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Avatar f tn this may sound do you figure out what week in pregnancy you are in? would i count the weeks from my IUI...or is it the date of my last period?
Avatar f tn Only way to know for sure is an ultrasound
Avatar f tn They are as accurate as the information that goes in. If you have an early ultrasound (before your 9th week), and if the doctor bases everything on the measurements of the baby and its developmental markers and not on the woman's report of the first day of her last period, and if you got an estimated due date from that early ultrasound, you can plug the estimated due date into a good online calculator and it will give you a really close estimated conception date.
Avatar f tn It has done that to me to it goes by how many pounds is normal to gian up to that week of pregnacy along with what u started out at before pregnacy for example a started off at 180 at 21 weeks that's when i found out but Gian 14 pounds in three weeks which was considered excessive since at that those week time frames 2-3 pounds per week is normal but as u put in a new wieght entry in t after a appointment it will calculate total weight gian so far up to your week of pregnancy you are on ex: wit
Avatar f tn I am 129 lbs I had unportected sex for a week and 2 days. That was a week and 4 days ago, now i'm bloated, sleepy, not wanting to eat and without eatting I still managed to gain 2 lbs , haven't had a good BM in 2 weeks. Plus my back and vagina hurt. I thought that maybe I should take a test, so I did last night. And was negative, however I think was to early take one.
Avatar f tn On my 20 week scan they said they where 70% its a girl but not 100% sure so I had a 4d scan and they said its a girl just done the Chinese gender calculator and said its a boy
Avatar f tn Ok so I had sex with a man the last week of feb. I didn't have sex again until the 22nd of march with a man I started a relationship with. My due date is dec. 17 2010 according to ultrasound. Is the man from feb the father or my boyfriend?
Avatar n tn There's no way to tell for certain when you conceived as it can take up to a week after you ovulate, and if you don't track ovulation there's really no way to tell. That's why at the start of pregnancy doctors use your LMP to date pregnancy until you get a dating scan. If this is because of a paternity issue the only way to know for certain is to have a DNA test when baby is born.
Avatar f tn So i entered your last period date into the conception calculator and this is the result... it is based on a 28 day cycle and could vaer depending on how many days your cycle is... but as you may see it could go either way... was your cycle regular, how many days was it? do you knwo when your next period was due? Anyway you should get a paternity test regardless to make sure...
Avatar f tn Why Do They Count One Week To Your Pregnancy Before You Hadd Sexual Intercourse
Avatar m tn another test made by an experienced doctor and scan now puts the pregnancy at 24 weeks and 2 days on the 4th Dec 2013 and Edd is 24/3/2014. Is it still possible that the sexual activity of the 8th july 2013 or thereabout is connected to the pregnancy?
4573769 tn?1356675946 ), any ultrasound dates and projected pregnancy length from the ultrasound(s), things like that. But a period coming in the normal way (the difference between a 6-day flow and a 7-day flow doesn't matter) between two candidates for dad usually does rule out the one before the period.
634866 tn?1222736872 com/pregnancy/baby/Conception-date-calculator-4605.htm Good Luck to you!
Avatar f tn But if your ultrasound(s) were later in the pregnancy, all babies grow at different rates, so you cannot count on them for dating conception. As Clysta says, if you are wondering who is the father, a DNA test is the only real way to know.
Avatar f tn But those can be off by at least a week, so the July 8th guy could be the father. If your ex also fell anywhere in that range or a week or so on either end, he could be too. The conception range they gave me were actually days when I didn't even have sex, but I did a few days afterward so that's when it must have happened for me. And like Lovinlife said, the pullout method is notoriously untrustworthy, so don't buy that excuse.
Avatar f tn I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it said I was 4.5 weeks pregnant.
Avatar f tn Hi if I'm six week pregnant n mi due day is may 27 cn anyone tell me when I conceived?
Avatar f tn We didn't use protection for 16 months before I finally got pregnant. I am 32 and my fiancée is 34. I didn't understand what was taking so long; my period came every 29 days, I ovulated every 17 days and all our tests came out perfect! I tried all the phone apps, all the myths (evening prime rose, Geritol, Soy Isoflavone, etc.), all the "sexual positions", having sex 2-3 days a week and nothing worked.
Avatar f tn Based on conception its most likely the other guys kid
Avatar f tn Lets last week she said my beta was 88 which said meant i was 2 weeks and i used the pregnancy calculator and put in my last LMP
Avatar f tn it sounds like you were already pregnant when you slept with the guy a week ago. Get an ultrasound about your fifth week from when you think you might have conceived, and see what they tell you about your estimated due date based only on the size of the embryo and its development. Tell them that your periods are very irregular and you can't judge when you ovulated by when your last period was. (Or else, just tell them you can't remember for sure when your last period was.
Avatar f tn /, my pregnancy calculator says im 2week and 2days yet I took a test yesterday and came out negative. Could it be that im pregnant but still to early for a home test to read ? Sorry its my first pregnancy so idk much.
Avatar f tn Yess im about almost a week late for my period. The last time I had unprotected sex was I believe march 2nd. No I dont know when I ovulated???
Avatar n tn Pregnancy is dated by adding two weeks to the date of possible conception (which typically equates to dating from date of last monthly period in most cases assuming a women ovulates on day 14 of her cycle). If you conceived on May 6th, you would have been 7 weeks, 2 days pregnant on June 12th. i.e. you would NOT be 5 weeks pregnant because you need to add 2 weeks onto the date of possible conception. That being said, ultrasounds can be up to 1 week off.
Avatar f tn At first ultrasound they are expecting to see an 8 week fetus but its a 6 week fetus would that not throw the testing and measuring off?
Avatar m tn when you get pregnant you are really not preggo the first 2 weeks and on u/s when they give you a date usually the first week they put you at is when you would have your period
Avatar f tn I had unprotected sex on May 29th. I was still late on my period and took a pregnancy test on May 30th - test came back negative. I ended up getting what I believed to be my period the next day on May 31st. I found out I was pregnant on July 14th. I expected my next period to be at the end of June and never got it. I had a one night stand on May 29th and I had sex with someone I was actually seeing all through the beginning of June and into July.