks. The doctor said everything looks great. I was amazed the baby was moving around so much they had trouble getting pictures. The arms and legs just kept moving. I have had several miscarriages so have just been taking this week by week hoping and praying. But to see my baby moving was...I can't even describe it. Now I feel lke this is really going to happen. I didn't realize that the little peanuts were so active at this time.
Avatar f tn I never had morning sickness because my mother didnt either, and my breast arent as sore any more. I know these should all be good things, but im just sitting here wkndering what's going on now lol. When does the fun begin? Somedays I forget my little peapid is in there...
Avatar f tn Once this week is over and you hit week 14, you will start the second trimester and your fourth month of pregnancy.
Avatar f tn I know several states allow abortion at any point for any reason during a pregnancy and others have some restrictions. so, you need to see what the laws are where you live. Once you know for sure, you are in a better position to think about what works best for you. Abortion is something that many women do find to be the best option for them. And it is our right as women to choose this so think about what is good about termination for your situation and what is bad.
8959885 tn?1409065467 Any other moms feeling like this week is going by way to slowly?!!? ..So I turned 20 weeks on monday and it seems like this week is taking forever I loom at my countdown amd swear it isn't moving. I hope this isnt a sign that the second half of my pregnancy Is going to go by painfully slow....
Avatar f tn How many of u moms r just going by regular months or by the pregnancy month calendar? Me I go by my calender my doctor gave me it says 5months is weeks 18 to 21 .....
Avatar f tn Hi I'm a first time mother and I am curious to know how much weight you gained by 19 weeks?? At my last appointment we talked a lot about healthy eating. The midwife made me feel like I am not eating healthy enough. I eat eggs and those aren't good now apparently. I hardly eat out or eat sweets etc. I've gained 14 lbs.
1936698 tn?1333915193 Firs off, I was over due by 5 days when I went to my doctor and I wanted to have the baby so bad. I was showing signs of preclampsia so she ordered tests and what do ya know, the doctor came over and said "time to induce you!". I was 1 cdentimeter and they gave me a pill to softne my cervix and make it thinner. Everything started off good. I started having contractions after the first pill and I was barely 3 dilated. So they gave me another pill and the contractions got worse.
Avatar f tn Everyone experiences different symptoms and they even change with each pregnancy you have. Many people have no symptoms at all and have a healthy pregnancy so you dont need to worry. Have you seen your doctor yet?
7949551 tn?1395686594 Can I eat pineapple during pregnancy I'm already 13 week ..cause I gained weight too much and that help me to burn fat ????